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#301 - Xedan (07/13/2011) [-]
I would agree with you, except for the fact that ponies being too forced is total bullshit. It's used exactly as much, if not less, than spider-man pics, while spider-man pics of course were absolutely never relevant. The only negative difference is that spider-man was a super hero, aka something boys are supposed to find cool, while boys liking ponies is too gay for some people even when they're legitly funny. That's my theory at least. Only reason I can come up with that they should be considered so much worse than spiderman, because almost no one ever complained about spiderman.
#289 - MidgetInABikini (07/13/2011) [-]
So... MLP is starting to sound a lot like religion to me. Not a good thing or a bad thing, just something that occurred to me when I read your comment.
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#316 - Asododsteel (07/13/2011) [-]
The thing is, religion is just philosophy with a figurehead. Bronies like the philosophy, Haters hate the figureheads.
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#304 - Xedan (07/13/2011) [-]
You make it sound like MLP has a devout following... it's just people who find the pictures funny. I'm sure (on FJ at least, not 4chan) only a fraction of people who post the pics even watched the show. I've only seen two episodes and that was only out of curiosity. But I find the pictures hilarious.
#308 - MidgetInABikini (07/13/2011) [-]
Exactly, in a metaphorical sense.
People who watch the show= devout churchgoers
People who enjoy the pictures= ordinary believers.
To be honest, I don't find any of the MLP pictures funny. I understand that other people do, but that's probably just my two cents.
#285 - anon (07/13/2011) [-]

<--Pic is you!
#270 - anon (07/12/2011) [-]
You, sir, are a hero. There is no picture in my reaction folder to capture my appreciation for your words.
#269 - anon (07/12/2011) [-]
This guy is made of being right.
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#254 - flamyras (07/12/2011) [-]
It is alright, you have spoken words from the heart in an attempt to defuse hatred between two parties, or to at least prevent violence between them. Often enough, it seems to be a pile-on situation between us and them, where once one side places an opinion or hatred post, a response of high volume is returned. The problem is that it is often from a single, innocuous post that is not ignored. For instance, I once posted a reasonable, on-topic image to a post, got 3 haters replying with anti-pony images/sayings, and I responded to each of them with a 'Sorry you feel that way, have a good day' message with another pony image, as it's just part of my style now. They responded with a mix of more hate from one and an agree to disagree from the other two. Unfortunately, the hater attracted the attention of other herd members who decided to defend me, and all-out war broke out. The problem really seems to be the eye-for-an-eye concept. Makes the whole world blind. thumb for you, of course.
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#273 - Asododsteel (07/12/2011) [-]
I agree. The problem is that both sides contain extremists who jump at the chance to get their point in. To have the final word. And this isn't just happening in pony-related threads, it's happening everywhere. I've seen flamewars start from users simply using an image of a pony in a topic-related post. Pony haters attack that comment, and bronies attack the one after that.
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#279 - flamyras (07/13/2011) [-]
Hopefully, it will became ignored or integrated, like all of the pokemon images. I remember, when I first joined, a ton of hate for Pokemon for some reason. Now everyone just ignores it. Or perhaps that's just a bad memory link.
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#292 - Asododsteel (07/13/2011) [-]
Maybe, however the Pokemon thing was different. Pokemon was already around for a long time, and was liked by much more people, having much less opposition. The big difference is that pokemon is a multi-million dollar industry with deep and complicated gameplay, something haters could eventually get over. MLP is about magic ponies, and just watching a few episodes won't be able to sway the hater's opinions like before. Also, you have to take into account trolls, who are taking advantage of the fact that ponies are such a volatile subject. The problem is, the bronie:hater ratio is about 50:50 in just about every area of the internet, so when ever a flame war happens it stretches on for a much longer time.
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#318 - flamyras (07/13/2011) [-]
Hmm, very well put. Perhaps I could arrange a meeting for several of the more vocal bronies, and get us to agree to avoid flame-wars or to defuse them asap, so as to calm the escalating combat. Unfortunately, this is going to be a long-standing issue, as the brony herd expands each day, more come of age to join Funnyjunk every hour, and trolls seem endlessly in supply. I just hope we find peace soon (since I have stuff to read/write).
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#326 - Asododsteel (07/13/2011) [-]
Well good luck with that. Truthfully I don't think there will an easy solution to all this. Best case scenario: one of the groups gives up and either ponies are banned from FJ or become just another meme. Worst case scenario: rising tensions combined with escalating flame wars result in an all out war between ponyhaters and bronies. Major posters and OP's would eventually choose sides and stop posting OC. With nothing but flamewars and reposts, lurkers and newcomers would eventually stop logging on and joining FJ. Lowered ratings would cause advertisers to pull out of FJ. Without a steady source of advertisers, Applejack's new dress would eventually have to close FJ. This would be paralleled in 4Chan, Reddit, Tumblir, Facebook etc.; causing each of these sites to close down. Wikia sites (including Wikipedia) would be filled with bronie/hater propaganda, rendering them useless. Eventually, companies like Google, Apple, and even Mircosoft would suffer. Without the internet, there would be widespread chaos, eventually culminating to the 2012 apocalypse.
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#327 - Asododsteel (07/13/2011) [-]
This of course is just worst-case scenario
ps. why did the word Applejack's new dress turn into Applejack's new dress?
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#328 - Asododsteel (07/13/2011) [-]
There it happened again!
I'm trying to say a_d_m_i_n, but it keeps changing.
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#332 - dkillakai (07/13/2011) [-]
#253 - TomasArnar (07/12/2011) [-]
I've got nothing to add to your comment
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#248 - jinjo (07/12/2011) [-]
I was gonna say pretty much the same thing the other day, but am way too much of a lazy fat ass :P

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#242 - Legionhelll (07/12/2011) [-]
...open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.
#259 - anon (07/12/2011) [-]
I love that this gets more likes than the random babbling on overused memes :D thanks FJ
#29 - that's odd. Sorry but I wouldn't know anything about levels de…  [+] (1 reply) 07/07/2011 on JackSteinberg's profile 0
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#30 - JackSteinberg (07/07/2011) [-]
well thx anywaynbro
#367 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 reply) 06/29/2011 on Playing Mario Kart +1
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