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#106 - I want that video to have my baby 05/25/2015 on The Rock 0
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User avatar #245 - catburglarpenis (05/24/2015) [-]
I just checked in on this thread. What hath I wrought?!

Why do I always get thumbed down when I post something that requires a quick wiki look up? Do I also have to post my explanation for the lazies?! That's what TL;DR Wiki is for!
User avatar #110 - somuchfreedom (05/24/2015) [-]
are you a male who enjoys sex with other men exclusivley? then you are gay. are you a woman who enjoys sex with other women exclusivley? then you are gay. trans and the slew of imaginary genders and sexualities of people make up such a small percentage they are hardly worth mentioning, and I am not sure where they place bisexuals
User avatar #136 - thebabykamina (05/24/2015) [-]
there is a world outside of tumblr, the idea that sexuality is more grey than black and white predates the slew of random fucker that site has produced.

To be honest your comment makes me extremely fucking sad, cause it kinda nails home the fact that the idea of sexual identity being more than girl/girl girl/boy boy/boy , has been pretty much shitstained by a generation of teenagers and really loud obnoxious twats in phases.
User avatar #206 - somuchfreedom (05/24/2015) [-]
i guess i would need you to explain what you mean more, I can't tell if you disagree or agree with me, or a little of both
User avatar #235 - thebabykamina (05/24/2015) [-]
Its a bit of both i guess.
Your sweeping statment of ''imaginary genders and sexualities'' is kinda true when you take into account how sexuality has been perpetrated online over the last few years, very much a case of little suzy realizing at 13 that if she tells people shes Bi she gets attention and feel unique, and then little steve seeing that and wondering how to one up the bitch.

But the issue is these little fuckers on tumblr are a living parody of sexualitys that do exist , people who by all means should identify as pansexual, trans or just a bit on the queer side can no longer be taken seriously. And in worse cases when its younger people trying to workout who they are and what they are into its next to impossible to google down any niche group without being bombarded by bullshit.

Like you say these groups make up such a small percentage that they are hardly worth mentioning and i make you right when it concerns the demisexual trans penguins or tumblr,
but its very much the case that there are real people in the real world who like both boys and girls for their individual quality's (Bisexuals), people who enjoys sex in general regardless of genders or sexual organs (pansexuals), people who feel no sexual attraction to others at all (Asexuals)
And i think its paramount that people address these as very much real things that do occur and that its totally cool to be any of them and that people should be putting more effort into educating and understanding these things rather then demonizing and ostracizing them based on the actions and vocalizations of an ignorant mass of twats on the internet
User avatar #238 - somuchfreedom (05/24/2015) [-]
I see. Thank you for clearing that up, but I do stick by what I said that I really do not see pansexual as being a seperate sexual orientation as much as a bisexual person who is simply not picky. I would maybe be willing to believe it as its own entity if I recognized that there were more than 2 genders which I don't but even if that person is trans, they are still one or the other.
User avatar #241 - thebabykamina (05/24/2015) [-]
Yea i see what you mean, its a very conceptual type of sexuality. With their being no real difference physically between what would a bisexual wanna fuck, im just spouting how it was explained to me from people who live that lifestyle (irl REAL humans)
The difference between pansexuals and bi sexuals may be as simple as the hypothetical 3rd gender you mentioned or for some people its more a case of the fact that tehy themselves are not attracted to either sex based on the fact that they are infact male or female. Rather they just find themselves attracted to people regardless of their gender, as opposed to a bisexual who finds themselves sexually attracted to males and females.

Another way to explain it would be to simply take how a straight male finds the opposite gender attractive, Small waist, big butts, nice tits, a feminine frame and (probably most importantly for the definition of hetero to stick) a vagina. All of these are variable on personal preference obvcourse.

Now take that attraction and flip it for a homosexual male, big dicks, muscles, bubble butts. They find their own sex and gender sexually attractive, being that they find males sexual attractive.

For a bisexual its really as simple as taking those two and slapping them together in one person. They find girls sexualy appealing the same way a straight man would, and find men appealing in the same way a gay man would and those two sexual tendency's just happily live in tandem together

To describe a pansexual its not as simple very much due to the fact that by definition their sexuality has to be all encompassing and when mixing femminie beauty and masculine handsomeness , taking into account for personal preference, taste and circumstance. It becomes near impossible to nail down an absolute definition of it.

User avatar #242 - somuchfreedom (05/24/2015) [-]
interesting explanation
User avatar #243 - thebabykamina (05/24/2015) [-]
Yea, its an interesting subject. At the end of the day it just comes down to labeling people based on who they wanna fuck and why.
Humans habitually categorize everything and it gets kinda messy with sex cause there are so many variations, everyone likes different stuff.

For me differentiating between Bisexual and Pansexual is as redundant as if straight men started to give themselves different labels based on whether or not they was an Ass man or a Boobs man.
But that's not to say its necessary to sweep one under the rug like its just a made up thing, rather its just a case of two words what describe basically the same thing. If a person feels pansexual is a better descriptor of their personal sexuality rather then the black and white Bisexual, then by all means identify yourself as that.
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I just took your profile comment virginity.
I just took your profile comment virginity.
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Now I feel all dirty mmmmmm...
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This bra intrigues me.
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