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#19 - i will not tolerate any sexual comments about a picture of me …  [+] (2 new replies) 07/23/2015 on Dont you dare.. +10
#29 - reyesman (07/23/2015) [-]
doesn't he know it's not that deep.
#70 - anon (07/23/2015) [-]
Just like we all know this is fake.
#6 - Comment deleted 07/22/2015 on Cat in Hat +9
#11 - bless this god among men 07/22/2015 on Ken M comp +19
#1176 - **chuffberry used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **chuffberry rolls 12** 07/22/2015 on Admin's dating game 0
#1373 - **chuffberry used "*roll 1, 1-99*"** **chuffberry rolls 57** 07/22/2015 on Where will you be reborn? 0
#49 - once in the winter in colorado it was really cold and windy an… 07/22/2015 on Deep Dark Fears 2 0
#148 - i love weed. but that's because i'm a plant biotechnology stud…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/22/2015 on Maybe an actual unpopular... 0
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#149 - itssakamoto (07/22/2015) [-]
I won't be taking hits
#6 - that ancestor of corn still exists and is called teosinte. it'… 07/18/2015 on Wild foods +9
#10 - the **** do you mean by "kinda boyfriend person"?  [+] (5 new replies) 07/18/2015 on Build a bear +72
#54 - skorchy (07/19/2015) [-]
It can mean a lot of things. I had a kinda girlfriend awhile back.
We liked eachother but neither of us really took the initiative to be anything, we were just together a lot and did couple-ish things. We were both free to see other people at any time.
yet the only thing I wanted to see was her
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#50 - trolljunkusa (07/18/2015) [-]
It means "I'm a huge cunt and I'm just using this person for his money"
#44 - andrewkinsella (07/18/2015) [-]
knowing tumblr it's because he only identifies as male for four and a half days of the week
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#16 - Sethorein (07/18/2015) [-]
She let's him smash but they arent facebook official.
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#23 - poelsemutter (07/18/2015) [-]
Acurate as fuck
#24 - since the day i turned 18 my entire family has been bugging me…  [+] (6 new replies) 07/18/2015 on "I don't want kids" +4
#43 - jakeattack (07/18/2015) [-]
18 damn wtf
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#29 - infinitereaper (07/18/2015) [-]
there are no bad kids, just bad parents
#77 - anon (07/18/2015) [-]
Actually that's not true, my parents raised me and my siblings like the privileged fucks we are. Lastest toys, technology, "trendy" clothes, and all they asked of us was to be good kids and do good in school. They even let us go out pretty often. But my sister was a tumblerette who lied about being "abused" and said living with my parents was a "purgatory". She did drugs, dropped out of school, and got pregnant really fucking early, all because she was a "bad kid". Even now when my parents offered to pay for rehab, tattoo removal, to take care of her kid for her, to get her life together, she refuses claiming they "don't understand what they put her through". if I could adopt her kid as my own, I would with no hesitation
#80 - infinitereaper (07/18/2015) [-]
>tries to disprove the fact that there are no bad kids just bad parents
>gives an example of bad parenting

no you guys are right none of you should become parents
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#82 - lonelybaloney (07/18/2015) [-]
You're fucking right, I don't get why people are thumbing you down.
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#83 - infinitereaper (07/18/2015) [-]
My current theory is that when OP makes a comment with a certain view and it becomes a thread, like minded people who follow OP come to the thread. So if you disagree with OP it gets thumbed down.