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#261 - cutietooniexx
(02/04/2013) [-]
**cutietooniexx sighs**

Another day in this mess that has become my life...nothing is easy and nothing is fun. Everything is seeming to become dull and stale, everything I once found enjoyable is slowly becoming nothing more than just a waste of time....but what time do I even have to waste? I had everything I could ask for: A decent income, caring parents, a girlfriend, plenty of friends, and good health. Now what am I left with....I am alone, depressed, most of my friends have left me or forgotten me, my ears ache and affect my mental health tremendously, my eyes begin to hurt for an hour or so and leave me nauseated, my family income is incredibly low, and I am ruining out of time.

This infernal ringing I hear everyday and night for as long as I can remember is beginning to drive me mad....even bringing me to tears at times. This world feels strange to me...there is hardly anyone I can connect with and be able to call 'Friend' and those who I can connect with, I have no idea why. A feeling of some sort just emits from them....this feeling makes me feel welcome and safe. As to why only few have it, I do not know.

Who would have thought, a person such as I would end up like this. I do not desire much, a place to live, food to eat, and the ability to help care for all around me. Instead people see me as pathetic and worthless, if only they could just see my potential. I simply wanted a life where I could help those whenever they need it and instead I have lost just about everything and live every day in constant fear and depression. People try to help me but I am not so easily moved by the words of others, from what I have expierenced most of the people in this life are rude and selfish and only care about one thing in particular.....if only people would at least set a line that differs from those who want help and those who need help. A bare minimal assistance to ensure those who cannot help themselves can at least be given what they need to live to their natural end.

Sad to say, I do not see myself living the life I had hoped but rather seeing it end sometime within the near future. The cause of which I cannot for see, by my own hand or by the hand of another is still unknown to me. However, whenever it should come I will accept that death in hopes that all my fears and concerns will be at peace, my thoughts will finally be at rest, and I can rest for all eternity.
#263 to #261 - rubygloom
(02/05/2013) [-]
just make the best with what you have
thats all you can do in life
you could spend your life reminiscing about how bad it is
or you could realize that it can always be worse
and trust me
compared too a lot of the world
people like you and me got it easy
even if its hard too see sometimes
and i think thats what your problem has been recently
ever since iv gotten back from losing my internet
it seems all you do now is pity yourself
which was alright for a little while
but jeezus cutie
you can't keep doing this too yourself
and im not trying too be mean here
but i honestly think that is the worst problem on your hands right now
life is tough, but if you can face it with a smile
then you have won
so please don't give up cutie, i love you
and seeing you like this is awful
just try and cheer up, please
im not saying too force a smile
or try and ignore your problems, but try and realize that it could be worse.