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#64 - sauce?  [+] (13 new replies) 05/19/2016 on An Anon calls out an... -1
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#66 - iFail (05/19/2016) [-]
Inglorious Basterds (2009) - Good film, worth a watch!
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#137 - elsenortamatoe (05/20/2016) [-]
Its meh.
about a group of jews that go around kill nazis because they are nazis (dehumanizing them to the audience)
It shows jews completely innocent in regards to their persecution (they weren't)
Makes hitler and his top people (who are objectively skilled people) appears as fools.
Top that off with a shitload of jewish actors, and of course the token interracial couple (white, blonde woman with negro)
Plus the director is SJW level leftist and acts like a literally autist sometimes.

That all being said, It got brad pitt in it for a second, so it gets an automatic 6/10
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#160 - iFail (05/20/2016) [-]
You're calling Quentin Tarantino an SJW, but you're complaining about how Jews, Nazis, and racial minorities are portrayed in a film, hahaha. Unwind a bit, Mr.Ebert, enjoy the film! After all, it was not intended to be a documentary.

Anyways, it's not for everybody, not a GOAT - but regardless, it's worth the watch.
#149 - xexion (05/20/2016) [-]
>Movie about a group of Jews has jewish actors
>Dehumanizing Nazis isn't something we've done for going on 80 years
>What is satire?
>SJW leftist advocates children to go out and watch Kill Bill
>SJW leftist says that movie violence doesn't cause real violence, in an interview after an elementary school shooting
>SJW leftist made a movie with Samuel L Jackson playing a literal house nigger
>Knowing and using that site
>Using the word 'negro' unironically
>Not knowing that 99% of Hollywood figures are politically retarded or just saying shit for publicity/personal gain
Fucking shit, your /pol/ isn't just showing - you might as well just show me the picture of you in your 'Grandfather's' uniform. If your beloved top people are objectively skilled, then how did they manage to lose so badly to a tiny island with less airplanes, and a country with more infantry than bullets?
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#150 - elsenortamatoe (05/20/2016) [-]
Movie about killing nazis is written by and filled with jews
Yes, it has been. Hollywood has done a good job as well as public schools (who is in charge of these?)
Kill Bill is a fun movie, i recommend it.
I didnt know he said that about violence, he gained some of my respect with that
Playing a literal house nigger in a movie about killing evil white slave owners
What site? Jdar? I just googled "how jewish is this film" and it was first response
Negro is what he was called in the film
99% of hollywood is people that know people, and they help out their friends.
My great-grandfather came here from poland, after escaping the horrors of the Red Army.

And I forgot about WWII being england vs germany.
Germany didn't have an ally that invaded greece, got fucked, and required help. They also didn't have an ally that failed to keep the allies in africa. They also didn't have an ally that turned sides during the war when they lost.
They also didn't want war. The allies declared war after the germans marched through third party country (war were declared to "keep its neutrality"). Germany declared war on USA after we declared war on Japan (as a sign of good faith to the japanese)

If these, along with massive (and i mean massive) actions taken by Zionists during the time period (started with protests, then lend lease, then actual military action taken by the politicians they wanted in power), put germany at a disadvantage (all the western world vs them) This is also why Hitler wanted isreal to be a thing, so he could deport the communist jews that caused the fall of the democracy that was instilled after WWI after the civil war .

Stalin (like all communists) hated the facists, and began mobilizing his forces (act of war btw). Hitler saw this, asked for peace with england (hell since 1933, he called for peace in Europe. Why must brothers kill brothers etc). The soviets only did well against them because they had been out of the war for the most part (they did this in WWI too), and had numbers on their side, as well as supply routes (hard to not get food in your own country. Harder to do if you are going onto foreign soil)

And to answer your question, Its because of the allies as a whole, not one nation. The UK was in it for isreal becoming a thing, USSR in it to remove facist, and the USA because we were invited to war. France effectively just helped with the liberation forces, and thats about it.

