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#32 - Canadian here, just so you know. I prefer Trump, if f…  [+] (2 replies) 10/20/2016 on Mexico on the Election +2
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#38 - sultansofswagg (10/20/2016) [-]
Yeah I should have mentioned I am also Canadian and I'm not too worried about the result.
I agree that trump is by far a better leader in every aspect of what a president needs to be, but he reminds me of a Hitler. Where hillary would be the first female president blah blah blah and just be a puppet until the next election. <- which i feel is a safer bet hen trump

#69 - anon (10/21/2016) [-]
You're actually arguing that a puppet of this man and many others like him is a "Safe bet"? Hell, even if that was true, which it's not in the slightest, why would you want us to be a slave TO THEM, to have the people RULED by sociopaths like this man? Because you're scared of free people making free decisions?

I used to think about visiting Canada, but reading all these canadian posts like this are making me rethink it. Something tells me I'd hate the people there. If a man doesn't desire to be unshackled, I don't think it's fair to call such a thing a man at all. Man has spirit indomitable. Only livestock desires to be caged.
#17 - Hey guys, wanna read something? Writt…  [+] (48 replies) 10/20/2016 on Mexico on the Election +70
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#102 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
I just don't understand why the 1950s were the perfect years for racial expression of countries. As long as USA and Canada are mostly white, you're fine? Why? As for the graphic, China has overruled Tibet as a government. Non-whites from outside of USA and Canada (I'm assuming it's relatively similar with other "white" countries) come on their own accord. Americans seem to blow up their illegal immigrant issues and turn it into a race issue. Why not just give harsh fees to people who hire illegal immigrants? There goes the will to risk hiring such people.

Also, I went on a road trip through the US last year. There are so many jobs available. Like we saw at least a couple hundred part time job postings. Why don't people who complain about others taking jobs get a couple of these apparently abundant jobs and work with (rather than against) Obamacare? I swear the poorest people stick up for the rich man more than themselves.

Last point. Multiculturalism is something many people celebrate in Canada. Diverse perspectives, cultures, and genes make our country strong. We have people from eastern Europe who have more conservative, rich-supporting conservative beliefs than an American republican, homophobic Africans, hippy Brits, and everything else you could ask for. It's something many (though not all) of us celebrate and it's become a cultural thing. It hasn't in China/Tibet. That's the major difference. People here want it.
#103 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Are you sure that Canadians celebrate diversity? I'm Canadian, I certainly don't, and I know of few people who do that aren't non-white themselves.

I'm not happy that I become a minority when I go down to Toronto. I'm not happy that worldwide our countries are becoming less and less for us, and more and more for everyone but us. Tell me, who do you find in India? Indians, right? Now go to London, or even Britain in general. Who do you find? Fuck-tons of Indians, maybe half of the people you meet are even white, let alone British.

I know there's plenty of jobs, that's not something I even care about. I care about the ethnic makeup of my society, and how its shifting to wipe me out and replace me. Because at this point, it is a race issue. It is a matter of preservation of an entire race, let alone the ethnic groups within.

Go ahead, call me dramatic, already 50% of the births in America are non-white, immigration just makes it worse. Soon, whites will be in such a minority that we will have no home left. Then extinction is all that awaits. I would argue the same points if it was Chinese being replaced by Africans, or even Native Americans, but its too late for that really. Which is what's going to happen to us.

Whites in Canada will be a minority in less than 30 years, because we take in 300,000 immigrants per year, most of which are Indian and Chinese. They have their homes, where the hell is mine? If I could move back to Europe when it all goes to shit here, I would, but even Europe is falling into the same suicidal trap, only Eastern Europe is smart enough not to kill itself it seems.
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#104 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
How do we go extinct? You know white people can breed with other people, right? I don't really empathize with anyone worried about the racial makeup (which is exactly what you meant when you tried to make it look nicer calling it an "ethnic" makeup) of a country, especially when it comes to places like Canada and the US where whites have only been around for a few hundred years and where whites actively went out and brought non-whites to the continent. I realize you didn't personally do it, but it still happened and it's the world you were born into.

On top of that, the colour of someone's skin shouldn't make a difference to anything other than the diversity they can offer to their society. In other words, as long as there's room and people want to come here, let them come here.

Also, I love how the image you posted from a poor source shows that less than 50% of people think there are too many immigrants and visible minorities, yet you still ask if I'm sure Canadians celebrate diversity.
#110 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
I see a future where you will never again, see a European, never again see anyone even remotely like me, or such, ever again. Extinction.
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#112 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
He's posting a lot. That means he has a point.
#115 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
An entire subset of humanity, gone, because of people like you.

