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Bulletone909 (Bullet-one-nine-oh-nine)
I'm the kinda person who likes to make people laugh. I'm a fun person, I'm easily relatable, and very easy to get along with. I hate assholes, so don't be one. It's unnecessary.

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    straight jacket straight jacket
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    This is what I think you are. This is what I think you are.
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    Not even a one. Not even a one.
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    Team Rocket too damn high Team Rocket too damn high
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    Hello Hello
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    Examples Examples
First2[ 10 ]
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    GameShop GameShop
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    Textually Active Textually Active
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    You ain't got no pancake mix! You ain't got no pancake mix!
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    Scary ghosts Scary ghosts
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    Meet the Kaiba. Meet the Kaiba.
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    Vageta's freakout Vageta's freakout

latest user's comments

#86 - Jiggle physics 07/28/2015 on (untitled) +1
#4 - Skyrim NPC Text? Skyrim NPC Text. >Be 80 something y.o.…  [+] (16 replies) 07/17/2015 on Dragonborn +185
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#42 - aizeinstein (07/17/2015) [-]
I became the head of College of Winterhold with just Candlelight and one more spell I think. I was a fully equipped, heavy armor wearing, two-handed axe wielding stupid Nord.
Kinda like "They told me I could be anything..." stories. I think shit like this could make funny series.
"He's become the state's best magic school's head, just at the tender age of 22, but he has a terrible secret... he's actually a moron!"
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#51 - fuzzysixx (07/17/2015) [-]
I became the master knowing only 2 healing spells and using a 2 handed hammer. I always play a ret paladin no matter the game. It was glorious.
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#6 - hoodini (07/17/2015) [-]
Is casting muffle a bunch of times a legit fast way to increase I'm assuming here your illusion magic? I ask because I have been meaning to do a magic playthough with a school other than destruction, but whenever I try I get get bored and do something else. If you reply I'll tell you a way of increasing your sneak skill to 100 in less than an hour.
User avatar
#43 - Thehappyemu (07/17/2015) [-]
Muffle is good for illusion. I ran for hours in whiterun just casting it and oakflesg for alteration. For conjuration I cast and uncast bound swords and ran circles around a troll for an hour.
User avatar
#23 - juter (07/17/2015) [-]
cast courage in cities to boost Alt, muffle for illusion
User avatar
#21 - moorgar (07/17/2015) [-]
i leveld up some spells by taking two different spells, fix the two shoulder buttons on my controller and leaving the controller like that for a half hour.

you can max one of the magics by crafting a armor that reduced mana needed to 0 and use telikinese on something and than fast travel to the other side of the map, maxed out in the blink of an eye
#24 - anon (07/17/2015) [-]
User avatar
#25 - moorgar (07/17/2015) [-]
what kind of fucking casual do you take me for, i got a xbox 360 controller for my pc
#11 - anon (07/17/2015) [-]
if you're willing to try out an alteration mage, I suggest you grind using telekinesis, and once you get to an expert level, paralysis.
Also, alteration is defensive in vanilla skrim(I modded the fuck out of it and became a druid), so I'd suggest using another school of magic, or even use one handed for your offense. I made a character who had: Two wrathmen/dremora lords at any time, at least 50% resistance to magicka, spammable paralysis spell, secondary skills were healing, enchanting, and one handed. I put a soul trap enchantment on for 1 second(try it with the black star in your inventory).
Also, if you want to grind conjuration, spam soul trap on a dead body.

As for the race, I went full anti-mage and pulled off a Breton with the atronach stone. You don't need atronach stone, i just felt like changing up my playstyle.
#27 - anon (07/17/2015) [-]
Or a crowded area with detect life and fortify alteration. Tape the triggers/mouse down and go watch TV or something.
User avatar
#12 - hoodini (07/17/2015) [-]
Seeing how I play on Xbox one day, PC, one day playing vanilla won't be a problem, but I'm definitely try some of these methods on my next playthrough.
User avatar
#7 - afaik (07/17/2015) [-]
Yes, each cast of muffle gives you experience towards its school. In general it works with spells that dont require a target.
User avatar
#8 - hoodini (07/17/2015) [-]
Thanks, I'll try that next time I do a magic playthough. As for the sneak increase, just go to high hrothgar and back stab the greybeards, because for some reason they don't attack you plus they can never die so you can just rack up a ton of xp in a short amount of time.
#9 - afaik (07/17/2015) [-]
User avatar
#10 - hoodini (07/17/2015) [-]
Oh and one more thing, don't try to pickpocket them they will attack you if you get caught. kind of funny how they let you put a dagger into their backs over and over again, but the second they catch you stealing an apple from their robes, they'll shout you to pieces.
#5 - Koreawontletmefap (07/17/2015) [-]
#38 - Ta-Da 07/22/2014 on Read desc. +6
#13 - Oh my god it's Ethan Hawke!  [+] (2 replies) 04/26/2014 on Fastest man in the world +12
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#28 - notnewaccount (04/26/2014) [-]
Oh, my god! It's Jackie Chan!
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#14 - Hawke (04/26/2014) [-]