Look at the "propaganda" of the time. Ignoring the "fuck jews" (establshed already, nazis blamed jews for the recession after WWI They also installed a world bank (run by jews) to pay for the treaty, by printing a shitload of money. ) Its all positive. In american terms it would be "Germany first".

All and all, it was nationalism vs globalism. The globalists just had more soldiers.
#152 - xexion (05/20/2016) [-]
What's wrong with Jews?
If the jews are responsible for Inglourious Basterds, they need to be responsible for more movies.
>Evil white slave owners
Slavery is bad, but never forget who killed Mr. Candie
Caring about an interracial relationship

>Inviting the fuckup that is Italy to your party
>Who is the Desert Fox? And why was he moved from the African campaign
>Betraying your ally - one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world - in the middle of another war
>Forgetting that your great grandfather's country is more associated with the other douchebags and the reason that WWII started. Also:
>Marching through a neutral country
>Declaring war on the US

>Jews represent <1% of your population
>Commit genocide on them
>"None of this would've happened if not for those damned jews!"

>Americans decide to help out their allies, that you're busy beating to death, with resources

>Invade sovereign nations, piss off their allies, declare war on nations, betray your own allies
>"Y'know the only reason everyone hates us is because of the jews"

>Stalin hating facists
Y'know you're probably right about this one. But you also forgot about Operation Barbarossa.

>Asking for peace with a country as you are killing, occupying and violating them and their allies

>"Soviets only did well because one of the largest nations in the world has a lot of people and we forgot that the soviets lived in their own country"

>UK was in it for Israel
Ignoring the fact that they were goaded into war by the Nazis invading their allies, most, if not all were ignorant of the jewish condition at this time. But no, IT WAS DA JEWS I SWARE
>Not realizing I was talking about the Battle of Britain where Nazi incompetence turned an easy conquer to a major defeat

>USSR was in it to remove facist
Yea, the one that started the largest military operation in human history in order to kill them.

>USA because we were invited
Totally. Had nothing to do with Axis members bombing Pearl Harbor, nor the U boat attacks of civilian boats, nor you literally killing and invading our allies.

>Nationalism vs. globalism
Dear lord you're deluded. Your great grandad would be disappointed in you.
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#155 - elsenortamatoe (05/20/2016) [-]
UK had a bit of jewish people in the government at the time. They had a national bank (which is what germany got rid of immediately after Hitler came to power) like all the other allies, but germany didn't. You can't control a country without control of the currency, so bam. Germany becomes evil almost overnight. Media hated them (who owns that) and called for non-war actions and then war against germany.
They weren't goaded into war, Germany invaded poland because they were convinced poland was conducting sabotage operations on the german-polish border, which, at any point and time other than PreWWII, would be responded to with denoucing and trade sanctions, but Britain had already been doing this at the first actual act of aggression.
Germany was fucked up at the end of WWI, and Hitler undid the damages from this. Then he receives reports of poles fucking with the eastern border. so he invades.
UK wanted war. This is a fact. They keep up arming themselves, despite germany asking for them to stop. Germany wanted peace the entire time. Hitler, as soon as he came to power, asked for a stop in arming and creation of more forces in Europe. He got no response. A few weeks later, he went to the League of Nations and asked for ALL countries to disarm themselves, which was responded with a simple "you first".
Germany proposed an extremely peaceful proposal (points basically were: no more building up forces, germany regains it's sovereignty, banning of terrible weapons like gas and fire, and Europe will not attack other european states ever, and every ten years these treaties would be renewed.), which got a response of "No" from france and an even bigger build up of forces in france, UK and USSR.
If you want to talk about specific "invading of allies" or acts of war, I can easily do that. All were justified, but responded with unnecessary force

USSR was super far left totalitarianism state. They purged out their fascists (like people that supported the Tsar), and the countries they conquered fascists, Now all was left was a huge fascist country, that had been weakened by a long war against their old allies (USSR had nothing to do with WWII till they tried to sneak attack germany late in the war)

USA was invited to war by a germany declaration of war. USA has traditionally been a "fuck everyone else, USA first" country. We hated foreign wars, and since our inception, have avoided Europe's conflicts like the plague. Japan attacked the USA, USA declares war. Germany, in response (like every other action they did, which was reactive) declares war on USA. USA then ignores the Japanese aggression long enough to send forces to Germany (under pressure from British media and US media).

