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#45 - Dude. Two day shipping sometimes cuts off at a certa…  [+] (1 reply) 09/15/2016 on Trumper Comp46 -payforplay... +1
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#46 - aliennova (09/15/2016) [-]
Yeah I'm aware, I knew it was going to happen because I ordered it at 9PM
#67 - That moment when we're both screaming. One in ecstasy…  [+] (1 reply) 08/09/2016 on meloned again +1
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#68 - ipwnallnubz (08/09/2016) [-]
Has to be one of the best ways to die.
#44 - So let me get this straight. Trump holds a rally for…  [+] (2 replies) 06/04/2016 on leaving a trump rally +13
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#200 - ieatbengay (06/04/2016) [-]
If you know it's going to happen and you plan a rally anyway it becomes your responsibilty

That is the point of view
#157 - hoboguyman (06/04/2016) [-]
**hoboguyman used "*roll picture*"**
**hoboguyman rolled image** and in the instance where a Trump supporter assaults a protester the media shits them selves.
#132 - To counter that, 25%, at least, of all of the world's Muslims …  [+] (45 replies) 04/21/2016 on Numbers Are Fun +2
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#158 - thirdjess (04/21/2016) [-]
Sharia law isn't that bad, honestly. Read into it. Obviously it has no place being the governing law of any political body, but it's not all beheading and heathen slaying like people think it is.
#192 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
At least it sure does hold up honor killings of women eh? Good ol' sharia law, really bringing it in for the little guy
#193 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
In the US you can kill people from stepping on your driveway.
#250 - anon (04/22/2016) [-]
Perfectly ignorant statement
#196 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
When you are in danger of your life? Last time I looked around the citizens here didn't collectively agree that boy fucking was the thing to do either.
User avatar
#198 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
No, a lot of states you can straight up kill someone for being on your property. Self defence or no. It's called something like the castle laws, not sure though.

But you're referring to things that are uncommon in the majority of Islam. It's like saying the atrocities that happen in Mexico are common throughout the Americas. Mostly Sharia refers to really petty stuff, like debts owed. I have a friend who married into Islam, lived in the middle east for years. Worst thing she ever saw as a result of Sharia was a young boy getting his hand lopped off because he kept stealing stuff without reason (like if his family was starving or he needed bike parts to get to work, he wouldn't have been punished for it).
#251 - anon (04/22/2016) [-]
Educate yourself faggot
User avatar
#253 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
You're pissed off because you're probably a gun nut that lives in the US. I am not for guns, nor do I live in the US, so I don't particularly see why I should "educate myself, faggot."
#201 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Yeah you're fucking high, castle law only applies once you are actually in physical, life threatening danger from the person. People tried your theory and they are now in prison.
Trust me, that's not uncommon in the majority of Middle Eastern Islam, South Asian Islam, and now even Eastern European Islam, It's actually a very common practice throughout the shia sect, specifically with pashtu tribes, but not limited to them. Sharia law covers way, way more than just debts owed(like mother fucking honor killings for BEING OUTSIDE WITHOUT A MAN PRESENT), and by the way when it goes into debts owed, it allows the debtor to have limbs cut off to satisfy the one owed. I promise you, I have been there, I understand the reality of what goes down in the large majority of muslim communities, and it is in no way good. Just like the majority of muslim communities believe in executing or imprisoning people for the simple act of being gay. The majority of Islam is quite simply primitive, and can not coexist with the rest of the world until they decide to become advanced themselves. The ones that did already moved here, and are westernized, and are not a problem.

User avatar
#204 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
I'll admit I'm not familiar with European and Middle Eastern Islam, but I can tell you that is definitely not the case for South Asian Islam. Been to those island more times than I can count on my hands, being so close to them.
#205 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Then why the hell do they have sex police that run throughout the streets in places like indonesia, that can imprison you, without evidence, for up to 2 years for simply having sex before being married?
User avatar
#274 - indonesia (04/22/2016) [-]
there's nothing such as that, except one place. it's in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam province.

if that sex police were everywhere, I would die before I post this
User avatar
#207 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Dude fucking Indonesia is like the motherland for trap prostitutes. You're talking about one specific, secluded, extremely religious provice that lives ON AN ISLAND TEMPLE. Aceh. On top of that, these 'sex police' (actually Sharia Enforcers) only have the power to commit people to whippings.
User avatar
#273 - indonesia (04/22/2016) [-]
not motherland, that's Thailand.
maybe we got trap prostitutes, but hey, USA even have one. we'll have one.
but not as bad as Thailand. and the sentences You're talking about one specific, secluded, extremely religious provice that lives ON AN ISLAND TEMPLE. Aceh you said above is true.
User avatar
#277 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
You're right, I just remembered "Sister" Thailand from Scandinavia and the World. I'm from Australia, been to Indonesia just about every year since I was like 8!
User avatar
#278 - indonesia (04/22/2016) [-]
nice, you have to visit me sometimes. I'll get the popcorn, you'll get the ticket.
User avatar
#279 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Haven't been since I moved out of my folks house, unfortunately. Who said being an adult was fun?
User avatar
#280 - indonesia (04/22/2016) [-]
or I'll visit you sometimes. that works too.
it's fun if you know how to play it. just lie in the bed and let me do the work.
User avatar
#281 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Bah, that's so boring. No better than humping a body pillow.
#217 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Oh hey, what a surprise, a radical set of laws controlled by men with little evidence required started abusing the system and sending people to jail. Go figure. It's okay though, I'm sure Indonesia is just one secluded part that doesn't mean the mean... oh wait, we'll go over to India who does the exact same shit, where you can be sent to prison for 6 years for homosexual acts, or maybe even Pakistan where, once again, the many shia tribes there still believe in bacha baz? Maybe we'll take a trip over to to Bangladesh, they sure seem pretty gent... oh wait, they lashed a 14 year old girl to death because someone said she had an affair with a married man and was tried without evidence. Yep, these areas sure are reaaaaally fucking humane huh?
User avatar
#218 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Lets take a look at Sierra Leone where all this happens and more. Because that's representative of the entirety of Christianity.
#219 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
No, it's not, because the majority of Christianity is modernized, where as the majority of Islam is not. I already talked about that, and those actions are condemned just as much as any committed by a sharia lunatic, only difference is they haven't started branching out into neighboring continents yet
User avatar
#221 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
That's so hypocritial. Both Christianity and Islam (and Buddhism and Hinduism and Judaism) have pockets of extremists folk who do things that aren't appropriate for the modern world. Like someone else here said, a majority of terrorist acts within the USA and the UK are committed by Jewish extremists. Then you have all the crazies in the bible belt who kill people for having an abortion or getting pregnant during high school.
#224 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Bring up 5 cases of a christian murdering someone for getting an abortion( mind you i'm not christian, i'm just trying to educate you on the massive divide between our modern culture and their primitive one)
User avatar
#226 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Again, google is your friend

