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#7 - bluemagebrilly (07/20/2016) [-]
Similar to an idea I had on an old post, made like last year I think, that was a continuation of the Dorkly thing of Navi being killed by a time traveling Link to stop OoT from happening. Since it's a required "Fool's Quest" or whatever.

Would have ended with Ganondorf winning, so the next Link would be of Gerudo descent and would have either been a female Gerudo with the Hero's Spirit, or a male Gerudo that was like an Heir to Ganondorf and would eventually work to overcome him. Not only for the people Ganondorf had oppressed, but also to prove himself to his "father" figure... Or possibly his actual father, but that's unlikely.

I went into more detail 'bout it, but the major difference between our ideas would be the two working together with Hyrule in charge, I guess. I personally can't see Link ever being a "Thief" with Ganondorf unless they're both of Gerudo descent due to the races just mixing together.

It would also be hard for Ganondorf to be on Link's side, since he has yet to actually die yet.
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