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#113 - Just because you fall right in the center of the age group you… 12/03/2015 on Anon weighs himself 0
#499 - But using that logic than your mother should be able to just *…  [+] (7 new replies) 12/03/2015 on Abort the babies 0
#501 - anygoodnames (12/03/2015) [-]
You're level 262. I was half expecting that comment to be purely troll but now I'm trying to give you merit. Rephrase?
#504 - boothead (12/03/2015) [-]
My wording is terrible I know.
Roe V. Wade settled it using backass logic stating that by forcing a mother to go through child birth she is being denied her 14th amendment rights.
Something about denying her the right to the pursuit of happiness without due clause.
Which using some basic legal speak means that if your being a fucking prick than I should just remove you to pursue my right to happiness.
Or something.
Bong hits for Jesus was a court case so I mean anythings possible.
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#508 - anygoodnames (12/03/2015) [-]
Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments were being violated, at least according to simple summary.


Now Roe v. Wade ruling made it straight up impossible to deny abortion services unless entirely outlawed. Parenthood v. Casey undid that, but still difficult as hell, according to the understanding I have.
#509 - boothead (12/03/2015) [-]
Either way its dodgy as fuck and honestly with enough money I can use it to justify murder seeing as how ive said this three times and nobodies stopped me.
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#513 - anygoodnames (12/03/2015) [-]
I annoy you so you remove by means of killing me, which puts you in the wrong as you violate my right to life. The Supreme Court is ruling that up until viability, the child does not have protections of law. Where viability is can be contested hotly as it varies from person to person.
#564 - boothead (12/03/2015) [-]
#591 - anygoodnames (12/04/2015) [-]
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