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#4 - I'd marry that beast the moment he said, "I..." 02/25/2014 on tale as old as helix fossil 0
#4 - I never liked the traditional Judeo-Christian outlook on the d…  [+] (74 new replies) 02/25/2014 on Do you have more of these ? +130
#214 - bval (02/26/2014) [-]
Actually, the development of Satan into the lord of evil happened more with Christianity than with Judaism. Indeed, the book of Job was most likely written as a polemic, so as to teach people that God is both good and evil, that he is the One. (Job's friends say that Job must have deserved punishment, because God is just; later, God says to one of these friends: "I am angry with you and your two friends, because you have not spoken the truth about me, as my servant Job has." (Job 42:7) Here, Job's friends are espousing a totally benevolent God, which contradicts strict monotheism, for if God is benevolent and all-powerful, whence comes evil? To create a balance, such views necessarily call for an evil deity of sorts. Early Judaism, with its strict adherence to just one God, solved the problem by having God be both good and evil.)
Christianity expanded the scope of Satan, almost to demi-god status. This may have been due to influences by neighboring religions, mainly Gnosticism (e.g. Manichaeism, Mandaeism, etc.) but also Zoroastrianism.
Pic related: it's Zoroaster.
User avatar #208 - personz (02/26/2014) [-]
from what I've come to understand as a child of a Methodist minister, so I'm going to probably be the least accurate to the bible of all of us, isn't it Satan's job to be the differing opinion? He constantly fights god, because he must to show the opposite side of the issue. Most of this comes from the story of Job, but I believe that Satan is loyal to God, and is doing his job of presenting the opposition to everything God does, so that God must face it and consider the opposing viewpoint. Just like how in literature someone can be a "devil's advocate" by always arguing with someone else, just so they'll look at it from more than just their perspective.
User avatar #201 - commontroll (02/26/2014) [-]
Well, if I remember correctly, the Bible says somewhere that when Satan turned his eyes to himself, that's when his fall began. So essentially he's just too caught up in himself, which makes sense when you look at what sin is according to the Bible. It's basically just temporary and instant satisfaction at a cost of the eternal and inevitable, and it's all about how it will make you feel better, even if only for a little bit. Stealing, killing out of anger, cheating on your spouse, etc.

And I look at it as God being the ultimate in honor. When two warriors would fight, it was better to die than to fight dishonorably. If your enemy did fight dishonorably, then you still would not stoop to his level, and even if you died you would win.

It's dishonorable to kill an enemy who can't defend themselves, so what does God do? He lets Lucifer arm himself and lets him fight dirty, because God's not afraid of losing. He would rather it take longer and keep His standards for Himself than win immediately and dishonorably.

Just my two cents on it.
#249 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
If you want to learn the truth about the bible, check this out...


take care
#191 - swedishassassin (02/26/2014) [-]
The Bible's depiction IS incomplete, but that's not the reason. I study religion enough (Majoring in history, but I run across it and personally read), to understand the 'devil' (or adversary in the Hebrew Bible)

Just because you're smart doesn't mean you make perfect decisions. Solomon was supposed to be the wisest king ever to have lived, and he made arguably the most mistakes of the Israeli kings. Satan is just plain arrogant. His own arrogance will outmatch his intelligence or wisdom to do something stupid; much like how peer pressure or self-pride will make us act against our better judgement.
We often make ass-over-head decisions that have incredibly short-term rewards, but may result in great, crippling long-term consequences, despite knowing it. Why? I suppose that's up to the individual. The devil and we aren't so different in the Bible's description; power-hungry, often if not usually unwilling to ever consider other people's views, ready to accuse anyone for anything, and rather impatient.

I'm not disowning you, but am grateful you're challenging the Bible's consistency. No one should blindly accept things.
#250 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
We should challenge all things for that is how we have created our modern world. We should all challenge the consistency and validity of the bible. As a history student I'm sure you would like to see this for yourself.


