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#129 - Yep, that's roughly how it went, and no, care to enlighten me …  [+] (1 reply) 08/26/2014 on All the potions we never use 0
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#135 - probablynaked (08/26/2014) [-]
Lol look it up, they're essentially modding skyrim to make an up to date morrowind
#6 - I remember themy first time playing Morrowind, you were suppos…  [+] (16 replies) 08/25/2014 on All the potions we never use +164
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#118 - osirusrising (08/25/2014) [-]
I remember when i first played this, my mom brought it home she said it looked cool so she got it for me. I had no idea how it worked and i was around 8, so i popped it in and start stealing everything the first chance i get, it got so bad everyone tried to kill me when i entered villages/cities so i just became this murderous thief that killed everyone and took anything of value. my bounty had like 15/20 digits
#111 - probablynaked (08/25/2014) [-]
I assume you unknowingly continued with the doomed world you created without understanding why you couldn't complete the game for quite some time.

Also did you know about The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project?
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#129 - cupcaketime (08/26/2014) [-]
Yep, that's roughly how it went, and no, care to enlighten me about it?
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#135 - probablynaked (08/26/2014) [-]
Lol look it up, they're essentially modding skyrim to make an up to date morrowind
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#51 - YllekNayr (08/25/2014) [-]
I've never heard of anything more casual than what you've just told us
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#130 - cupcaketime (08/26/2014) [-]
Well, I have to agree that I was a proper casual back then, but then again, being 9years old and english not being my first language made it a bit hard to comprehend everything in that journal.
But I'm still proud at how past, casual me got so far in the game.. *sniff*
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#134 - YllekNayr (08/26/2014) [-]
Shit man, it happens.

I remember when I played Morrowind. The leveling system can really fuck you up and I focused too much on non-combat skills, and the combat skills I did take were light weapons and light armor, since the game said "light weapons and armor are TOTALLY just as effective as heavy waeapons and armor if you spec into it!"

Which is not at all the case. My brother, who was 4 years younger than me, went full heavy armor and heavy axes and nothing else and plowed through everything with ease, while my research of the game and efforts into enchanting were useless to me.
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#49 - phantomcrest (08/25/2014) [-]
i ended up finding the guy and killing him...not realizing until i was level 20 and wanted to do the main story line
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#69 - thijsofbodom (08/25/2014) [-]
isn't it impossible to kill questgivers?..
#80 - capnkrunch (08/25/2014) [-]
In morrowind you could kill literally everyone, even Vivec himself. the first game quest givers were unkillable was oblivion, but even then you could kill tehm sfter they were no longer necessary. then in skyrim you could never kill any npc who was a quest giver, even after their quest.
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#82 - thijsofbodom (08/25/2014) [-]
oh cool, I didn't think you could do that (I only played Skyrim, my friend is really into morrorwind so I just saw it)
#81 - capnkrunch (08/25/2014) [-]
them and after*
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#70 - phantomcrest (08/25/2014) [-]
apparently not xD or maybe it glitched out or something? i have no idea it was a while ago
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#71 - thijsofbodom (08/25/2014) [-]
that's pretty cool, I always try to kill anoying companions but it never works
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#9 - hellomynameisbill (08/25/2014) [-]
If you worked at fedex you'd get fired on the first day
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#34 - rothingham (08/25/2014) [-]
#1 - > #87 That's called a prison. Too much? …  [+] (3 replies) 08/20/2014 on poketrivia +173
#63 - keybladewarrior (08/20/2014) [-]
Perfect execution
#2 - majetic (08/20/2014) [-]
the too much and im not even sorry ruined it
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#3 - sleepingdogtwo (08/20/2014) [-]
8 people beg to differ.
#11 - Bitch, please.  [+] (11 replies) 06/21/2014 on Oblivion +28
#93 - anon (06/21/2014) [-]
Morrowind is a piece of overrated shit
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#97 - cupcaketime (06/21/2014) [-]
Good for you for having an opinion.
Even if it's wrong.
No, but seriously, you can dislike it if you want to. But I personally love that game.
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#69 - attifyon (06/21/2014) [-]
Morrowind mentioned.
Swell with scrib poison and n'wahs.
#46 - anon (06/21/2014) [-]
Morrowind is best wind
#14 - RipperMan (06/21/2014) [-]
redownloaded it
got mods to make it look good
started playing
realized how painstakingly slow the games progression was
got to about level 10 before getting bored with it
MWF i'll never beat the glorious Morrowind campaign

Its still my favorite elder scrolls. I bet i have more time invested in that than oblivion and skyrim combined.
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#72 - quasimodem (06/21/2014) [-]
look up skywind (i think thats what its called) its morrowind on skyrim engine...
you gotta have both purchased copies of the games tho...
i never tried because ive never got around to buying both games and dont have a good pc right now but i heard its good
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#73 - quasimodem (06/21/2014) [-]
nevermind just did some research its not out yet :/
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#38 - duedum (06/21/2014) [-]
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#32 - EnergizierAnon (06/21/2014) [-]
I heard about this mod for Oblivion. some guys, in their spare time and whatnot, made the entire game of morrowind into a mod for Oblivion. check it out.

#16 - anon (06/21/2014) [-]
I know that feel
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#28 - ordinator (06/21/2014) [-]
nice picture
#18 - Pssh, amateur. 05/04/2014 on Ding a ling +83
#3 - What was it supposed to say?  [+] (1 reply) 04/30/2014 on read description plez 0
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#5 - krizz (05/01/2014) [-]
like parlty cloudly 2-7 degrees Celsius or sumtin
#50 - For everybody heading to ****, may I suggest this? (since th…  [+] (1 reply) 03/12/2014 on The future is now +3
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#61 - kirayuuichi (03/12/2014) [-]
Ahh this will help in my science study thank you.