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#1 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 08/22/2015 on (untitled) +64
#6 - morphodite (08/23/2015) [-]
Use the webm. It really lays on the
#4 - that's an awfully green lawn :o  [+] (2 replies) 07/21/2015 on Water Conservation +14
#6 - lolfacejimmy (07/21/2015) [-]
#16 - anon (07/21/2015) [-]
you don't see dirt through astroturf....
#19 - Care to elaborate? [I've been reading/enjoying the Hor…  [+] (6 replies) 07/19/2015 on WH40K Bestiary I +2
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#21 - marcuss (07/19/2015) [-]
I can answer this i know thing or two about 40k and nurgle .
but first i must tell you that in 40k there are two forces Chaos and Order. order as you might think is a force that keeps everything on track and on thight schedule and works in a organized manner few of examples are the emperor and the necrons. and then there is chaos which, well consist mainly the chaos gods and their servant, chaos corrupts easily and nothing works at some exact way. but these are just forces like wind and water. they are not considered to be good and evil.

And about nurgle he is the god of death but also the god of rebirth and life, every world that falls to the nurgle and he diseases always springs new life, the hummans and animals might died first yes, but the smaller insects and flowers and trees will flourish and new life will take root, and eventually it flourish again, many know this as the circle of life.

Nurgle is also the god of entropy and everything in real life will fall into entropy and it is disorganization. entropy is just chaos and nature whitout order, thats why tzeentch the god of change is the main rival of nurgle because tzeentch wants to scheme and twist the world to his will but no matter what he will do everything will in time be consumed by entropy, it might take milion of years but in the end everything will fall apart and that nurgle cherishes. natural cycle trought disease for it is a force most natural to start anew.
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#22 - marcuss (07/19/2015) [-]
so chaos is not evil nor good and god emperor is not good nor evil. in the same manner as you woud expect . it is just up to your vision how you see the world,

if you see that everything must have order and whitout rules and guidance everything will fall to ruin, then imperium of man is your pick

if you see that only power brings order and weaker have no place within the world for they are burden only then chaos god of khorne is for you

if you take peace in nature and no matter what will happen everything will be the same in the end, if you are in no rush to do or to go, you just want to start anew and maybe speed up the eventual end nurgle is your god

if you see life as something you shoud enjoy as much as possible, for you are here limited time only and shoud do everything in your power to expirience the wildest fantasies and enjoyments while you are here because you will not leave anything behind slaanesh is the way to go

if you see that world is nothing more but filled with drones who just do what they do best, not thinking much or planning you see that if everyone is a drone and think little the grand scheme of things you can come and influence them and make them do what you want and they woud never be any wiser you see the world as a box from where you have come and now can see how it works. tzeentch is your god

world might come to an end but world does not offer anything to sole adventurers and only if everyone woud work together disregarding himself that by working together for the greater good of all. you woud find slavation for everyone Tau empire is your pick

if you see sole purpose in your life and nothing else , you do not wish to feel, think , love or laugh but only to fulfill that one goal set for you and not even death shall stop you from doing that then the necrons are ones to go with

if you revel in the idea of conflict not for the victory nor glory just for the heck of it if you want your life simple and think combat as good fun way to spend time with the boyz and earn little respect and little loot on the way . but you want to keep things simple the ORKs are your clan

if you see your salvation in disciple of invidual the retrain of mortal pleasures in the jorney to englightment and greater knowledge, if your disciple carries you trough hell and your mind is unwavering in the face of greatest terrors. if you seek skill and proficiency of invidual the Eldar crafworld are your home
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#23 - marcuss (07/19/2015) [-]
and you can see none of these are good nor evil. it is just how you see it.
#31 - sigmarshammer (07/19/2015) [-]
I've never heard of new life coming from a nurgle plague sans for things like flies because Papa Nurgle loves himself some flies. Chaos is literal manifestation of the flaws of "life" (though it does talk about them becoming heavily tied to humanity specifically.) Each of the gods is a corruption/other side of an otherwise noble aspect. Khorne is honour and strength that turns into blood lust, Tzeetch is hope and change for betterment that becomes change for the sake of change, Nurgle is our want for longevity for ourselves and our monuments and our fear of death turned into decay and undeath, Slaanesh is the joy of life turned to excess.

While I can see your points is that there a lot of shades of grey in morality, it's hard to make a case for chaos not being evil. They literally eat souls.

I don't mean to like argue, I just get very few chances to discuss 40k lore and always relish it.
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#40 - marcuss (07/20/2015) [-]
So do i, so lets discuss it.
yes they eat souls or atleast some of them do, like slaanesh hungers for the souls of the eldar, it is their "snack" because they live in the warp and and souls live in the warp too. but you dont call bears,tigers,hawks or any predator "evil" they eat souls because they feed on it.

then the chaos gods themselves are all much older than the hummanity. for example the nurgle was the first god of chaos and he was born from the first suffering and death that happened that woud be aeons ago. hummanity maybe sees them tied to them and especially slaanesh for it was only god not born from natural way of life. ( the fall of eldar when there was too much pleasure and excess in one place).

and that what you call flaws in life, it is mostly how the imperium sees them, death and decay and the annihilation of the cities and high forms of life, order as you might say. But in nature if you leave something unattended it will fall to entropy, disrepair and disorganization, order will die and thats only natural and nurgle cherishes that.
and i see all these quite the same, khorne, hummanity sees violence as chaotic death to many, a pointless end. but have not seen animals fight for territory and for pray, violence is only natural and only the higher froms of life have started to refrain from it. then there is Tzeentch the god of change but also evolution, when the natural path took a curve to adapt itself to survive or to be better than its predators it was the first day tzeentch took life, he takes power in dreams of power, adaptation and ones improvement. for it is not natural to be better ? to catch more food ? those who did not adapt or improve themselves died in their first steps on this world for their predators grew faster but they did not. then lastly it is slaanesh, he is maybe the most unnatural one but still emphasises the end of all living desires, everything aims to prosper in life and enjoy it, herbivore enjoys the feeling of being safe and from its pack which gives that safety and the predator enjoys the feeling when prey falls and he has succeeded, but these feelings were not strong enough alone to give birth to sentient being in the warp, only when the eldar became hedonist and cherished this aspect the most in their lives, only then it stirred the warp enough to rip open the eye of terror.

you can ask me to elaborate something if you want, its late here so i might have typos.

oh and as i mentioned earlier chaos is just a force that corrupts easily, not much diffrend than fire it burns easily in dry woods but it is just way of life it hold no grudge against the trees or the nature it is just the way it moves.
#42 - blackblood (07/21/2015) [-]
Thanks for the information man
#6 - forgot to log in D:  [+] (1 reply) 02/15/2015 on PLAYGUUUUU -15
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#20 - deescalation (02/15/2015) [-]
you made 0 thumbs by posting the picture anonymously, then lost 2 for logging in. That made me laugh
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