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#81 - The books' scope of story is so vast and ridiculous, you will … 04/13/2015 on Damn you, George +5
#38 - Picture 04/04/2015 on 'Cause I can't come back... +1
#21 - lol chris pratt 08/17/2014 on Unrealistic -2
#36 - Tyrion might be a Targ too  [+] (1 new reply) 04/19/2014 on Fahrenheit 451 0
#53 - jazzytheferret (04/19/2014) [-]
It's obvious that Tyrion is secretly a giant.
#13 - Picture 03/13/2014 on When you go to a whole food... 0
#47 - I have a rebel flag hanging in my room because my favorite pla…  [+] (22 new replies) 03/13/2014 on not rednecks +1
User avatar #70 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
"The South will rise again!"

Also, you can't hang a rebel flag and consider yourself a patriot. They are mutually exclusive endeavors.
User avatar #117 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
Can you hang a US flag and consider yourself a patriot then? It would seem those are also mutually exclusive.
User avatar #120 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here.
User avatar #122 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
Confederate flag is unpatriotic to US,
US flag is unpatriotic to Britain.
If he can't hang Confederate flag and consider himself a patriot,
can you hang a US flag and consider yourself one?
User avatar #127 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
The prime difference there is that the South willingly entered into the Union and left when things in Congress didn't go the way they wanted, while America rebelled due to being forced to be under England's thumb and taxed and controlled without representation. So yes, I can consider myself an American patriot just fine, but a rebel flag is not since it represents a group of people who quit America when things didn't go their way in the legislative body.
User avatar #129 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
>Because the south was represented.
User avatar #130 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
Each state had two senators and a number of representatives based off of their population, as agreed upon in the Constitution. There is no possible way to argue they didn't have their fair share of representation in Congress.
User avatar #131 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
>The President chosen to represent all US citizens cared so little for the South he didn't bother campaigning with them
>Northerners were given multiple lists of Southern issues but because they were a minority in congress they were not listened to
User avatar #132 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
>still had fair representation
>still quit for not getting their way

You're not proving any of my points wrong.
User avatar #134 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
Indeed I am not, I am raising my own points, and you're not proving them wrong.
User avatar #135 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
There's no need to. You are correct, but the initial argument here was that the U.S. flag was unpatriotic. However, American rebellion was the cause of no representation in an unagreed upon system, and Southern rebellion was a rebellion in spite of fair representation in an agreed upon system merely because they did not get their way. You can't equivocate the two as the base reasons are different.
User avatar #136 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
>However, American rebellion was the cause of no representation in an una
>However, American rebellion was the c
>However, American rebellion w
>American rebellion
>yes no yes no cant decide

While it IS true that the american revolution was justified, it was a rebellion, and therefore "Unpatriotic".
#142 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
The only issue here is that America was not part of the United Kingdom, it was a colony of the UK. This isn't like Scotland rebelling because their sheep interests being satisfactorily catered to in Parliament, this is an unwilling, separate body being forced to send wealth to a controlling country, but not a country that it is part of (again, no representation) rebelling against unfair control. The South rebelled against its own nation in which it willingly joined and had representation. Colonies not part of UK. South part of America. That is why the revolution is not unpatriotic, but the rebellion from the South was.
#172 - anonymous (03/13/2014) [-]
They willingly joined and were able to willingly leave, there was nothing against secession in the US constitution at the time and they were well within their legal rights.
User avatar #192 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
Just because something isn't explicitly prohibited in the Constitution doesn't make it unjustified or unpatriotic. Flag burning isn't prohibited in the Constitution, but nobody would argue that somebody who does that is correct. They joined a system, worked within it, then rebelled when they didn't get their way, which is as un-American as you can get.
User avatar #195 - vegeta (03/13/2014) [-]
America was built on the foundation of patriotism, and not patriotism for your country, but for the people. the UK learned that the hard way. it's not about having a central government it's about fighting for freedom, true freedom.

what everyone doesn't realize is that a true patriot isn't someone who fights for his country, it's someone who fights for his way of life.
that's what people are trying to say when they fly the confederate flag, they are saying, you can take away everything you want from them, but you can't take away how they feel about their homeland.

actually it's also quite common for people who fly the rebel flag to fly the American flag above it.
They don't discredit the country they live in, they are supporting their way of life, which is the exact reason why pilgrims came in a boat of shit and disease to here in the first place.
Hell the pilgrims were somewhat kind and supportive to the natives, it was the governmental forces that were the real issue. namely conquistadors and people toting guns and armor as though it were just as necessary to have as food and water.

My point is, is that the confederate flag is a sign of true patriotism in the eyes of the beholders, and who are we to take it away.

the nazi flag is a sign of mass genocide and imperial law that not only was the enemy of an entire world war, but was also the direct cause of the world war. where as the confederates didn't start a war, they simply seceded because they were being just as unheard and just as poor as the people who they had tending their fields. The northern cool states relied on the year round growing the south could do, and not giving up the technologies that would have gotten rid of the need for slavery in the first place.
It's like being a company that needs millions of iphones and being told you couldn't have people over seas manufacture it.
if it weren't for that slave who physically built your computer you wouldn't be arguing now.
User avatar #196 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
Hmm, you raise valid point with the " the confederate flag is a sign of true patriotism in the eyes of the beholders", so I'll concede that rebel flags are not objectively unpatriotic as I said before. However, in my eyes, they're still the flags of un-American rebels, so it's still subjectively true for me.
User avatar #205 - vegeta (03/13/2014) [-]
I can accept such an understanding.
User avatar #145 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
I stand corrected.
User avatar #146 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
Does my reasoning make sense now?
User avatar #147 - themabymaby (03/13/2014) [-]
Yeah, I still can't seem to comprehend how the colonies are not a part of the UK. That's the main source of my logic-fuel here.
User avatar #190 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/13/2014) [-]
They're territories or property, like Tibet with China, and are unwilling participants.
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#166 - This made me laugh way more than the content did 02/19/2014 on I will pancake you to heaven +1
#173382 - Russian hockey team aint got nothin' on us!! USA USA USA USA!!!! 02/19/2014 on FJ PARTY TIME, FOR REAL 0
#145 - She is however, a raging bitch  [+] (1 new reply) 02/19/2014 on Best Kiss Cam +8
#205 - frohtastic (02/19/2014) [-]
a sure proof of the hot-crazy scale
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