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#1 - Banging two girls right now. They know. Leaving for th…  [+] (5 replies) 02/10/2016 on Anon did it +32
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#7 - drastronomy (02/10/2016) [-]
You fucking pleb

I am currently swimming in a pool of simultaneously orgasming young, 10/10 nobel price winning women, all begging for me to lather them in my semen, as it is the only substance they want to consume; normal food does not measure up anymore, and they pay me 2 billion USD for every drop i bless them with

I am leaving with them now to accept my title as god-emperor of the new hegemony of man.

Too bad i have cerebral palsey, autism, downs syndrome, aspergers, muscular dystrophy, every allergy in the world, and that i will most likely blow us all up by placing the nuclear stockpile in the core of the earth
#4 - boaboaboa (02/10/2016) [-]
... can we hear the story behind this? your women and your organs?

if anything i partly envy you and i am very sorry for you. that sounds terrible - but you all chill about it on the internet. cool and doesn't afraid of anything
#3 - khepri (02/10/2016) [-]
I hope you're fakin, man. Or, if you're telling the truth, I hope your organs start working agian. LIVE DAMN YOU!
#2 - anon (02/10/2016) [-]
lol fucking casual im banging 8 bitches and they all get in line for my dick i even make them schedule their times with each other on who gets to have some of my fuck haha oh and btw one them is your mom cause she s a whore who loves my throbing cock in her bumhole alsoo good luck getting a penis transplant cause i heard thats your failing organ lmao scrub
#11 - anon (02/10/2016) [-]
you broke my heart and made me proud, these feels man
#4 - Gonna go buy the game. Have a thumb, it will arrive in the…  [+] (2 replies) 02/10/2016 on Grammar Nazi +186
#32 - nativeboy (02/10/2016) [-]
What is that from?

Looks quite amusing.
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#13 - sharee (02/10/2016) [-]
that took an unexpected yet pleasant turn
#1 - What game?  [+] (15 replies) 02/10/2016 on Grammar Nazi +91
#59 - anon (02/11/2016) [-]
Caninerock: Aged Vital Fluids DLC
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#2 - slenderwolf (02/10/2016) [-]
Wolfensteinld Blood DLC
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#29 - marcinthedark (02/10/2016) [-]
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#12 - theoldfritz (02/10/2016) [-]
: T ?
User avatar
#10 - wrinklynewt (02/10/2016) [-]
not really DLC, it's a separate game
like far cry 3 and blood dragon
User avatar
#23 - ora (02/10/2016) [-]
The Old Blood is a prequel isn't it??
User avatar
#25 - wrinklynewt (02/10/2016) [-]
yeah, i actually just played through it recently
was pretty fun
#4 - boothead (02/10/2016) [-]
Gonna go buy the game.
Have a thumb, it will arrive in the mail 1-2 weeks after it is severed.
#32 - nativeboy (02/10/2016) [-]
What is that from?

Looks quite amusing.
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#13 - sharee (02/10/2016) [-]
that took an unexpected yet pleasant turn
User avatar
#3 - slenderwolf (02/10/2016) [-]
I don't know what the fuck happened there
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#8 - warioteam (02/10/2016) [-]
a ":" beside an "o" makes the :o emoticon
admin really needs to add an option for disaabling emotes on your posts
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#22 - ora (02/10/2016) [-]
Wolfenstein: The OId Blood*

"Wolftenstein: Old Blood" doesn't even make the face anyways. These guys played you like a fiddle.
User avatar
#9 - warioteam (02/10/2016) [-]
: and - and O
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#6 - grogovic (02/10/2016) [-]
ld Blood.