National socialism is counter to globalism. Globalism causes a specific country to go down in living quality, but slightly increases global living quality, while making the super rich, even richer. A specific country loses wealth when is products are made somewhere else (you are paying other countries workers, not your own). This is normally accompanied by a national bank(s), which are private foundations, that print money for interest on the money printed.
After WWI, a bank was installed in germany, printed money like it was going out of style, caused inflation. Then Soviet jews came into germany with an army, caused a civil war, and lost.
Hitler comes to power, removes the bank, creates a labor based currency (X amount of work is worth X amount of money) instead of one based off of fiat (X amount of money is worth X because we said so). You own the bank, you want to get rid of this. So media started to demonize hitler at this point. Jews own the media, and the banks, so know that all these actions are why the Nazis wanted the jews out (like countless other countries throughout history)

Nazis weren't nice, but the world wasn't nice to them first.
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#162 - xexion (05/21/2016) [-]
>UK had a bit of jewish people
UK's population had 300,000 jews. That's only .65% of the population. So yea, a tiny bit.
Ignoring the fact that your argument is based on a stereotype that the Jews own the media and banks - there's no reason for the Jews to hate Germany pre-WWII...apart from Germany annexing Czechoslovakia and occupying Austria, breaking international accords by rearming themselves, and invading Poland whom England and France had agreed to protect.
If Germany had not invaded Poland (who were a such a great threat to the Nazis) Britain and France would have not entered the war. The only reason they didn't commit to military action for the previous offenses is proof the didn't want war with Germany.
>so he invades
With the Russians who he allied with using his long held plans to invade poland.
>Germany wanted peace the entire time and those dirty brits wanted war
You keep saying this but it's wrong.
Germany started arming themselves against an international treaty telling them not to
England/France did nothing
Germany occupied a sovereign nation against the desires of the rest of the continent
England/France did not respond militarily
Germany annexed a sovereign nation against the desires of the rest of the continent
England/France did not respond militarily
Germany invaded a sovereign nation who had defense agreements with England and France
England/France were forced to respond. They didn't want war with Germany. That's why they only appeased Hitler.

>USSR sneak attacked Germany
Are you fucking daft?
>Late in the war
I guess you are.

If the USSR wanted to take out the Facists, why did ally with them? Why not take them down before they rebuilt? While commies prolly don't like facists all of your points are coincidental and usually motivated by other means.

USA was already participating with lend lease - axis powers attacking us simply solidified the political situation and forced anti-war politicians to back down.
You seem to have problems in realizing what alliances are for. When you have alliances you generally tend to create mutual defense pacts. When someone else attacks your ally you attack them back. If your aggressor has an ally, they become your enemy by association. All declarations of war by and toward the US are simply formalities.
Also British and US media wanted the US to send troops to Europe because their people did. As well as lawmakers, politicians, and leaders.

I don't know where to start nor how to start with your last paragraph so I'll just say a few things:
Germany got legit screwed by reparations leveled at them at the end of WWI. Calling anyone you don't like Jews is stupid, and doesn't actually mean the Jews are at fault. Unless you're talking about Israel. Because Jews in Europe consisted of so little portion of the population they were uninfluential. They made a good scapegoat though.
A labor based currency is LITERALLY COMMUNISM, and 'fiat' based money is more jew blaming. All that is, is taking into consideration national debts and etc., the Euro isn't losing value today because the jews are making it so - it's because of shit people like Greece are pulling. The deutsche mark (?) was devalued because of the reparations.
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#154 - elsenortamatoe (05/20/2016) [-]
Imma ignore the movie for a second
Rommel was ordered back because the italians fucked up

Jews came from soviet union (where they came to power in the party), and were called belsheviks. They over threw the weimar republic. In the end, they destroyed a weakened germany with a civil war

