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#67 - >Sweeden imports trash Nothing new here  [+] (7 replies) 07/29/2016 on Fact Comp #4 0
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#80 - stifflimb (07/29/2016) [-]
And then we burn them it
#84 - jaggsauce (07/29/2016) [-]
i don't think "burn" means what you think it means.
just to clarify; giving terrorist free housing, money and food, and letting them run rampant amongst your population, raping robbing and murdering anything with a pulse (not even the children are spared) is NOT what "burning them" means.

fucking swedes... no wonder Denmark has been in several wars with you throughout history... you're like the retarded cousin nobody want to bring to the family gathering because you KNOW they're gonna embarrass themselves and the host.
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#86 - stifflimb (07/29/2016) [-]
I dont think you understand jokes
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#100 - jaggsauce (07/29/2016) [-]
i don't think you know you suffer from stockholm syndrome.
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#107 - stifflimb (07/29/2016) [-]
And whom in this case are my kidnappers?
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#108 - jaggsauce (07/29/2016) [-]
your government.
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#109 - stifflimb (07/29/2016) [-]
...and what is saying I love my goverment?