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#29 - That was the best description of LoL I've ever read. 01/19/2014 on I actually like playing... 0
#2 - I like playing support in LoL. I die sometimes, sure, but my d…  [+] (6 new replies) 01/19/2014 on I actually like playing... 0
User avatar #3 - mulk (01/19/2014) [-]
supports are like batman, they are the silent protector that saves the team. think about it like a movie doing a bank heist:

the top lane: the brawns of the operation, mafia man that beats everything to pulp

mid lane: ap bursty mage, stuck up 'crat that gets the money and funds the op

jungler: handy man, the guy who makes sure each lane runs smoothly, behind the scenes

adc: the guns of the op, shoot and gun, everyones hero, but about as dumb as bread

whats missing? oh yea... the guy who makes it all come together, the person who organises each lane, seen as a nobdoy, but in the thick of things, comes through with crazy plays, keeping everyone alive and well and dominating.

everyonr elese has glory, but he is the real hero. the support.
User avatar #29 - bubblefoxee (01/19/2014) [-]
That was the best description of LoL I've ever read.
#4 - thechosentroll (01/19/2014) [-]
And then there's me, playing support Ziggs, because FUCK YOUR META! Just throwin bombs and shit at everything that moves, making sure that one guy who escaped the gank doesn't survive too long, laughing like a maniacal gerbil the whole time. That sort of thing. You don't have to be the silent martyr to be a support. Sometimes causing pain to the enemy is just as effective as healing your own carry. Plus, it gets easier kills. Everyone wins and I don't get stuck playing Soraka again.
User avatar #13 - mulk (01/19/2014) [-]
i was actually talking about thresh lol, i hate those standby supports who heal and give mana and cant do shit when ganked lol
User avatar #30 - bubblefoxee (01/19/2014) [-]
Are you implying Soraka can't do shit in gangs? Who makes sure the mage has mana? Who heals the shit out of everyone? Who does magic damage every 2 seconds? Soraka does. Do not underestimate the unicorn-lady.
User avatar #31 - mulk (01/19/2014) [-]
meh, me so horny
#79 - A bedside-heater. My ass is hot. 12/11/2013 on dat ass -1
#89 - Teleportation. No longer will I miss the buss. 12/04/2013 on pick one -1
#64 - How brave you are for running from your problems instead of en… 12/01/2013 on this post pissed me off a lot -1
#44 - Nah, they did that other places. 12/01/2013 on Good Guys Vikings -1
#37 - To think something and to act on something is not the same thing. 11/28/2013 on Deep Vidya quotes -1
#295 - Picture 11/28/2013 on I'll start +4
#37 - James and the giant peach. 11/18/2013 on Poop -1
#152 - Denmark is the red one with the white cross. 11/07/2013 on Part of the Gang 0
#180 - Gollum's gonna bite it off. 10/24/2013 on an unexpected angry lil fella -2
#204 - Sauce? Who is the cosplayer? Link to her page? 10/08/2013 on Titan Cosplay -4
#89 - Thank you. 10/04/2013 on Teh feels -3
#87 - May be I'm just an uncultured snort, but I don't remember the …  [+] (2 new replies) 10/04/2013 on Teh feels -2
User avatar #88 - bakinboy (10/04/2013) [-]
its from the first movie when he fights scarecrow. he uses some spray on batman that makes them have nightmarish hallucinations and makes most people go insane.
User avatar #89 - bubblefoxee (10/04/2013) [-]
Thank you.
#44 - I like this kind of animation. 09/27/2013 on I thought it was cool -2
#16 - Why do people freak out about cookies? It's not difficult to m…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/23/2013 on Really Neat -1
User avatar #22 - luthervonappledorf (09/23/2013) [-]
It's okay. It looks fairly cool but knowing how it's done really diminishes it.

My friend did a fairly similar shoot for a minor college project. It's just about placement and lighting and a bit of fiddly editing.
#141 - TWO sticks. 09/12/2013 on Humans are badass 0
#140 - Nice summary. 09/12/2013 on Humans are badass -3
#6 - Why did you have to tell us about the fonts? You got me at that one. 09/11/2013 on The OCD test -3
#45 - I like this poem. It's a nice poem. 09/11/2013 on 2am feels -4
#143 - It is a touching story, but I honestly think it is to slow. At… 09/10/2013 on your suicide -5
#2 - My girlfriend tries to kill everything in every game. As if th…  [+] (2 new replies) 09/07/2013 on Woof woof +2
User avatar #4 - TheMather (09/08/2013) [-]
My dad does that too. I tried to show him New Vegas; he shot everything in sight until he got to Mojave Outpost and I told him attacking the NCR would be a bad idea, he then proceeded to shoot the bottles in the bar for 30 minutes.
User avatar #3 - reaperriley (09/08/2013) [-]
I personally cant stand when people are like that, though I understand the logic. "I just came over to a friend's place and im trying a game I will probably never own, might as well enjoy myself as much as possible."

But when its the ONLY thing they do in the game I get somewhat annoyed.
#423 - When God made the animals, **** got weird. 09/01/2013 on good night.. -3
#17 - I think he's a douche, but if he was not directly involved in … 08/17/2013 on Light at the end of the tunnel -3
#87 - Play games. Preferably puzzle-games. 08/17/2013 on How does FJ vent? -2
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#1 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled comment #71 ** :
at least they didn't fire 15 warning shots into the mans chest and head area
Lie, Orc.
User avatar #2 to #1 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
The manner-less, oversized goblin himselv. How nice of you to come by?
User avatar #4 to #2 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
Not really. Haha. Such a funny joke. I just made a joke about wether your company was nice or not. And the point of the joke is that you were not welcome. Haha. Your kind of humor, troll-fat.
#3 to #2 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** So, what did I say that got you butthurt, bro?
#5 to #3 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
The general attitude in your comments. Nothing more.
#6 to #5 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** Okay. I couldn't really care less then.
User avatar #7 to #6 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
Enough to post on my profile and actually ask.
#8 to #7 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** I did care until you said it was my attitude in general. If it was a specific comment, I figured I might be able to justify it or something, but you can just go **** yoursel.
#9 to #8 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
User avatar #10 to #9 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
I've seen you trying to justify your attitude as jokes. You got butthurt for not getting thumbs on your remark about a top. Your intention is to be mean to girls over the internet. Don't you have anything better to do?
#11 to #10 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** Not quite. I got butthurt for the way she acted about it, and I really wouldn't be talking. You keep finding my posts saying "Die, orc" with a picture of an orc's head impaled. You're truly ****** up.
User avatar #12 to #11 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
You want to jokes, I'll joke. When your username is the name of a warrior race who are mostly depicted as evil, you've got to expect comments like that. Especially if you stroll around acting like a dick.
#13 to #12 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** No, it's nothing of the sort. It's really 						*******					 weird. People joke about my username, but that's just poor tastes. Grow up, sonny jim.
**Orc rolled image** No, it's nothing of the sort. It's really ******* weird. People joke about my username, but that's just poor tastes. Grow up, sonny jim.
User avatar #14 to #13 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
>Complains about people not being able to take a joke.
>Someone jokes about his username.
>Gets offended.
#15 to #14 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** I'm not offended, but you need to learn your limits. Spamming "die, orc" isn't a joke.
User avatar #16 to #15 - bubblefoxee (06/03/2014) [-]
My limits. Sure. Jokes can only be tasteless if you are the victim. Got it, troll-fat.
#17 to #16 - Orc (06/03/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** Good one?
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