User avatar #281 - swedishassassin (02/26/2014) [-]
Also, no offense, but how many times are you gonna send that link? ;)
#287 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
As long as it takes! I'm amazed (almost) at how many people take these stories to be factual with out even questioning them! Nothing wrong with a wake up call!
User avatar #280 - swedishassassin (02/26/2014) [-]
Surprisingly, the Bible (whether or not you believe in it), maintains some remarkable consistency for something to have been written by several sources over such a large time period. You can reasonably argue the difference faces that God/Jesus have in certain stories, but the provable lineage and geographic/dynastic time periods have had reliable resiliency
#288 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
Actually, if you follow the link that I posted you'll see that there is great inconsistency and virtually no historical accuracy at all.
#305 - swedishassassin (02/26/2014) [-]
No offense, but you Wiki'd it.

You NEVER Wiki opinion-infected things.
#313 - popeflatus (02/27/2014) [-]
Why? Most things are 'opinion infected' to some degree, but facts remain. Where would you get your information from then?
User avatar #346 - swedishassassin (02/27/2014) [-]
Please don't start a thumb war with this.
#187 - anonymous (02/26/2014) [-]
Imma put this in super simple terms. Not to say you wouldn't understand it otherwise, but its just a easily accepted concept. Think of Satan as the ultimate troll. He does crap to people JUST to be a prick, just for his sick amusement, just to watch us squirm.
User avatar #144 - darthlegolas (02/26/2014) [-]
Satan's real goal, from what I believe, isn't really to overpower God. He's trying to get as many of us (people) to go to hell, by tempting us into sin and keeping us from accepting Christ. The reason God doesn't snap his fingers to make him nonexistent is because Adam and Eve permitted Satan to have authority over the earth when they sinned.
#141 - anonymous (02/26/2014) [-]
I wouldn't say its an all out war against God, because Satan is being punished too. From where I see it, Satan attempts to use deception and trickery to get God's creations (us niggas) to fall away from Him. The ones who He loves most.

I mean, if someone took everything away from you forever, wouldn't you want to take away what they love the most?

I know I would.

I do like your comment tho. And please be aware this is only speculation/ opinions.
#131 - igetroll (02/26/2014) [-]
#100 - sirowlington (02/26/2014) [-]
I don't mean to burst your bubble, but have you considered the possibility that God lets the Devil exist so that humans may learn to distinguish Good from Evil, and avoid it's ways? Hell and Satan exist by God's shaping and design. To be able to discern is to be able to choose, and those who choose Sin are unworthy of going to heaven.
#252 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
Have you considered that the bible is a complete fabrication? Considering that it is incredibly internally inconsistent and that history and science clearly show it to be false?

#340 - sirowlington (02/27/2014) [-]
The joke's on you; I am an atheist.

However, I find it important to learn about other people's world views as doing so provides a better understanding of their behaviour. A great portion of humanity is Christian. When you understand why they behave the way they do, it's easier to avoid senseless conflict and shape your relationship with them into something more (mutually) desirable.
#161 - wwhhaaq (02/26/2014) [-]
that almost makes it sound like god used satan just for contrast, like think about it

if you only knew about god and what he did, you'd probably be like, "wow, what an asshole," but once you throw satan into the mix and the "eternal hellfire" and wasps coming out of your dick there comes a pretty big obvious distinction
User avatar #119 - dalokan (02/26/2014) [-]
The only reason Satan is allowed to live is because God has a plan for the eradication of sin.

This is, in the Judeo-Christian outlook, known as Armaggedon, the final battle.
#35 - shrolen (02/25/2014) [-]
Satan is to God as the Joker is to Batman.
#198 - anonymous (02/26/2014) [-]
wow thats a pretty good analogy haha
User avatar #31 - dalokan (02/25/2014) [-]
He is also extremely prideful.

The only reason he fought the first war against God was this pride. The reason he'll lose the final fight is because God will vanquish sin and Lucifer with it.
#254 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
Well....the bible isn't true, so I'm not worried about about 'final battles' and so forth.

User avatar #118 - srskate (02/26/2014) [-]
This, Satan believes he can overcome God because of his pride.
User avatar #30 - shadowkingdr (02/25/2014) [-]
erm thast half true originally the devil only stared in that beginning piece but then started to get blamed for every thing that went wrong and went from being a sinner to the one who caused the sins and became powerful enough to challenge god.
User avatar #29 - Eiza (02/25/2014) [-]
Satan strives to force evolution upon humanity in any way that he can, be it knowledge, power, or something else. God strives to keep humanity innocent and ignorant to everything.