Mostly it's bombings/shootings of the planned parenthood facilities itself, or bombings/shootings of opposed religious centres.
#234 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Aaaaand once again going back to the fact that 99% of christians do not agree with those methods, and those are also spread out over such a long period of time that you can't even attempt to compare that to the ridiculous number of inhumane acts that occur in the name of Islam.
User avatar
#236 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
That's definitely not an accurate number, and there are five cases of multiple killings since 2011 in just this one supremely condesed wiki article.
#237 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
5 cases in 5 years by far right extremists versus literally tens of thousands of people dying every year in the name of Islam. Yep, christian extremism is definitely impacting the globe the same way as muslim extremism
User avatar
#238 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Which is a much higher number than the Muslim equivalent, in any country equivalent to the US.
#223 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Yeah, pockets, not entire nations. Pockets of people can't cause an entire civil war, but god damnit the entire muslim world can erupt into flames because it's not just pockets, it's the people
User avatar
#225 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
"The tribes in this that and the other, this one particular teeny tiny conservative province in a fucking huge country"

Sure sounds like pockets to me
#228 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
You realize that the entire nations of afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, and inda are all made up of tribes of muslims right?
User avatar
#232 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
mmm yes and no. The smaller 'country town' equivalent are mostly run by Sharia, but the cities and similar are run by law is we understand it. That's why they say you should go off the beaten track when going to India, because that's where you experience the true culture.
#220 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
That's like saying that Westborough baptist represents christianity when the huge majority completely disavows them. I'd like to say the same for Islam, but when over 40% of muslims world wide agree with honor killings, and with strict sharia law being the law of the land in all Islamic countries, that is just not the case.
User avatar
#222 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Pft, source?
#241 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Much higher number than the Muslim equivalent? Are you fucking retarded?
Yeah, those 5 cases sure do math this one single country with less than half the population here
User avatar
#240 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
You posted the same stat four times and then one opinion piece. "I can continue" I can fucking read, you know.

Your study points out that they surveyed Shia folk, and then says further down that when they surveyed Sunni folk, they disagreed with the method. That's because SHIA IS AN EXTREMIST SECT.
#242 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
And also the majority sect
User avatar
#244 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
Sunni are 80% of Islam, what the fuck are you talking about
#246 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
I'll just go ahead and add in that Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS are all Sunni. So they seem pretty non extremist
#245 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Sorry, should've clarified. The majority sect as it is seen from other Muslims, and particularly in European Islam. Now are you attempting to say that the Sunni sect is good?
#243 - gerfunkel (04/22/2016) [-]
Not to mention the UN estimated that, on average, at least 5000 honor killings occur world wide every year, with an estimated 91% being because of Islam. You can continue to try and defend eastern Islam as much as you want, but the second you let it into your home, or go there and actually experience it, you will understand instead of trying to make excuses for them being fucking savages compared to the rest of the world. Quit being PC just because it's the thing to do since you've been so fucking safe all your life
User avatar
#252 - thirdjess (04/22/2016) [-]
They are and they aren't. The major forces behind these organisations were Sunni, but the organisations themselves are what's known as Wahhabism. See Muhammad wrote this thing called the Ashtiname of Muhammad, which says that places of worship must be protected, no matter the religion. Wahhabists have basically said that this particular document is bullshit, and all other religions are heretics. The guy they base their beliefs on even wrote a document saying that Muhhamad isn't the real prophet, that he is in fact the real prophet (both named Muhhamad, go figure).

So it's kind of like a bunch of folks went crazy and started following a mexican named Jesus.
#35 - My proudest moment I've had like this was back when I worked i…  [+] (1 reply) 03/08/2016 on Dad Reflex. +9
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#120 - questionableferret (03/08/2016) [-]
There are natural instincts that kick in around kids. It's the same sort of biology that gives that sort of "super-strength" parents get when their kids are in danger. We're hard-wired to protect kids, and it helps that kids are lightweight and easy to catch too.

Reflexes don't come from the brain, btw. They come from your spine. They don't need to be processed, they're just natural reactions. If you touch something hot you recoil, if a kid is in danger you intervene. To be fair though, this could be extrapolated outwards to protecting even adults, it's just most people aren't protective about adults, but most are protective of kids. It's all about your priorities, really.