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#77 - I want to die at, say, 65? Maybe a little way into my 70s woul…  [+] (5 replies) 12/02/2012 on True secret to be 116 or... 0
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#80 - SniperKitty (12/02/2012) [-]
Depends on how to take care of it. My husband's great grandmother is still walking and alive and well and she's mid 90s. People like that usually just pass in their sleep peacefully instead of illness too, which is my preferred method of dying.
#82 - creosote (12/02/2012) [-]
My grandpa was a strong old man. He got both of his knees replaced and had major back surgery when he was in his 80s and kept on chugging along. He refused to use a wheelchair pretty much whenever possible after those surgeries. However, earlier this year, he was in his mid 90s, my grandmother died, as did his dog, so he had nothing to live for and died a miserable old man. He died maybe 5 months after she did, which is typical of old men. Old women can usually keep on chugging along after a spouse dies, however. See, he was a strong old man who loved life, but once his wife died, he had nothing left. I don't want to end up like that. And he did not die peacefully in his sleep, either.
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#84 - SniperKitty (12/02/2012) [-]
Sorry but if women can keep on chugging after the death of their husband I don't see any excuse for men not to be able to do the same.

Use the excuse as heartbreak, not as he's a man so he can't live on without his wife. That's just a cop out, dying of heartbreak is different than actually moving on with your life and keep on keeping on. It has nothing to do with being a man or woman, the only difference with death and men and women is women tend to live longer. Neither is stronger if they lose a spouse because of their genitals....

You choose your perspective on life, I do understand when you get old (my husband's grandmother has lost almost all of her siblings) that you start loosing people you love and it's hard to go through. But it has nothing to do with being an old woman or and old man, both sexes can move on or not, it's not a male/female thing.

And I never said they ALL die in their sleep, but it didn't sound like he was very strong physically anyways. I'm talking about people who haven't really needed any help, my husband's great grandmother doesn't have any health issues, no hospitalizations, weather it's her taking good care of herself or she's just lucky I don't know. But your grandfather didn't seem very healthy to begin with so I wouldn't put him in the category of people who have good health when they reach a very old age. Regardless if it was only physical problems, physical problems can cause other issues in the elderly, and she's had no physical problems either.
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#85 - creosote (12/02/2012) [-]
As far as percentages go, older women tend to keep living after their spouse has died more often than men.
As far as that goes, do you really think that a weak old man could survive a major spine surgery, as well as two knee replacements, all in the same year by the way, and continue to walk? Furthermore, nobody took care of him. He was the one who took care of his wife other than the year that he had those surgeries. He did all of the driving and cooking and house work because my grandma was vary sick for a long while. If she hadn't died, he would have lived to be a hundred... I do see what you're saying though.
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#86 - SniperKitty (12/02/2012) [-]
I never said he was weak, but surgeries and injuries are much more detrimental to the elderly, if he had not had to have them at all he would be in the health condition I was speaking of. But he wasn't, regardless of how strong he was personally, the elderly really get fucked if they have to go through something like that. I'm sure if he hadn't gone through all that before his wife passed he would have lived much longer. Insult to injury if you will.
#290 - Except, that was actual football. We're talking American footb…  [+] (8 replies) 12/02/2012 on Apply cold water to the... -3
#328 - anon (12/02/2012) [-]
In fact football players get more pussy than soccer players... just saying
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#330 - creosote (12/02/2012) [-]
Bullshit. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And my point wasn't that football is faggy, my point was that Sean Connery was a soccer player, thus "<Football players' faces when." IS TECHNICALLY REFERRING TO SOCCER.
#382 - powerfapping (12/02/2012) [-]
It was referring to american football
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#341 - divinecreator (12/02/2012) [-]
americans( from the USA) see Football as more important than soccer so yea in amerca if your a football player the bitches tend to drool and if you do soccer no one really cares. i do however ive played soccer for 13 years and football for 2 weighing in at 220lbs 6'3in
#347 - divinecreator (12/02/2012) [-]
as they say pics or it didnt happen
#316 - divinecreator (12/02/2012) [-]
dude in order to be an american football player you have to be built as fuck they still get the pussy cause part of theier weekly training is lifting
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#327 - creosote (12/02/2012) [-]
That wasn't my point. I was pointing out the fact that Sean Connery was a soccer player, thus... I don't even remember anymore. I'm not trying to be all like "murcan fotbal es gey, lol!" though.
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#331 - divinecreator (12/02/2012) [-]
hakuna matata
#225 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 12/02/2012 on Just so much ouch +4
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#247 - pedobearrocks (12/02/2012) [-]
Oh god my sides
#691 - **** this! First off, it took me ages to find the random artic…  [+] (1 reply) 12/02/2012 on Wikipedia Album Game +2
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#719 - paintmered (12/02/2012) [-]
I just opened it up in Paint and saved it as a bitmap file.
#78 - What was it? 12/02/2012 on gummi 0