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#47 - amuzen (08/24/2014) [-]
Far as I see there's like a 99% chance we have extra terrestrial single celled organisms of some kind within the milky way 70% chance we have complex organisms that don't belong to any of the five kingdoms, 50% we have plants or fungi, 20% chance we have carbon based animals, 2% chance we have mammals, .0001% chance we have socially intelligent life forms (language, ability to cooperate in groups to complete actions, ex. crows) .000001% chance they are logically intelligent (Ability to put 1 and 1 together to figure out how to accomplish tasks and puzzles I.E. Cats) .00000000001% chance they are intelligent enough to use tools like most primates, and a .00000000000000000001% chance they're as smart as humans.

Those numbers are all bullshitted and founded on no real scientific statistics other than the idea that there's roughly 40 billion in habitable zones in the milky way, of those about 400 million would actually be habitable, and there are only 5 different evoltuonary paths demonstrated on earth, of which only 1 developed any sort of intelligence and within that path only 1 branch of creature out of well over 100 million different possibilities developed human intelligence over the course of 4 billion years.
#89 - skalias (08/24/2014) [-]
On paper these percentages are tiny, but compared to the size of the galaxy, they're huge.
User avatar #71 - Mahazama (08/24/2014) [-]
Stop trying to quantify and qualify alien life forms as "plants" or "fungi"
Plants and fungi are just concepts native to the human mind. Of course, they are plants, but plants are only photosynthesizing autotrophs. Even if we contact something incredibly like a plant, it cannot be a plant. A plant's DNA are what designate it a "plant".
I'm not even sure what genetic code from alien life would look like.
#72 - amuzen (08/24/2014) [-]
Alright then Classify it as Plantlike, you knew damn well what I was saying.
User avatar #76 - Mahazama (08/24/2014) [-]
Life is the self-experiencing universe. Life is matter, chemistry, and electromagnetism reacting against itself.
User avatar #75 - Mahazama (08/24/2014) [-]
And your implication that single-cellular organisms cannot be intelligent... what if the pond scum is sentient, each single-cellular organism acting as a synapse?

If we truly want to understand what alien life is, we have to stop trying to tag our incredibly narrow conceptual understanding.
#78 - amuzen (08/24/2014) [-]
God you sound pretentious, obviously we wouldn't limit it to what we know so far but if we found alien life, and it highly resembled what we know so far, we would EXPAND what we so far to encompass it not throw everything we already know out the window because omigosh it came from another world.

There's actually a good chance that if alien life existed, and it did evolve and develop it would at least to some extent resemble the shit we have going on on this planet because the starting point would be relatively the same (single celled organisms capable of existing in the vacuum of space) and the thing that drives its evolutionary process would likewise be similar (Survival of the fittest+reproduction) The biggest differences is that it might have a different chemical make up based on what's abundant on the given planet. If we found alien life chances are we would label it to, if we found an alien eco system we wouldn't just say OH ALIENS MAN I'M NOT EVEN GONNA TRY TO DESCRIBE THAT SHIT we would create another branch, possibly above the branch of domain and look at that shit from there, if it resembled plants we'd call it a Xeno plant or some shit. organizing new crap on point of reference with what know so far is a part of science and far from limiting our ability to understand and recognize shit that sits outside the boundaries it helps us draw connections to the things that do exist more easily specifically to allow us to see those differences.

If we find a photo synthesizing autotroph from another planet yeah I wouldn't JUST say that it's a plant, but I would still say that it's a plant like organism and draw various assumptions about it from there to work from.
User avatar #19 - nthmetal (08/23/2014) [-]
no intelligent human thinks that extraterrestrials would be like humans.
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#12 - yunoavailable (08/21/2014) [-]
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