Commit genocide?
Then why was there no nazi records with kill orders?
Why was there a brothel, swimming pool, and movie theater in the most infamous camp?
Hitler was trying to deport them to the new country being formed (called isreal), but encountered resistance in his actions (he was at war). Most of the terrible conditions in the camps can be attributed to war (most POW camps are terrible living conditions), such as the starving, and the gassing of the prisoners is kinda retarded Why waste money delousing, feeding, housing, and providing basic human needs to people you plan on killing?
Why is there such a stigma about this topic? Why am I immediately considered evil or dumb for doubting a systematic killing of 6 million jews (look up the population of jews in isreal).
I mean, Its the nazis, they focused on being efficient and effective, but couldn't just shoot or burn or starve, or simply let die from exposure these people who are marked for death. Instead they go for the extremely expensive, and highly inefficient method of killing as gassing (it costs a lot, and has a bunch of downtime in between killings).
Not to mention, a shitload of evidence condemning the nazis for the killings are actually soviets killing people (antisemitism is as russian as vodka and bears)

Basically they didn't like germany, cause they didn't have a national bank (worse shit in history of the world. Its usury, but the nation itself pays the interest on each bank note that is printed.

Invade sovereign nations that are composed of your people, that, after the war you were dragged into (because your allies declared war on the other sides allies), you were blamed for. So huge areas of German land were given to other countries, and with the exception of poland, German has a claim to the land they invaded (they also had a claim to poland, by right of sword).

Barbarossa was in response to the soviets mobilizing their troops against germany. Its literally setting up for a sneak attack and as such is classified as an act of war (like actually invading a country). It was a preemptive attack against the soviets.
Kinda a dick move by stalin, cause they signed a non agression treaty with each other, and carved up the states between the two countries.

Hitler asked for peace in every stage of the war. You ever hear of appeasement? Neville Chamberlain understood the german claim to the lands they lost after WWI after the allies carved up central powers and created the god awful "country" of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czechoslovakia
which was about 5 or 6 countries put together. It contained multiple ethnic groups that hated each other. So hitler wanted the land that was taken when the country was formed, but the UK threatened them with war, so he used diplomancy to return land to poland, hungary, as well as some german land. 1939 hitler ordered a massive build up in his navy, to combat the british. He was sick of being threatened with war for undoing the damage the shitty treaty that ended WWI. It was objectively bad

Every major war the Russian have won has gone like this.
Terrible defeat, huge losses
retreat and regroup
repeat until logistics go to hell in the winter.
Win war of attrition.

Im out of characters, USSR and USA and globalism posts will be next comment
#163 - xexion (05/21/2016) [-]
I'm not going to argue against holocaust denial. Especially one that says "Oh well the Nazis were efficient why did they gas the Jews in an inefficient manner?". Explain my picture and the truckloads of pictures taken specifically so that denial would never considered true.
Operation Barbarossa was the LARGEST MILITARY OPERATION IN HISTORY. Not a knee jerk reaction to Stalin building up troops (which is a contested theory anyway).
On one hand we have the possibility that the Soviets might have been planning to betray Germany. On the other we have Barbarossa in which Germany actually did.
I've already mentioned appeasement. It wasn't that Chamberlain thought that Hitler was correct or not, it was giving Hitler what he wanted to avoid war. Which violates your UK/France wanting war point.
"Appeasement, the policy of making concessions to the dictatorial powers in order to avoid conflict, governed Anglo-French foreign policy during the 1930s. It became indelibly associated with Conservative Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain."

The treaty was bad, Germany got screwed yes. So the answer is to...Invade Poland? Intentionally start a war with UK/France to...what? he got his slice of Czechoslovakia...and then the whole cake, AND Austria. What more could he want if not non-Germanic lands?

