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#11 - when the war was over the remaining nazi officers and what not… 01/11/2015 on Dr. Seuss Political... 0
#10 - this is wat he refers to 09/02/2014 on I hearD FJ likes this +1
#8 - this maby 06/14/2014 on Slinku'san 0
#29 - still doesn't answer the question  [+] (1 new reply) 04/19/2014 on Danish "Special" Forces +2
User avatar #30 - mauerman (04/19/2014) [-]
Der er jo blevet svaret på spørgsmålet, hvis du nu gad at kigge tråden igennem. Men jeg kan da godt skære det ud i pap for dig.

#45 - he is actually standing upside down on the ice you can s… 04/19/2014 on (H2O) +1
#85 - your wrong on the part about charbohydrate though, your brain … 04/16/2014 on Get FIT Fast! - a quick guide 0
#35 - all the pictures of helga's more successful sister are not per…  [+] (3 new replies) 03/09/2014 on Helga +4
#43 - scoove (03/09/2014) [-]
that's still really confusing
#55 - vileinsect (03/09/2014) [-]
im actually confused too. but i think arnold just moved the picture so it's not perfect anymore. this somehow gave meaning because helga's parents always thought their older daughter was perfect, and arnold moved the picture so to prove that she wasnt perfect. it's a bit silly tho
User avatar #47 - megatheman (03/09/2014) [-]
because he likes helga not her.
#264 - look at me hector... 02/09/2014 on Bill Nye the Many Faced Guy 0
#11 - i know and i were not disagreeing with you, and i'm sorry if i…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/19/2013 on Science +1
User avatar #12 - djequalizee (12/19/2013) [-]
Oh i see. Yeah, it could be looked at as unstable from a regular point of view.
#6 - but you become more reactive with other atoms if you are posit…  [+] (9 new replies) 12/19/2013 on Science 0
User avatar #7 - djequalizee (12/19/2013) [-]
Though that is true, reactivity does not mean the atom is unstable. At least from a technical standpoint. When an atom is an ion, it means that it has to link with atoms with an opposite charge in order to neutralize its own charge. This doesn't make it "unstable", just likely to react with other elements. An unstable atom, I.e. isotope, typically has extra neutrons. This created an imbalance, and reduces the binding energy of the atom. The atom will then not have enough force to hold the extra neutron in place, and it will be ejected this can also happen with protons, like when Uranium-235 splits into Ba and Kr after nuclear fission
#48 - anonymous (12/20/2013) [-]
Only charges particels get 'ejected'(alpha/beta). To get neutrons out of an atom it needs to split.
User avatar #49 - djequalizee (12/20/2013) [-]
Oh, i actually forgot to mention that. That's why i put it off to the side. Thanks.
User avatar #29 - ryderjbudde (12/20/2013) [-]
They are both unstable, as in they are both prone to change, just in different ways.
You're using two different words that mean the same thing.
User avatar #35 - djequalizee (12/20/2013) [-]
Ah alright then.
User avatar #11 - cocainrain (12/19/2013) [-]
i know and i were not disagreeing with you, and i'm sorry if it sounded like that but i was thinking that some people may look at it as unstable, i where just trying to exsplaining it to them
User avatar #12 - djequalizee (12/19/2013) [-]
Oh i see. Yeah, it could be looked at as unstable from a regular point of view.
User avatar #8 - djequalizee (12/19/2013) [-]
Also i'm kind of shit at chemistry so if there is anyone who is an expert feel free to correct me
User avatar #20 - turtlemensch (12/19/2013) [-]
While for some atoms/molecules this may be the case, in other atoms (such as the Alkali/Alkali Earth Metals) shedding electrons makes the atom more stable, since it then goes to the nearest Noble Gas Electron Configuration. An example of this would be Sodium losing an electron and its Electron configuration then being the same as Neon.
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