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#87 - Oh, fair enough. I was unaware of that.  [+] (1 reply) 08/05/2015 on Hitchbot murdered and left... +1
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#88 - StinkyCheese (08/05/2015) [-]
Yeah, I think they posted their videos after you made the comment.
#47 - Actually, it looks to be some white guy in a jersey. There's s…  [+] (4 replies) 08/04/2015 on Hitchbot murdered and left... -2
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#86 - StinkyCheese (08/05/2015) [-]
I found something while browsing through my youtube subscriptions. It looks like edbassmaster and the PrankvsPrank guy set it up. Just wanted to come back and tell you. Still thumbing you up, though.
#87 - cattaneo (08/05/2015) [-]
Oh, fair enough. I was unaware of that.
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#88 - StinkyCheese (08/05/2015) [-]
Yeah, I think they posted their videos after you made the comment.
#73 - anon (08/05/2015) [-]
it was a black in disguise.
#26 - Well, she used to. In the new ones, now that Joker is kill. no…  [+] (1 reply) 07/26/2015 on What were you before this? 0
#33 - cattaneo (07/26/2015) [-]
She's in a crime fighting group now if I'm (wikipedia) isn't mistaken
#41 - Anyone got source on that image. I've been tryi…  [+] (3 replies) 07/15/2015 on When you rank up. +1
#154 - thechosentroll (07/16/2015) [-]
Sup? Got summed by the guy below. Actually, her name is Fran Madaraki. The mangas' name is Franken Fran. Short version of the story: Once upon a time, in the far away lands of ching chong, there lived a surgeon called dr. Madaraki. Fucker was good. So good he could casually bring back the dead, manipulate the genetic structure of people to turn them into monsters and sow muscle and organs together to make new creatures. Occasionally, he sows together some "spare parts" to make himself new assistants to help with his work. One of these assistants is Fran, who helps out with surgery and is almost as good as he is. She watches his lab while he's gone (which is always, since we never actually see the guy) and deals with the patients who come to them, looking for surgery no one else on the planet could perform.

From there it turns into a series of short stories about the different patients, who always get more than they bargained for, some fucked up shit happens, some REALLY fucked up shit happens, a giant tumor gets arrested for homicide, the cockroaches in their basement form their own little society, complete with tiny skyscrapers, a sea monster gets molested by whales, a bunch of people get superpowers, the only reoccurring character (police officer shown in the bottom left) needs about 700 years of therapy after the shit they see and a lot more fucked up shit happens. Great read. Just be warned, it's a seinen, which means there's gore and anime manga tiddies. Especially the gore. Good god, there is so much glorious hyperdetailed gore. Also, the first 5-10 chapters are likely to mentally scar you for life. After that point, it becomes pretty silly. If you decide to read it, please tell me what you think after reading chapter 2. I love seeing peoples' reactions to that one.

Link: bato.to/read/_/29610/franken-fran_v1_ch1_by_snoopycool
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#88 - synchron (07/16/2015) [-]
Her name is Franken Fran or something. thechosentroll knows a lot about her
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#58 - matik (07/16/2015) [-]
I think it has something to do with soul eater. We did have a themed account based around that character in particular.. wonder what happened to him
#95 - Dank. 07/15/2015 on For Iwata 0
#91 - where is that from? I've been seeing it all over recently  [+] (2 replies) 07/14/2015 on For Iwata 0
#94 - playerpants (07/15/2015) [-]
Found it! Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai I actually didn't know off the top of my head, so I typed in "blonde anime girl with blue butterfly in her hair" and vola!
#95 - cattaneo (07/15/2015) [-]
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