As for Russia, I don't think it's part of the strategy to have millions of your troops die but here have this: /Dank+and+music+webm+67/movies/5922641/85#85
#128 - anon (05/20/2016) [-]
Nah. It's anti white garbage made by a cuck that wants to be black.
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#159 - iFail (05/20/2016) [-]
Well, you're completely wrong, but ok.
#135 - serefth (05/20/2016) [-]
#1891 - sauce? 05/09/2016 on Hottie Roll Scavenger Hunt 0
#186 - I would like to add that our problems with Africans and Arabs … 05/05/2016 on WE 0
#185 - Civilisation began in Mesopotamia. The deserts to the north, e…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/05/2016 on WE +2
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#186 - ciarancrashy (05/05/2016) [-]
I would like to add that our problems with Africans and Arabs today is comparable to the problems the Romans faced with the Germanic peoples. The descendants of those Germanic people now lead one of the most technological advanced nations on earth. I do think the same is possible of Africans if only they would apply themselves. Granted our colonialism didn't help. Also while I don't think any one culture or race is ultimately superior to any other, due to humans in-group out-group bias different cultures and religions will clash against one another. This is why I think different peoples who have different customs and ethnic backgrounds should keep to their own countries. Otherwise you end up with what happened in the Balkans. Heck look at America where everyone is almost all Christian and the tensions between Whites, Hispanics and African Americans are very high. Tensions in Europe between Christians and Muslims and Whites and Arabs/Africans is also very high at the moment.

The reason why Japan has manged to pull itself up to western standards is due to their cultural stability as well. If the the two mongol invasions of japan hadn't been destroyed by typhoons who knows what would've happened to japan over the course of the 800 years afterwords.

TL;DR Civilisation started in the middle east and spread to Europe and Southeast Asia. The climate of of other regions and large bodies of water hindered the advancement of technology into other regions. Islam fucked over the middle east and north Africa in the 7th century. The mongols fucked over the middle east again in the 13th century. Western Europe's good climate, cultural stability and access to the sea along with our technological advantage allowed us to ensnare the rest of the uncivilised world to our bidding.
#11 - It scares me too. Just out of curiosity, what kind of novels d… 05/04/2016 on Skip if you don't like... 0
#9 - To clarify, I was not the person who started that thread. The … 05/04/2016 on Skip if you don't like... 0
#8 - I haven't played black ops 2 so I don't really know the story.… 05/04/2016 on Skip if you don't like... 0
#7 - I understand where your coming from. However this isn't just a…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/04/2016 on Skip if you don't like... 0
#10 - anon (05/04/2016) [-]
I saw it. It's a problem in a log of arts really, As a novelist the idea of this getting into novels scares me.
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#11 - ciarancrashy (05/04/2016) [-]
It scares me too. Just out of curiosity, what kind of novels do you write?
#4 - Caring makes peoples opinions invalid?  [+] (4 new replies) 05/04/2016 on Skip if you don't like... 0
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#5 - umbrage (05/04/2016) [-]
caring about CoD plots makes any opinion you have on politics invalid
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#7 - ciarancrashy (05/04/2016) [-]
I understand where your coming from. However this isn't just about about COD. I was trying to make a point about video games in general and how the media people consume shapes their ideas and world views.
#10 - anon (05/04/2016) [-]
I saw it. It's a problem in a log of arts really, As a novelist the idea of this getting into novels scares me.
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#11 - ciarancrashy (05/04/2016) [-]
It scares me too. Just out of curiosity, what kind of novels do you write?
#2 - I do  [+] (6 new replies) 05/04/2016 on Skip if you don't like... 0
#3 - umbrage (05/04/2016) [-]
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#4 - ciarancrashy (05/04/2016) [-]
Caring makes peoples opinions invalid?
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#5 - umbrage (05/04/2016) [-]
caring about CoD plots makes any opinion you have on politics invalid
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#7 - ciarancrashy (05/04/2016) [-]
I understand where your coming from. However this isn't just about about COD. I was trying to make a point about video games in general and how the media people consume shapes their ideas and world views.
#10 - anon (05/04/2016) [-]
I saw it. It's a problem in a log of arts really, As a novelist the idea of this getting into novels scares me.
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#11 - ciarancrashy (05/04/2016) [-]
It scares me too. Just out of curiosity, what kind of novels do you write?