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#15 - Kill them. Kill them and redistribute their wealth. It is an a… 5 hours ago on Snapchats That Will Make... +2
#53 - That man has a thick girls ass. I don't give a **** if … 5 hours ago on Dat A$$ +11
#6 - The problem with this train of thought, in regards to mortalit…  [+] (6 new replies) 23 hours ago on If I knew life would be... 0
User avatar #15 - lordofthesea (12 hours ago) [-]
This sounds like an awesome idea for a book.
#11 - iqequalzero (17 hours ago) [-]
"Retraining and re-specialization would also need to be accounted for as most people wouldn't want to work the same job or field for endless cycles. Allowing people to go back to school and get retrained in a different profession every now and then would be necessary, and likely beneficial to society. "

Anyone else think about Eldar?
User avatar #16 - lordofthesea (12 hours ago) [-]
no idea what that is?
#18 - iqequalzero (12 hours ago) [-]
Basically near immortal space elves. They spend decades or centuries pursuing a profession. Pottery, singing, war, what have you. The biggest tragedy amongst their kind is when one of their kind joins one of the Aspect Warrior shrines (Bascially specialized military units) and becomes so obsessed with that particular brand of war, they can newer truly devote themselves to something new. Thus they live out the rest of their lives doing one thing.
User avatar #19 - lordofthesea (12 hours ago) [-]
this is a book series?
#21 - iqequalzero (11 hours ago) [-]
Its a tabletop wargame using miniatures you assemble and paint. Has some fairly rich lore to it, with a bunch of factions. Ive been in the hobby for years but havnt really played much, mostly in it for the stories.


#20 - There was also a strong movement in the mid 19th century for b… 05/03/2015 on (untitled) +17
#75 - Remember that you are going to spend around as much on an encl… 05/01/2015 on Le best 0
#15 - i absolutely hated this game. i have been a die hard fan of th…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/30/2015 on 75% off 0
User avatar #17 - nanako (04/30/2015) [-]
theres a decent selection of melee and ranged weapons that you get to frequently choose from at checkpoints before big combat areas, and there is a lot of unlockable stuff for the mul;tiplayer, have you even played it?

there's a whole load of armour parts and perks to unlock
#241 - Yeah, people are pretty bad at thinking about these sorts of t… 04/28/2015 on The Hero We Need +1
#119 - The individual acts of police violence are merely catalysts sp…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/28/2015 on jamal 0
#136 - xgolgothax (04/28/2015) [-]
I don't think there has been enough emphasis by authorities to tell people "Not everything is racism, sure racism is out there and people face it every day, but not every interaction with a police officer is racist."
I remember hearing Eric Holder giving a speech where he stated he knew how black fathers had to have a "talk" with their sons about interacting with police and how not to get shot. I'm pale as they come, and my dad had that same talk with me. It's not about skin color, its about the fact that that job attracts assholes who want to abuse power. It also attracts people that want to improve their cities and bring justice to criminals etc etc, but a lot of assholes are getting through the cracks. Doesn't make it racist.
#233 - I agree with you. Riots are evidence of underlying social cond…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/28/2015 on The Hero We Need +1
#239 - kamion (04/28/2015) [-]
Sadly not many people can or want to think that way. Prejudice is easier, blaming it on "nigger nature" is easier. Saying its a legitimate cultural response is easier. But all of them are equally wrong.
#241 - bobfreakingdole (04/28/2015) [-]
Yeah, people are pretty bad at thinking about these sorts of things in a constructive manner. The response shouldn't be "look at these niggers" it should be A) Why is this happening? and B) How can we make it not happen. I was beginning to lose hope of seeing someone on this website that wasn't racist as shit
#6 - Comment deleted 04/26/2015 on I quit part 1 0


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