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#2 - cheesewire (07/09/2011) [-]
apparently you are as you wont let it go. i have a live, a good job, a wife, and a kid. what do you have?
tell you what, a simple search for related material might reveal that <gasp> anything you think of doing someone else has probably done better.

goodbye chump XD
#3 to #2 - cheeswiresabitch (07/09/2011) [-]
A tech support guy who can't even do a simple reply to a comment.... And I had let it go til I found out you're such a whiny bitch you went and blocked me, now I'm just offended, you keep posting these "oh he mad" pics but you don't get it, you're a little bitch that goes around shouting repost on everything, yet when multiple people point out your eifel tower pic is a repost you can't even remove it...You are the worst kind of user, You think You're the **** when all you are is **** ... And you think you can get rid of somebody just by blocking them, this is the internet dumbass there is no way to get rid of everybody with a different opinion than yours..I still don't get why you think I'm mad, I deleted the post as soon as you provided a link, didn't argue, whine, complain, or bitch. I just laughed at how far you went to prove your point to a random stranger. Didn't block you or delete your comments either, which both of those were an option..you're so stupid you can't even figure out how to delete comments of your profile..But anyways go ahead and block this account, but don't worry about replying as this is the only time I will ever use it... And if you only knew how many times I've heard the whole job wife kid line...The reason I bring this up is because people who feel the need to lie to impress people they will never meet are retarded, I would have believed the job thing but no one in tech support thinks they have a good job, and as far as a wife and kid, with your level of maturity and the simple fact you use a bunch of teenage grammar and sayings(lol, <gasp> and **** like that) leads me to believe you're still living with your mommy. But don't worry I won't be talking to you again, I hate liars and you're more full of **** than anybody I've ever met here.
#4 to #3 - cheesewire (07/11/2011) [-]
omg i was crying, laughing so hard.
sowwy you cant handle the internet. you fail! rofl so HARD!

oh and, cool story bro.
#1 - acidtrunks (07/09/2011) [-]
Deleted...and not mad just get tired of losers like you who think just because they've seen something every other person on the internet had too.

Buddy you need to get a life
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