Lucifer wishes for humanity to become smart and strong, not remain an idiotic and weak race. He will fight tooth and nail for humanity to become the strongest version of itself, regardless of the fact that he knows he will most likely lose against God in the end.

On the other hand, God, who is omnipotent and omniscient, has undoubtedly been around much longer than Lucifer. He has certainly seen more and been through more failures and experience than Lucifer could ever imagine. In that time, he may have very well seen that knowledge and power can lead to oblivion, and understands through his painful history that innocent ignorance is the only true way to peace.

"If only one side fights for a just cause, then the conflict would be known under the guise of self-defense or subjugation. But this is war, a conflict in which both sides fight for a just cause." - Hidetomo Kajomaru, Bleach
#255 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
How can an omnipotent and omniscient god have 'failures'?
User avatar #274 - Eiza (02/26/2014) [-]
I'm saying that God was young and weak once and obtained his power through eons of effort, learning, trial and error, and more. If you lived for an indefinite, seemingly infinite amount of time, you will fail over and over in many things. You will learn from those failures as well.

For a small being like ourselves, we would learn from rejection, bad health choices, and other things that only affect ourselves. But to a Godlike being, the fate of entire races could hang in the balance of choices that could seem small to them but massive to the races being tampered with.

In that time, God would probably see that races who he gifted with knowledge and the ability to be smart and grow to be like he was/is, inevitably became their own undoing. After how many failed attempts to make an intelligent race also have wisdom, only to see it be completely destroyed by that same gift, would God be unable to handle that trauma again?

So, as the story goes, he made Adam and Eve without true intelligence. Lucifer spoke to them and tried to make them smart and adaptive like God, and when he found out, that same pain from the infinite past hit him once again and he realized at that moment that he had failed once more.

Lucifer may very well have a troubled, painful future ahead of him for trying to play God. He just doesn't know it yet.

I'm not a Christian, but I have to admit that overthinking the religion is amusing.
#277 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
This is just conjecture with no evidence to support it. It is like your own fan fiction that you have concocted, so...don't 'over think' religion, just look at the facts!
User avatar #303 - Eiza (02/26/2014) [-]
There's no evidence to support "facts" either in religion. The whole religion is about overexamination of stories. It's too fun.
#311 - popeflatus (02/27/2014) [-]
X-Men is also fun, but i don't think it is real! Which 'facts' do you think there is no evidence for?
User avatar #345 - Eiza (02/27/2014) [-]
There's none for either except for the stories. That's why there's so much fanfiction of X-Men and why I like to ponder things from the Bible.
#162 - wwhhaaq (02/26/2014) [-]
well, god can't have really been around THAT long and experienced enough, if he created everything in 7 days or however that goes how wise could he really be in the sense of experience if there was nothing to experience
User avatar #152 - ugottanked (02/26/2014) [-]
so a fight between evolution and stagnation...
User avatar #146 - nigeltheoutlaw (02/26/2014) [-]
I'd take the Devil's side either way. I'd rather reach oblivion by striving to be all I can be than remain an ignorant fool.
User avatar #136 - garymotherfingoak (02/26/2014) [-]
That's what he wants you to think
#112 - wimwam (02/26/2014) [-]
A interesting take
User avatar #40 - situmus (02/25/2014) [-]
Most accurate post about this stuff I've seen yet.
User avatar #28 - samxdaxman (02/25/2014) [-]
I know it's been said a million times over, but I think it's because you can't have good without evil, light without dark, etc. I dunno, maybe it's like a yin-yang type thing.
User avatar #27 - countchoculal (02/25/2014) [-]
the idea is that his anger over took him. he simply wages his war out of sheer rage for god, essentially he's a mad man.
#26 - anonymous (02/25/2014) [-]
what you have to understand a few things from the bible,
1. The vatican and english both took out many passages from the bible, to make it seem more omnipotent, also revisions and translations degraded some stories making it hard to make sense all the time

