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#19 - I haven't seen the new film yet  [+] (3 new replies) 12/24/2015 on TRAITOR 0
#31 - anon (12/24/2015) [-]
Oh, well kylo ren kills han
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#47 - mazzy (12/24/2015) [-]
I've seen the movie.

Fuck you anyway.
#33 - crislaboy (12/24/2015) [-]
**crislaboy used "*roll picture*"**
**crislaboy rolled image**You know what fuck it, at this point everybody knows the spoiler. Good thing i saw the movie the day it came out.
#6 - laugh as he misses every time?  [+] (23 new replies) 12/23/2015 on TRAITOR +3
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#7 - gentlemanofbacon (12/23/2015) [-]
i dunno, if you have seen the new film, he puts up a pretty good fight
#19 - badpony (12/24/2015) [-]
I haven't seen the new film yet
#31 - anon (12/24/2015) [-]
Oh, well kylo ren kills han
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#47 - mazzy (12/24/2015) [-]
I've seen the movie.

Fuck you anyway.
#33 - crislaboy (12/24/2015) [-]
**crislaboy used "*roll picture*"**
**crislaboy rolled image**You know what fuck it, at this point everybody knows the spoiler. Good thing i saw the movie the day it came out.
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#9 - nywrestler (12/23/2015) [-]
How the fuck did his lightsaber not cut right through that thing? Also, I thought fighting with a lightsaber took a certain amount of training and skill, the black guy and the girl seemed to pick it up pretty quickly.
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#42 - huntergriff (12/24/2015) [-]
there's lightsaber resistant material in the legends canon and new canon.
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#39 - ltbuttstrong (12/24/2015) [-]
The weapon looked like it had a powered field, so the lightsaber wouldn't be cutting through the weapon itself. Possibly wouldn't last long in a sustained fight.
Finn was trained in combat since he was a child, Rei had survived on her own most of her life with a melee weapon. I imagine both could pick up the basics of using a simple and elegant weapon like a lightsaber fairly quickly, and even so Finn gets beaten back both times he uses it.
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#38 - warrenzthehero (12/24/2015) [-]
Spoilers to follow.

When the Stormtrooper is getting ready to whoop ass, he activates some sort of energy field on that thing. Similar to the Electrostaffs seen is the prequel trilogy. What the thing actually is, I have no idea. It seems like an odd design to be made specifically for melee combat, but he didn't use it in any other way.
Also, I was annoyed by the fact that they picked up its use so quickly as well. Finn does sorta get his shit wrecked when he first uses it, but that expereience makes it within suspension of disbelief when he fights Kylo Ren. But then Rey picks it up and wins? Because she closed her eyes and thought about the force? Against a trained lightsaber-user and force-user? What?
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#54 - highkingtorygg (12/24/2015) [-]
kylo ren wasn't exactly a master at lightsabering, he was still a padawan when he killed the rest of the ones Luke was training
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#48 - sirmatthew (12/24/2015) [-]
the hell.... Even you could pick up a lightsaber and swing it hard at things and cut through stuff with minimal training. Its not like a video game where your statistics arent high enough to wield a certain item. And you can reduce shit down to its lowest point by saying all Rey did was close her eyes and think about he force, but it was simply more complicated than that. The force was using her, not the other way around. She just had to not try to "control" it like the dark side does.
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#35 - moetron (12/24/2015) [-]
except he got his ass beat by the trooper
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#30 - BrownBearninetysix (12/24/2015) [-]
I recall that it had some kind of energy field around it. It could also be highly resistant to heat energy.
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#24 - insanemanoo (12/24/2015) [-]
Canonically, in the extended universe, I believe there are certain materials which a lightsaber cannot cut through, however I'm assuming that the materials are very rare/ expensive, as the most common places we've heard about these materials being used is on the hilts of lightsabers so that lightsaber cannot be destroyed by another lightsaber during a duel. I'd guess that was what his taser rod thing was made of.
#22 - plantain (12/24/2015) [-]
You can assume that Finn learned how to use melee weapons during his training. Rey was shown to be very proficient with that weird staff thing, plus she has a pretty strong connection to the Force.

Also, Finn isn't that good with the lightsaber. He got the drop on the people he did kill with a lightsaber, and then proceeded to get rekt by TR-8R. And when he fights Kylo, he only managed to survive for a minute by running around and keeping his guard up, which ends up backfiring when Kylo uses the crossguard to burn him.
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#40 - warrenzthehero (12/24/2015) [-]
The thing is, lightsabers are fundamentally different than other melee weapons. They only weigh what, two pounds? Honestly, if you have fine wrist-control, you don't need all the waving about or overhead swings, since all it has to do is touch you. Even in the other films they state that it takes a ton of specific training and practice to use one.
#21 - slayzo (12/24/2015) [-]
Haven't seen the new movie, dunno if it's related, but I have this in my folder from back when I started using B1's as my mascot.
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#18 - mendelevium (12/24/2015) [-]
Nah fam, its not about training and "skill"
Its about making sure the main characters survive.
#16 - blevs (12/24/2015) [-]

vibroswords could be used against lightsabers so i'm not to suprised by some kind of plasma energy batoon being able too
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#14 - gentlemanofbacon (12/23/2015) [-]
found out its essentially a newer version of a vibroblade which is featured in the knights of the old republic games and in the expanded universe normally seen as sort of dagger like weapons
#13 - anon (12/23/2015) [-]
There are quite a few materials resistant to lightsabers in star wars canon.
#12 - lagbot (12/23/2015) [-]
Its pretty clear that over the course of 30 years they finally invented something energy based (it had electricity or something around it) to combat lightsabers
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#10 - gentlemanofbacon (12/23/2015) [-]
Yeah, I know what you mean mate.
#6 - You monster! 12/21/2015 on Gingerbread men 0
#13 - dave is an odd name for a dog..what if this guy's brother or b…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/18/2015 on fucking dave +2
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#31 - majestispaceduck (12/19/2015) [-]
When i was like 8 i named my first dog dale, don't know where it came from, he was never actually called dale, always ernie.
#1 - Yes! 12/10/2015 on Half-Orc lovin' +19
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#1 - Looks ******* delicious! 12/04/2015 on Cask iron cooking +1
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#1 - not complaining ever.  [+] (1 new reply) 11/01/2015 on A wee game 0
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#3 - platinumaltaria (11/01/2015) [-]
Not even gonna lie that's hot.