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#57 - I have it installed just to screw around in, runs too badly fo… 07/07/2016 on kickstarter 0
#54 - >Be Star Citizen backer >Hype >Get bored, ign…  [+] (8 new replies) 07/07/2016 on kickstarter +2
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#115 - malacrianza (07/09/2016) [-]
The main problem I see with Star Citizen is that it's taking so long, that it's probably going to be outdated the moment it launches. I sure hope to be wrong, I backed that shit around 3-4 years ago.

Also, why the fuck does every patch to the demo has to make me redownload the whole thing from the start? Get your head together, CIG.
#116 - carlonord (07/09/2016) [-]
Every game is outdated by launch, except things like CoD which are basically copy-pasted every two years.

May I remind you that the dev cycle for Elite was over a decade? If you wanna bitch about slow, look at that! Even I don't feel that length of time justifies the content in the game.
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#118 - malacrianza (07/09/2016) [-]
I don't think that being in development hell really counts as "development time".
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#119 - carlonord (07/09/2016) [-]
It's just the chart I've got, but ya true.
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#117 - carlonord (07/09/2016) [-]
Also, this chart assumes development started in 2011, which it didn't. CIG spent almost a year just building the company after kickstarter, so most of 2012 doesn't count.

Plus, CIG confirmed themselves that everything that was shown in the original kickstarter were just models that they didn't even have, or were totally unfit for the game.
#56 - parman (07/07/2016) [-]
That trailer with proceduraly generated planet is what hyped me into backing. Downloaded the game just as public alpha (or whatever they called it) was released. Played a bit with a friend around Port Olisar. Gor bored. Uninstalled.

Waiting for new updates since then. Still I believe SC is gonna be great.
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#58 - carlonord (07/07/2016) [-]
Oh, and Roberts stated that the planets, a new landing zone, and the game's first jump point will be coming in or around update 2.7, which if they stick to the monthly schedule, would land shortly after Gamescom, which CIG has been dropping not-so-subtle hints that everyone should tune in to watch what they have to show there.
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#57 - carlonord (07/07/2016) [-]
I have it installed just to screw around in, runs too badly for me to get in to it, and hackers are an issue. I worry that Roberts will make things difficult for the sake of immersion, but I like their new "Inner Thought" system for actions instead of the USE button. It's basically a fancy name for a scroll-wheel menu, like what you have in Arma 2 and 3.

It's the game I'm itching for most, desperately trying to fill the void, so I bought Cheeki Breeki simulator and have been squatting ever since.
#3 - Save me. 07/07/2016 on SOMEONE PLEASE HELP... 0
#4 - I was testing my mods to see if they were gunna break the game… 07/07/2016 on Codsworth can now say 300... +7
#14 - Lost it when I was 15, you're not missing out on much, embrace…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/07/2016 on he`s losing it tonight +13
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#17 - commissarcrunch (07/07/2016) [-]
huh, sounds good.
#48 - song plz?  [+] (2 new replies) 07/06/2016 on Anon fixes a cd-player 0
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#51 - welliguessitsaname (07/07/2016) [-]
La Valse d'Amelie*
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#50 - welliguessitsaname (07/07/2016) [-]
L'Valse de Amelie, if I remember correctly
#57 - Introverts still get lonely, no one wants to be permanently al… 07/06/2016 on Introverts 0
#14 - KSP mentioned, swell with extreme butt clenching while your ro… 07/06/2016 on KSP +1
#104 - It's completely feasible, problem is, it would require mass de…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/06/2016 on SJW comp: master of... +1
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#190 - tanuith (07/06/2016) [-]
Yeah Trudeau is just a sock puppet leader for the progressivism cult. I'm glad I didn't vote for him
#11 - God help us then. 07/06/2016 on /pol/ dates a black girl +2