2. The bible is a collection of about 12ish people talking about the same thing, years after it happened, and all of them never saw each other again, if you can remember something told to you 40 years later, with vivid detail, then cool
User avatar #25 - biggrand (02/25/2014) [-]
the devil to me is truth and it's acceptance, to indulge in your own pleasures and do what you wan't without the confliction of others holding you back, the ability to act on ones own, to understand and embrace imperfection, and to be the opposite of contradiction and hypocrisy. The bible seems more like a means of control, a set of laws and stories to hide and censor the truth, making the commoners united under a single idea for the greater good . The satanist(s) who go against the greater good are exiled and spat upon, and the truest of them will not let that stop them
User avatar #91 - stcronin (02/26/2014) [-]
I see it as the opposite, I see it as God sets us free from our sins, so we do not become trapped in bad habits. When we indulge in pleasures that's when we become trapped in them. Look at all the porn addicts, porn causes many mental things like depression, and lack of motivation and other affects. That is well documented. While it may seem like God has given us a bunch of rules which keep us down. It is to help us truly become free of the material world and truly be ourselves. I don't know what you are talking about hiding the truth. The bible and at least people of my faith are all for technology and science and freedom of speech, religion and media. but I understand not everyone is like this, but they are wrong if they think that way.
User avatar #93 - biggrand (02/26/2014) [-]
To me it isn't about good or bad, but your connection to the world and your ability to see. You can have good or bad habits and be on either side. Bliss over Nihilism and truth I guess.
User avatar #94 - stcronin (02/26/2014) [-]
What is a bad habit about prayer, or loving everyone?
User avatar #95 - biggrand (02/26/2014) [-]
I'm saying satanism has nothing to do with good or bad. Satanism is about truth, acceptance, and free will. You could do good or bad so long as the intention itself is pure and not corrupt or in blindness.
#21 - tazze (02/25/2014) [-]
someone please get the reference
User avatar #116 - hackhazardly (02/26/2014) [-]
Fuck We're old.
#20 - deezknuts (02/25/2014) [-]
>implying the Bible isn't inherently a flawed book that has more plot holes than Heavy Rain

Gif somewhat related pls
User avatar #164 - wwhhaaq (02/26/2014) [-]
i always sort've assumed the bible and its similar derivatives were just a children's story taken way too literally, just the reinforcement of natural morals symbolized by a bearded sky man that watches you jack off

when i bust i like to do the hunger games gesture on the head of my penis to the ceiling, just in case there really is somebody up there
#133 - garymotherfingoak (02/26/2014) [-]
>implying more than 10 percent of it is meant to be taken literally and isn't meant to be a moral guideline for humans written by old dudes 1k-4k years ago
#258 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
Who decides which parts are to be taken literally or metaphorically? The entire bible is a work of fiction that has been changed many times with most stories having been written decades and sometimes centuries after the alleged time.

expand your minds people!

User avatar #302 - garymotherfingoak (02/26/2014) [-]
well on second thought, i shouldnt state it in such a black and white an abridged manner.
User avatar #301 - garymotherfingoak (02/26/2014) [-]
How i see it:
Old testament: 80-90% is fiction but with ties to reality
New testamant: Jesus actually did a bunch of cool shit, the rest is up for debate
#308 - popeflatus (02/27/2014) [-]
The stories about Jesus were written decades after the alleged fact. You have to be skeptical about that.
User avatar #309 - garymotherfingoak (02/27/2014) [-]
that's where i draw the line of heresy
#315 - popeflatus (02/27/2014) [-]
Heresy? Care to elaborate?
User avatar #316 - garymotherfingoak (02/27/2014) [-]
warhammer 40k reference
#318 - popeflatus (02/27/2014) [-]
Lol! Ok!

Just don't take these ancient stories as history!
User avatar #319 - garymotherfingoak (02/27/2014) [-]
what made you think i did based on my comments?
#320 - popeflatus (02/27/2014) [-]
You said that 'Jesus did a bunch of cool shit'. That seems to me that you are taking those stories seriously.
User avatar #321 - garymotherfingoak (02/27/2014) [-]
#133 to #20 - garymotherfingoak ONLINE (02/26/2014) [-]
>implying more than 10 percent of it is meant to be taken literally and isn't meant to be a moral guideline for humans written by old dudes 1k-4k years ago>implying more than 10 percent of it is meant to be taken literally and isn't meant to be a moral guideline for humans written by old dudes 1k-4k years ago

