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#6 - last game i played doesnt have any bosses. Doesnt have any sto… 04/02/2011 on Answer the question 0
#76 - so you are looking for the alpha version then? theres only bet…  [+] (11 new replies) 03/16/2011 on Minecraft +1
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#77 - rhymeasylum (03/16/2011) [-]
ehhh i downloaded one but it was the one were you couldn't die i'm just looking for the most recent one
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#82 - gggeeee (03/16/2011) [-]
what you're lookin for is beta
User avatar
#86 - rhymeasylum (03/16/2011) [-]
do u know somewhere i can get it for free i tried there web page and made an account but when i tried to log in it said not premium please help
User avatar
#89 - gggeeee (03/16/2011) [-]
i have an idea go fucking buy, it for fucks sake its only $20 U.S., ansd stop steeling from people who actually try to make money from a hard worked on game
User avatar
#92 - rhymeasylum (03/16/2011) [-]
i was asking what it meant buy not premium dumb ass
User avatar
#93 - gggeeee (03/16/2011) [-]
premium meant you payed for it, dumbass
User avatar
#97 - rhymeasylum (03/16/2011) [-]
piss off am not any good at this stuff which is why i asked people on here obviously a mistake
#129 - iaretehvaultboy (03/16/2011) [-]
asking random users on the internet who are fully capable of calling the police how to pirate something is possibly one of the worst things you can do. We're just trying to save you from jail rape
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#132 - rhymeasylum (03/16/2011) [-]
under 18
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#102 - gggeeee (03/16/2011) [-]
obviously, and the grammar was bad to
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#103 - rhymeasylum (03/16/2011) [-]
piss off
#3 - The bugs bunny one is true. I own a documentary of bugs bunny …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/13/2011 on Random Comp 1.0 +3
#5 - anon (03/13/2011) [-]
yeah he spit them so he could say his line not 'cause he was allergic
#23 - "you dialed a number to which long distance charges apply… 03/07/2011 on Bathroom Stalls +22
#35 - nevermind the force to get them on, ever tried getting them of…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/05/2011 on lids 0
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#36 - ALcPWN (03/05/2011) [-]
Well, let's just say one time I finally got one on, only to realize I never opened the can.
#16 - Cell phone jammers are illegal in canada. A principal in Briti… 02/19/2011 on Phones +2
#4 - I can't relate. I haven't uploaded anything. actually, I di… 11/09/2010 on You relate you lose +1
#18 - i prefer the playstation series, its what i grew up with. But …  [+] (5 new replies) 11/08/2010 on PS3 VS. XBOX360 +1
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#23 - Unknownhost (11/08/2010) [-]
pc>all no doubt! the ONLY reason i keep my fps gaming to consoles nowadays is because this way everyones on essentially the same system. hacks and cheats aside, is more balanced eh?
User avatar
#30 - GeneralLeeInsane (11/08/2010) [-]
That's partially why I love Valve, their games are cross platform, in TF2, L4D, and L4D2, you can be on a PC, and play with/against gamers on the XBox, Mac, and I think now the PS3s as well, though I am not entirely sure of the PS3 platform, I do know that Valve intends to incorporate it into their cross-platform multiplayers as well.
User avatar
#33 - Unknownhost (11/08/2010) [-]
thats extremely cool to be able to play cross platforms!
im anti-steam as they come but thats some damn fine thinking on their part.

now we just need all the game designers to get their heads outa their asses and build games that share one gigantic playroom across every platform the same way!
User avatar
#35 - GeneralLeeInsane (11/08/2010) [-]
GL with that, cause I can tell you for sure that Activision isn't going to hear of this "blasphemy," because they're all over the console bandwagon.
User avatar
#21 - GeneralLeeInsane (11/08/2010) [-]
I must agree with you, if I want an XBox, I'll just buy better parts for my computer, and get a wired XBox controller.
#315 - I saw grass and things in blocks, am i playing too much Minecraft? 10/27/2010 on Remote viewing +4
#3 - good attempt at trying to change the meme 10/09/2010 on Lol, Wut? 0
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