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#58 - The plot is "good enough" that they cut out the porn… 02/28/2015 on 10 Mistakes you can never... 0
#18 - Hey, I know of a guy who once suplexed a train. Compared to th…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/22/2015 on the-socket-is-where-I-say-i... +10
User avatar #24 - compared (02/22/2015) [-]
Thanks for using a comparison, hope you have a good day.
#33 - So there's this well-groomed, good-looking guy sitting on a pl… 02/22/2015 on WHORE +30
#541 - In 2004, my psych class took a proper IQ test; I scored 132. I… 02/19/2015 on How smart are you? +1
#9 - That's actually kind of beautiful. It's like a Joe Versus the … 02/17/2015 on He's self aware +1
#11 - Is anticlockwise the same thing as counter-clockwise? Also, ve…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/17/2015 on Social Media Comp 12 +1
#27 - vodnuth (02/17/2015) [-]
As an L plater that drives on "the wrong side" (I live in Australia) that hurts my head. I've only recently conquered the roundabouts in my country, let alone upside down ones.
User avatar #42 - elitejerkz (02/17/2015) [-]
It's literally the exact same except you give way to the left instead of right...
#45 - Can relate. Just introduced my nephew to pic related.  [+] (1 new reply) 02/15/2015 on Favorite show +2
User avatar #48 - smokekusheveryday (02/15/2015) [-]
Firefly!!! Kaylee and walsh are my fav
dont you dare post a gif of the sereniity movie
#113 - Sometimes I'll say something I think is really clever, and it …  [+] (1 new reply) 02/12/2015 on What sort of sticky +2
#124 - AnonsForSure (02/12/2015) [-]
There ya go
#112 - Nothing fielded by Germany, that's for sure. Word on the stree…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/12/2015 on What sort of sticky 0
User avatar #114 - magictheg (02/12/2015) [-]
The Sherman was dubbed the 'Tommy Cooker' if that tells you anything about it, don't get me wrong it was a good tank, it just couldn't kill Tigers from the front, and only at extremely close ranges for side and rear shots, until the Brits put a 17 pounder on it, and we put a long barreled 76mm gun on it. The Easy 8 could knock out Tigers, but the Jumbo could not.
#22 - Picture  [+] (15 new replies) 02/10/2015 on The problem +173
#143 - nefarian (02/10/2015) [-]
What if intelligence is linked to the time spent indoors and being inactive in general which is a common cause of depression?
#117 - redbannerman (02/10/2015) [-]
What if you're happy you're intelligent?
#168 - anonexplains (02/10/2015) [-]
Then you're euphoric
#171 - chudy (02/10/2015) [-]
You can always be happy internally. You'd only be euphoric if you felt the need to tell the world how superior you are, and in doing that proving the exact opposite.
User avatar #157 - fukkendragonite (02/10/2015) [-]
Enlightened by your own intelligence even.
#115 - anonexplains (02/10/2015) [-]
it's kinda true.
People with high IQ have a much higher risk of depression, and if I remember correctly alcoholism and abuse of other substances.
#79 - teFlyingNinja (02/10/2015) [-]
Well yeah, with that kind of attitude
#65 - anonexplains (02/10/2015) [-]
your aware that that copletly untrue and very stupid arguement is why we have a massive number of angstry unhappy retards who think they're the smartest thing alive right? "I'm sad, so I must be smart" No, not all. plenty of smart people are happy.

And the fact that it's Lisa who has this chart makes it even more true, Lisa isn't unhappy because she's smart, she's unhappy because she's a retard who makes horrible choices.
#106 - ciacheczko (02/10/2015) [-]
Funny how people thumb you down even thought you are not wrong.

It's not big a problem to be intelligent and aware, but still enjoy even the littlest things and stay happy. Moreso, especially smart people should know that being upset and bitter all the time is a road to nowhere. It's very important to be positive despite knowing about all the crap going on around the world. Sure, some people are happy specifically because of ignorance, but this dos not make every depressed, stuck-up asshole an Einstein all of a sudden.Majority of times they are just that - depressed, stuck-up assholes, who simply like to perceive themselves as intelligent.