and did i ever say that everything he did was true, and which ones?
#324 - popeflatus (02/27/2014) [-]
You said that he did a bunch of cool stuff. How can you tell which parts are 'literal' and which parts are not?
#154 - anonymous (02/26/2014) [-]
more people need to see this so they can know
#16 - anonymous (02/25/2014) [-]
I think you forgot option C. It's made up.
#22 - pseudorandom (02/25/2014) [-]
The euphoria is strong in this one.
#259 - popeflatus (02/26/2014) [-]
Ah yes...fedora jokes. Those cut to the bone! I may as well call all bible believes ignorant hicks who think the world is 6000 years old. Here, have some knowledge for your effort!

#52 - anonymous (02/25/2014) [-]
Well, it is still an option, dude. Fedora or not, anybody who's taken the time to research any religion out there knows that most of the stuff there is pretty much only symbolic, and that consistent characterizations of any deity, across so many years and religious denominations, are pretty hard to find.
User avatar #13 - LordoftheBacon (02/25/2014) [-]
I trully admire your comment and common sense. To give you the point of view from somone who has researched Satanism pretty extensivly. Those that do worship Satan pretty much seperate into 4 groups. Ahem...
1.Satanist that worship Satan
2.Satanist that worship themselves as gods
3.Satanist that arent really Satanist just members of the LHP.
4.Satanist that worship demons.
That being said I personally see satan as a manifest of the human councisness If it wasnt for our minds technology wouldnt be what it is today. In theory we are all Satanist to some degree or another. God tells his followers to put blind faith into the bible and follow his lead with faith. Most/Some Satanist actually are open very much so to science and reason. That also being said even if one doesnt worship a being I still see the idea of Satanism as a good thing honestly. Id rather use my senses to belive in something reason,logic,science, etc then put my fate into the hands of something noone has ever seen or heard. IMO
User avatar #12 - churrundo (02/25/2014) [-]
he wasn't banished to hell the first time, just banished from heaven.
#6 - anonymous (02/25/2014) [-]
He ain't doing shit, just tempting others to damnation.
#4 - I automatically thumb up any post involving Batman. So, here y…  [+] (13 new replies) 02/25/2014 on Someone get the Bat Shark... +136
#35 - ujellybro (02/25/2014) [-]
animefag shame incoming
but the resemblance is uncanny
#9 - angelious (02/25/2014) [-]
#13 - anonymous (02/25/2014) [-]
#28 - jamiemsm (02/25/2014) [-]
#18 - angelious (02/25/2014) [-]
im sorry
#19 - anonymous (02/25/2014) [-]
Don't mind him yo... he did the same thing trying to be a smartass.
#14 - anonymous (02/25/2014) [-]
not like you're any better jackass
#57 - anonymous (02/26/2014) [-]
#21 - matoromahri (02/25/2014) [-]
extremely unconscious
as opposed to like mildly unconscious
or somewhat unconscious
User avatar #32 - jarelk (02/25/2014) [-]
Unconsciousness has a scale, actually.
User avatar #60 - jarelk (02/26/2014) [-]
Don't know why I'm being thumbed down. Look up the Glasgow Coma Scale.
User avatar #58 - matoromahri (02/26/2014) [-]
"Doctor, how unconscious is he?"
User avatar #59 - jarelk (02/26/2014) [-]
Look up the Glasgow Coma Scale.
#25 - Only he didn't really ask her out, he just said something cl… 02/22/2014 on tumblr plot twist 0
#9 - Actually, yes. I would, because I would saved the embarrassmen…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/22/2014 on tumblr plot twist +2
User avatar #11 - subaqueousreach (02/22/2014) [-]
If you don't want to be rejected in a public format then don't ask people out in a public format. Simple as that.

