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#4 - I'm pretty sure Luffy will keep his hairstyle the same even if…  [+] (21 replies) 10/02/2016 on Anime comp +5
#19 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
I think Boa Hancock is the most likely pairing for him, but honestly Luffy has like... 4-5 Princesses going after him already. Zoro and Sanji also have Princesses looking at them, though Zoro's isn't a "real" Princess, I guess.

But yeah, I think he'll have the same hair style. His kid will definitely be named Ace D. Monkey, though.
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#22 - corkyobject (10/02/2016) [-]
But you're forgetting something, I don't know if it's a pattern or something I just made up, but the first confession/first love has the most weight in the whole thing. Meaning that the first woman that confesses to them or thinks that they love him ha the best chance of getting them in the end. Plus there's the whole love sickness with Boa.
We aren't entirely sure if Zoro's girl isn't a "princess" she could still earn that title or have some backstory thrown together for her.
If and when Luffy has a kid he will be one of the strongest persons alive since his whole family tree has freakishly strong people and the woman that Luffy has a kid with must have been superhuman to stand his thrusts.
#24 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
Not an uncommon pattern, but Boa was the first to confess as far as I can remember.

She definitely could be a real Princess, I can't deny that. I do think she'll reappear at some point, but at the same time I think she might gun for Usopp now that I think about it. Sure, she likes Zoro as far as we can tell and can even put him down, but she claims even after the time skip that Usopp is her true rival. You know how that goes in anime, too! The girl that claims a guy is her rival usually guns for him romantically in the end.

As for anyone that could withstand Luffy... Boa is pretty up there. Pre-skip, regardless of their age difference, she could one shot the Pacifista. Not to mention she's the only female so far, possibly besides Big Mom, that has the "King" Haki. Whoever Luffy does end up with has to have that.
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#25 - corkyobject (10/02/2016) [-]
Usopp already has a girl. Out of everyone he has the highest chance of actually being with her in the end and it was apparent early in the series that they both like/love each other. Zoro is most likely going to be with Tashigi and Hawkeye with the ghost girl since they are spending so much time together on their island. But this means that they can't be the greatest swordsmen anymore since one of the warriors creed forbids them from having lust in their body or something like that
Luffys kid would be a little to powerful if it was his and Boas since they are two of the most powerful Haki users in the one piece universe and the kid would definitely inherit his will.
#27 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
I know Usopp already has a girl, but there's nothing saying there won't be a love triangle, although it's fairly unlikely Usopp will betray... Kaya, I think? Not sure if that was her name, I'm terrible at remembering those. But yes, I do think Usopp has the most definite pairing out of all other characters so far. Though Chopper did just show some attraction recently, so that also might be a definite.

I don't know about Tashigi getting with Zoro. She kind of can't stand him. I'm expecting her to end up with someone she respects more. As for Hawkeye... I dunno 'bout that either. We haven't been given much context on their relationship, but I sort of felt he was treating her more like a little girl, even if she isn't that young. Think she's like 17 or something, while he's at least 25. I was feeling a more Father/Daughter vibe from the brief images we were given, but I dunno~ And I think you're thinking of samurai. Warrior's creed prevents them from showing shame, like taking a wound on the back for running away. Not being with a woman is more of a Bushido thing.

Luffy's kid is going to be the strongest regardless of who he ends up with. It's possibly he'll even get with the Mermaid Princess and thus inherit the power of Poseidon.

But meh, we'll just have to see on that. Boa is my first guess, but anyone is possible. Might be someone that we haven't even met yet, although it's unlikely Luffy will be showing any interest. Oda has said he prefers Luffy to be "Asexual" for the sake of the story.
#56 - keltainenlumi (10/02/2016) [-]
Tashigi is the most likely candidate. Hate turning into love is a common enough thing in anime.
#72 - ljxjlos (10/02/2016) [-]
The hate already did turn into respect at Punk Hazard, imo.
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#80 - keltainenlumi (10/02/2016) [-]
Probably. Hopefully.
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#28 - corkyobject (10/02/2016) [-]
None of the MC's had any interest to their respective partners until they were thrust together at the end.
Zoro has that childhood friend status look alike is fine in this situation which does give his relationship a little more weight than the ghost girls one. Tashigi and Zoro do fight every time they meet but I think eventually she will come to respect him in the end since he will become the best swordsmen in the world plus she might come to show him more affection after he saves her a few more times.
The doujinshi with Luffy and the mermaid princess is weird
#29 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
Well, I don't know about that part. in Bleach Ichigo was pretty interested in Orihime overall... Fighting just came first. Naruto kind of... Well, that was more of the writer's fault. If Naruto had kept to his character, then the first thing he would have done after Pain was dealt with was go out with Hinata, without a doubt.

Still kind of curious about why Tashigi looks like his old friend. Apparently we're getting a Zoro-backstory arc after this Sanji one, so that also might give us some insight on how he feels.

That /sounds/ weird. Glad I've never seen it.
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#30 - corkyobject (10/02/2016) [-]
In my mind I can kind of see the ending of it all but it's more fan fiction than anything else.
I wish people that write shounen could write romance a little bit better like the creator of no hero academia.
#31 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
Hero Academia is definitely great and doing it in a believable way, especially with the latest chapter.

But I'm still rooting for Best Girl to win in the end.
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#32 - corkyobject (10/02/2016) [-]
Best Girl being?
#33 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
Tsuyu, of course.
#111 - theoddanon (10/02/2016) [-]
My man.
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#34 - tsuyu (10/02/2016) [-]
sometimes its good to have a lynched nigger because their smell can drive away unwanted company
#35 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
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#36 - tsuyu (10/02/2016) [-]
and I dont think a nigger should be saying anything. All he needs to do is shut up and pick cotton
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#88 - ineedtotakeapiss (10/02/2016) [-]
Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge.
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#94 - tsuyu (10/02/2016) [-]
I'd push a nigger off th edge
#37 - bluemagebrilly (10/02/2016) [-]
#37 - Think if the punisher somehow gained the spirit of vengeance a…  [+] (2 replies) 09/27/2016 on Punisher's Penance +5
#39 - agoeb (09/27/2016) [-]
I think Punisher with a symbiote is cool too!
#58 - anon (09/27/2016) [-]
So he becomes an Eversor?