But yeah, let's just jump on the thumb down bandwagon because someone's opinion is not convenient enough for some people who read it. Calling someone stupid, just because he said that being intelligent is not in the way of happiness - I'm sure you'd all like to think being a sorry bum makes you smarter, but news flash: It doesn't.
#132 - anonexplains (02/10/2015) [-]
Yeah. That's cool and all but...
Smart people do realize that yes, It's incredibly pointless to be sad and it doesn't land them anywhere, and try to be optimistic about not only their lives but the world surrounding them. But it doesn't matter how optimistic you are- you can be an optimist, and still be sad, a lot, holding on to something called hope. The reason they're sad is mainly because they have a great understanding of empathy -not contempt- for the people around them who live in their own world and think things are okay when they aren't. Though it is cool that you mention that smart people are aware enough to still enjoy the little things- because a lot of people just scoff over them

While I somewhat agree with the post you're defending, his/her argument comes off as condescending and arrogant. Also, Lisa isn't retarded; she's kid, and the writers know that. She makes mistakes so people can Identify with her. That's how writing works.
User avatar #144 - ciacheczko (02/10/2015) [-]
Well, I can't tell for sure about Lisa, since I don't watch The Simpsons, but I heard she's just a character that became a victim of bad character development along the way of the show, and is no the best being to identify with.

People who live in their own world can also feel empathy, sometimes great deals of it - empathy requires open heart and understanding people's emotion, not intellect. You can be dumb as fuck, but if you can tell whenever someone is sad or angry, and feel for that person, that's still empathy, if simple and limited.

I always thought that the implication is that smarter people are aware of how bad things are. How many wars are there, all the conflicts, abuse, horrifying customs and traditions that should be long out of practice, but they still exist and only hurt people. Aware how fragile is that world peace that we have, that everything can potentially go to hell at any given moment. Or that there is death and you are going to end one day, maybe even this day if you are unlucky. That our planet is meant to be destroyed far in the future and no matter what we will do until then, it will cease to exist entirely. All this heavy stuff.

It's widely assumed that the above awareness is supposed to make you upset. But being upset because of all this a) won't change it; b) won't really prove that you understand the problem better, or care about it more. It will make it visible, and some judgemental assholes will be faster to admit it to you, but only you know how much of what's going on you really get - if you are confident of your intellect and knowledge, there's no need to brood all the time to show off how much you understand.

Knowing that a large part of people really is oblivious, stupid, and sometimes downright retarded is not that horrible either. It's a commonly-known fact and there's nothing we can do about it. There's just about enough smart guys to keep the world running and keeping the dumb masses in check, so - it's something.

In all honesty:
I think that people who assume that knowing much and being smart is grounds for depression, are quite the stupid ones here, even worse than the regular idiots - because if you are genuinely stupid, then that's it, you stay where you are in life and it is your rightful place. But they have intellectual means of being someone better, and instead they chose to gloat over their overly-exaggerated intelligence, thinking they've reached the peak of awareness, actually not progressing in their lives at all from some point.

Ignorance is not always bliss. For some, ignorance is grim - but they still kind of enjoy having it and dwell in it, as every other kind of ignorant.

-Blissful, dummy ignorants can sometimes be taught new things and move on. They are also likeable and have their simple uses as parts of mechanism that society is, filling in for simple jobs that would be an underachievement for others.

-Grim, somewhat intelligent ignorants already think they know everything and treat all that's disagreeing with their views as nonsense and gibberish, getting off on comics depicting how reading books makes people enlightened special snowflakes of awareness, and get really pissed when someone points out what >>#65 did. He may sound arrogant, but maybe he's just sick of al the people I described above, and wrote a quick opinion on it, not putting much thought in being dimplomatic.

No one has to agree with me, each person has brain on their own - but that's what I think.
#107 - anonexplains (02/10/2015) [-]
You must be really happy.
#110 - ciacheczko (02/10/2015) [-]
You must be really intelligent. Don't kid yourself.
#97 - jonball (02/10/2015) [-]
ignorance is bliss
#77 - anonexplains (02/10/2015) [-]
You must be really happy.

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