Of course the Africans would be fine with this, they're dominant genetically, they even beat the Asians eventually.
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#117 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
Weird. I didn't know there was a competition for looks. Does that mean they can't learn from their white parents either? Shit, I better go warn Jamesmal.
#119 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Do these look like those mixed abominations to you? Don't you see what people like you destroy?
#121 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
#124 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]

She's tan you fruit.
#127 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
So am I. Am I not white? What about Trump?
#131 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
This fellow is what national geographic figures we will look like in the future, about 300 years. This is based on current racial mix of the U.S. You forget to account that globally, whites are only 10% of the global human population, and dropping. This means, that our traits will simply be crushed by the sheer number of people without our traits, since Europeans are recessive.

The Asians will be fine as long as they stay xenophobic, and I salute them for it. There's a mixed asian/white guy in my class, he looks fucked, his eyes are just... not right. Like Keanu Reeves but, wrong somehow.
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#132 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
lol Understood. Breed with the Africans so we don't have ugly babies.
#134 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Someone doesn't understand the word ugly if you think that.
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#135 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
lol Speaking of looking at averages, let look at an abnormal mix!
#137 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Or do I need to spit out more ugly cunts for you to see that we have no place in the future because of people like you.

Every other race will survive, because they mix with us, while leaving the stock back home.
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#139 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
You realize mulatto people don't look black to black people, right?
#140 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Every other race will survive, because they mix with us, while leaving the stock back home.
#136 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
I'm pulling this mutants straight from National Geographic's article.
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#138 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
You realize saying National Geographic a bunch of times doesn't make your view any more appealing to me, right? Like I get it. Physical traits of humans will change. It's part of evolution. It's all good. I'm more concerned about getting hung up on unimportant things like physical looks as we evolve.
#141 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
You live in the age of information, you have no reason to be ignorant.
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#142 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
Neither do you.
#143 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Then what makes me ignorant? I feel quite knowledgeable, at least about this subject. I know that if it stays the current course, you will never see whites again in 300 or less years. I know that everyone else will survive, and what will be left is those mixed people. And who will be left for them? More mixed people, and the stock of blacks, asians, and so on. So, if that continues, white genes will disappear more, and more, and then they will be gone totally.
#129 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Of course he's white, would you call that a tan? That's the equivalent of me getting hot and turning red. Or maybe he spray tans, idk.

Its a shame he's not more about killing immigration entirely, but that's what happens when you lose control of your country.

Also, I checked up on that pic, that is the most flattering picture of that girl that exists. Her nose is doctored, and her freckles are not that noticable.

You may also notice, that she has dark eyes, and dark hair? Blonde and blue eyes don't exactly win when mixing happens. She should be glad she was lucky enough to have straight/wavy hair, as opposed to that curly coarse stuff Africans have.

Moving on, you got a lucky mix, lets have a look at the average shall we?
#108 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
I see a future where my entire goddamn race was wiped out. A future where all that's left is Filipinos, Africans, and the Hispanics.
#111 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
Yours genes would live on. Your knowledge and influence will live on. Your skin colour won't. Boo hoo!
#113 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
My genes are recessive you great tart. Look at all these people, see what they have in common? Not a single one looks remotely European, none of them.
#116 - carlonord has deleted their comment.
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#114 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
They look like they're... sort of European... Like half European and half African or something...
#118 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
I don't think you know what a European looks like, let me remind you, maybe you should get out of Mexico some time, or maybe the shithole that is Toronto.
#120 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
Like this beautiful man?
#122 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Absolutely. We have an identity, we have a right to existence.
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#123 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
Yeah, that's what voting, lobbying, and consent laws are for. I just don't share your values, so I'll love whoever I want to love.
#125 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Oh you can love whoever you want, but you'd best be going to other countries if you want a different race or ethnicity. This has no place being in Canada, at least in large groups. That's why we have countries in the first place.
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#126 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
Weird. According to your source, over half of the country disagrees with you.
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#128 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Number is rising, course the numeber will go down when the non-whites outnumber us. Then, we'll have no control over the country anymore. And eventually we'll become like the Native Americans.

You also need to adjust for percentage, 20% of Canada is not white. So that means that 60% of whites think there's too many non-whites.
User avatar
#130 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
You also have to adjust for where they took the survey compared to the diverse makeup of the rest of the country. There are likely a bunch of other factors we aren't mentioning. And to find out the actual percentage of what whites think, you would have to have a survey that isn't anonymous because you can't assume that other visible minorities don't feel the same way as others. I know some Africans in Canada who hate North American black culture. They get called "white washed" by black people born here because they're educated and are more into Drake than gangsta rap. lol

Also, this country doesn't belong to whites. We don't own it.
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#133 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
True, I've met a good number of people who aren't white who tell me I'm going to die off, and that they're concerned for me. Met some Chinese international students that hate Toronto, why? Too many Chinese.

