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#377 - It's not mainstream yet. Just look at other sites like slashdo…  [+] (1 reply) 11/27/2016 on White Supremacist frees... 0
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#378 - ljxjlos (11/27/2016) [-]
>to be right

yeah, no. Extreme liberalism is retarded, but right-wing conservatism isn´t better. And actual right-wing movements gaining popularity again should frighten just about everyone who isn´t retarded enough to vote for them.
#107 - If you can't see the bigger picture because of one word, you d…  [+] (1 reply) 11/20/2016 on canadian politics 0
#260 - anon (11/21/2016) [-]
If you back a speech that uses the word fart to make a point you shouldnt be allowed to vote you cock monger
#168 - Picture 11/19/2016 on no survivors +36
#167 - I get that a lot of people can be Muslim and still be a human-…  [+] (2 replies) 11/19/2016 on no survivors +2
#241 - anon (11/19/2016) [-]
funny thing about that picture is that all these terrorist organizations hate EACHOTHER to various degrees. If they would have "misunderstand" islam exactly the same way they would have loved eachother but they don't. they are terrorist organizations in a crisis region and they look out for themselves and nothing more. islam just happens to be the common component in these regions, so it is easy to use and indoctrinate more people with.

And if you looked closer at the history of these organizations one might find that a lot of them were either trained, funded or somewhat founded by foreign institutes like the CIA. Don't get me wrong, i am not saying "death to america". My point is you can't just give uneducated people weapons, radicalize them, indoctrinate them you know tell them "THEY" are trying to steal your land/oil/people/whatever in a region that was shit already and expect a positive outcome.

This is neither islams nor muslims fault.
This is done by humans for human gains. Some of which are named Abu iBn-Jafari and lead the Terrorist organization number 4 and some are called John Smith and work for CIA or Exxon.
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#272 - cabbagemayhem (11/20/2016) [-]
"If they would have "misunderstand" islam exactly the same way they would have loved eachother"

That logic doesn't stand. If the ideology teaches them to behead anyone who believes differently, it makes perfect sense that different denominations will kill each other over frivolous differences.

"You will know my people by their love for one another."
- Jesus

There are plenty of belief systems where even their own people don't get along with each other -- but none more than Islam.