Why is this girl a bad guy because she said 'no'? Why should it be sugar coated? To protect fragile people like yourself? Welcome to the real world kiddo, shit's hard sometimes but you have to learn to deal with it and work around it. Being a sensitive little flower about something and crying isn't going to fix anything or impress anyone.
User avatar #25 - charredenay (02/22/2014) [-]
Only he didn't really ask her out, he just said something clever on her tumblr. And it's not about her saying 'no' it's about how she said it. All I ask is that people take the most considerate course of action that fits their needs. Don't want to go out with me? That's fine. Just don't be a douche about it.
#5 - Look, I'm not saying she (or he honestly, how the **** …  [+] (5 new replies) 02/22/2014 on tumblr plot twist +4
#21 - zgbgydug (02/22/2014) [-]
But then she wouldn't have a clever looking tumblr post to share with the internet. Besides, it's probably the same person anyway
User avatar #7 - subaqueousreach (02/22/2014) [-]
So instead of being outright told no, you'd rather just be completely ignored by the person?

Somehow I don't feel that's better at all.

S/he wasn't interested and s/he told him so. What's the big deal about that?

If you get upset over something as simple as that then there's probably a good reason you're single too.

'you' being relative to whoever is in the situation, not specifically you who I'm replying to. I've learned I have to clarify this on here.
User avatar #9 - charredenay (02/22/2014) [-]
Actually, yes. I would, because I would saved the embarrassment of being told no in front of the entire internet. The absolutely BEST course of action would be a private message that told me my affections were appreciated but not the sentiment that OP intended to receive in response to their post.
User avatar #11 - subaqueousreach (02/22/2014) [-]
If you don't want to be rejected in a public format then don't ask people out in a public format. Simple as that.

Why is this girl a bad guy because she said 'no'? Why should it be sugar coated? To protect fragile people like yourself? Welcome to the real world kiddo, shit's hard sometimes but you have to learn to deal with it and work around it. Being a sensitive little flower about something and crying isn't going to fix anything or impress anyone.
User avatar #25 - charredenay (02/22/2014) [-]
Only he didn't really ask her out, he just said something clever on her tumblr. And it's not about her saying 'no' it's about how she said it. All I ask is that people take the most considerate course of action that fits their needs. Don't want to go out with me? That's fine. Just don't be a douche about it.
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#299 - anonymous (11/04/2014) [-]
( ͡° ʖ ͡°)
User avatar #267 - breastestvillainy (02/12/2014) [-]
Comment #6. That should end it for ya
#181 - anonymous (02/11/2014) [-]
where does that character come from???
User avatar #182 - charredenay (02/11/2014) [-]
Spirited Away
#22 - Cunt. 02/08/2014 on can you do it? 0
#1 - Oh god. It's back. 01/31/2014 on Taste of /b/ +2
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#4 - Picture 01/28/2014 on huh +4
#32 - <every convict's fw "He's too sexy to be in jail." 01/27/2014 on ITS TIME TO FEEL PAIN BOYS +1
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#7 - While I agree that the characters he plays usually feel like t…  [+] (13 new replies) 01/20/2014 on Michael Cera -79
#114 - tisjunkisdamnfunny has deleted their comment.
User avatar #113 - ThatAnnoyingKid (01/20/2014) [-]
you do realize all of his "freak-outs" are fake, right?
User avatar #74 - mayihavecaps (01/20/2014) [-]
Michael Cera flips out on director You talking about this?
User avatar #22 - ScottP (01/20/2014) [-]
Are you talking about that one that they staged? There was a Michael Cera freakout on youtube that was supposed to be a parody of Bale's freakout
User avatar #15 - revanmal (01/20/2014) [-]
Prima donna. It means "most important lady."

Not pre-madonna. That means "before the Virgin Mary."
User avatar #185 - twofreegerbils (01/21/2014) [-]
Don't be so autistic, for all intensive porpoises what he said works.

But I get why you had to mention it, it's a doggy dog world out there, and posts like his are a diamond dozen.
#186 - gorilladinn (01/21/2014) [-]
User avatar #151 - admiralen (01/20/2014) [-]
or maybe it means before madonna got famous, several right answers
User avatar #159 - isenseven (01/20/2014) [-]
Absolutely not.
User avatar #176 - admiralen (01/21/2014) [-]
i was making jest...
User avatar #177 - isenseven (01/21/2014) [-]
You don't pull that shit on the internet.
User avatar #178 - admiralen (01/21/2014) [-]
i wont make any jokes again, the internet clearly isnt the place for amusement
User avatar #16 - kanduhuskedetder (01/20/2014) [-]
I actually only just realized that "Prima Donna" literally means "First Lady".
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