And yes, it does belong to the whites, we founded it you tosser. But It'll belong to the fucking chinese hybids eventaully ,assumign we don't fix that problem.
#107 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
I see a future where I am gone.
#106 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
Do you see what I see?
#109 - richardastley (10/21/2016) [-]
Yeah, a human. A member of my species. Same as this guy, just from a different land.

He takin' yo gurl, cuh!
#105 - carlonord (10/21/2016) [-]
This picture is how we go extinct. Drake is mixed, black and white. Would you ever, in a trillion years, ever call him white? Race is a hell of a lot more than skin colour, and if you think that's all it is, you need to pick up a biology book, and go have a chat with national geographic.
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#87 - thevsamovies (10/21/2016) [-]
Lmao, calling whites not being the majority in london "the worst race crime in history" yet, white people literally obliterated the native american population. Well said.
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#81 - derpthefifth (10/21/2016) [-]
Man i love you people.... it'd be funny if it weren't as sad as it is.

You're actually so racist you equate diversity to genocide... Like, you're assuming that racial co-habitation means all the other races will just be unable to keep their savagery in check and they'll slaughter all the white people? What, so white people will be a minority eventually? WHO THE FUCK CARES? The only hang-up is the division of resources on which count we're fucked anyway because our surplus of everything is put behind a paywall. Well yeah we could just give people the extra Nikes, but instead we gotta cut the backs out before they get thrown away so nobody who could use those shoes can use those shoes without paying the absurd 50$ for 'em.

Now ima go wait for the influx of red thumbs from people who disagree, but don't know how to do it without hitting me with reds or name calling.
#70 - orobas (10/21/2016) [-]
Since when was the U.S./Canada/Australia white countries?

#30 - anon (10/20/2016) [-]
Of course we care, we are citizens of a country so we can relate. Don't die on us please, fight till the last drop of blood.
#24 - anon (10/20/2016) [-]
youre probably the type of person who has one black friend and whose parents shit talk minorities
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#19 - infinitereaper (10/20/2016) [-]
this is important, and ironically I'm utterly non white
#16 - Its cultural. Seriously though, if we don't club…  [+] (3 replies) 10/20/2016 on Mei Photo Time +3
#17 - jacksipian (10/20/2016) [-]
How about instead of clubbing them, you take them to the club?
#28 - bluboyrulez (10/20/2016) [-]
~Nice vid.
#25 - anon (10/20/2016) [-]
No, their fates are sealed
#112 - I try to bud, but I look at what's going on with the west ,mas…  [+] (1 reply) 10/20/2016 on Period 0
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#113 - lean (10/20/2016) [-]
One caveat-
People to me infers civility. many so called refugees lack even basic human decency, so they don't qualify. All life is only as equal as the standards to which they hold themselves.
#53 - Picture 10/20/2016 on Poor Kids +5
#15 - Americans, this is your chance, get involved, the world watches.  [+] (5 replies) 10/20/2016 on STOP SOROS VOTER FRUAD +150
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#82 - ashesllashes (10/20/2016) [-]
if you can do an American accent, you could start calling.
#149 - agilewhisk (10/21/2016) [-]
America houses so many different cultures i dont think it would matter as long as you can speak English.
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#83 - carlonord (10/20/2016) [-]
Canadian, so close, but I sound like an autistic Irishman with my bastardized accent. My American friends say I always sound Canadian no matter how hard I've tried, and the Ehs give me away.
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#44 - SoraDono (10/20/2016) [-]
I wish I was a US citizen for this time alone at least so that I could help out.
#49 - estubean (10/20/2016) [-]
**estubean used "*roll picture*"**
**estubean rolled image**same dude
#103 - When I was a kid, I used to be extremely liberal, and was almo…  [+] (3 replies) 10/20/2016 on Period 0
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#111 - lean (10/20/2016) [-]
I am nowhere near racist. I value people based on their individual merits. I would be labelled a racist by the regressive left because I refuse to apologize for the so called "white history" and because I don't believe someone's skin color precludes them to special rights within an equal society.
#112 - carlonord (10/20/2016) [-]
I try to bud, but I look at what's going on with the west ,mass immigration that threatens an entire race, and every ethnic group in it, idk. I'm polite and nice on an individual level, but I'd be a liar if I said I didn't have a problem on a larger, demographic scale.
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#113 - lean (10/20/2016) [-]
One caveat-
People to me infers civility. many so called refugees lack even basic human decency, so they don't qualify. All life is only as equal as the standards to which they hold themselves.