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#14 - YOU ******* SPOILED IT. GOD DAMNIT IM STILL PLAYING THIS.  [+] (4 replies) 01/01/2015 on Master of romance +6
#16 - breadcrumbtheif (01/01/2015) [-]
You better be ready for the third one
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#29 - sirofminorclass (01/01/2015) [-]
Is the third one finally getting an english release?
When did that news get out?
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#25 - orikanyo (01/01/2015) [-]
is the third coming to PC to? man i've been trying to hunt it down... might be on vita but I ain't buyin one just for it.
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#81 - breadcrumbtheif (01/02/2015) [-]
There was a rumor saying that a collection of all three games was going to be released for the PS4 and PC in the summer, but Sega denied it. This factoid broke my soul

There is however a fan-made translation patch available for Valkyria Chronicles 3; Extra Edition.

#3 - "alart" 09/07/2014 on damn you gay boys +12
#2 - Would recommend, the soundtrack for the anime is beautiful as …  [+] (6 replies) 08/06/2014 on Heavy Crossword +13
#3 - alucardmc (08/06/2014) [-]
Yeah Guily Crown is a really nice Anime
Many only see it as Code Geass Copy but i liked it very much.

And the Soundtrack is also great
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#11 - jeitron (08/06/2014) [-]
Guilty Frown borrowed so many elements from code geass I surprised they didn't give Shu the name Lelouch instead.

The thing I hated most about the show was the character development, shu started off as a wimpy shinji ikari clone, to pretty much a tyrant Hitler and then ended up becoming a not-so-subtle jesus with a messiah complex.

But to give the show some credit I like the animation and music but the story almost makes it not worth watching..
#14 - anon (08/06/2014) [-]
Regarding Shu's character development, the main problem I had with it was the Hitler stage didn't ever make that much sense. It was really out of character. Yeah, I understand that the events that took place before hand were a big deal and had an effect on him, but I still don't think him becoming Hitler is a plausible outcome.

The messiah complex though makes more sense for him. It's not hard to believe he would become that kind of person, or partially always was. Whether or not that is 'good' character development is a different issue, but at least it's relatively believable.

But I also always hate when any main character starts out as a complete, hopeless wimp, no matter the reason or the circumstances.
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#15 - jeitron (08/06/2014) [-]
yeah, hopeless wimp are a favorite trope when it comes to action/shounen anime revolving around teenagers(having them be angsty and angry all the time is also commonly used).

The biggest problem with shu's character is that he didn't slowly develope, he just jumped from one to another(to the point where it's almost funny) just like Hare's death turned him from nice guy to instant douche in seconds then when guy cam back everyone betrayed him he became humble again.
#10 - hawkeinvictus (08/06/2014) [-]
>using MC like gifs on FJ
#17 - alucardmc (08/07/2014) [-]
#1 - What did we learn? Don't let hollywood do the anime movies.  [+] (23 replies) 08/01/2014 on Cancer +79
#162 - kinginyellow (08/02/2014) [-]
Hell, sometimes Hollywood can't even do movies on American property. Pic related, best example of utter shit, this movie could make the Avatar movie look amazing.
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#209 - wtfduud (08/02/2014) [-]
I don't mean to put my life at risk, but what is that from?
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#221 - kinginyellow (08/03/2014) [-]
Mortal Kombat Annihilation
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#41 - dasbrot (08/02/2014) [-]
AoT film will be made in japan.
#35 - germed (08/02/2014) [-]
Avatar isn't anime tho

The moral is more like; If it's good animated or on paper, it's going to be absolute shit in live action so please stop trying.
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#77 - letrollzor (08/02/2014) [-]
I japan the term anime covers all forms of animated entertainment. Be it computer animated or drawn.
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#111 - lillamy (08/02/2014) [-]
Avatar is still not anime though, since it isn't made in Japan.
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#102 - germed (08/02/2014) [-]
And everywhere else it just refers to anything animated in Japan.
This has been discussed a million times and people with your point of view are, and always will be wrong.
#24 - norkas (08/02/2014) [-]
Edge of Tomorrow was based on a light novel basically a novel with manga-style pictures called "All You Need Is Kill" and it was pretty great.
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#107 - keeperman (08/02/2014) [-]
Metro 2033 was also a novel
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#197 - marlton (08/02/2014) [-]
Yeah, but Ukrainians When they're not killing each other always make amazing video games
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#31 - letrollzor (08/02/2014) [-]
Well the novel was written by a Japanese author and there is a manga of all you need is kill as well. And yes the movie was surprisingly good.
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#49 - rheago (08/02/2014) [-]
I liked it but the fact that Rita kinda sucked and didn't use her sword which should have been a battle axe kinda disappointed me
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#22 - logicstrike (08/02/2014) [-]
comic book movies weren't much better not so long ago. Hollywood will eventually get it right, it just takes time and the right combination of skill, advertising and timing to make the first one a mega hit earning fucktonnes of money) then you won't be able to move through all the big budget pretty good anime adaptions you're getting.
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#19 - puffyclouds (08/02/2014) [-]
well, the attack on titan live action movie is gonna be made by the japs so it might work out
User avatar
#2 - letrollzor (08/01/2014) [-]
What are you talking about. These movies doesn't exist.
#51 - deathspawn (08/02/2014) [-]
#179 - gisuar has deleted their comment.
#79 - letrollzor (08/02/2014) [-]
#3 - lostlust (08/01/2014) [-]
#29 - bigblacknegro (08/02/2014) [-]
#17 - anon (08/02/2014) [-]
The joke is that the movies which DO NOT exist btw were so terrible that they couldn't have actually been based on the 'alleged' source material.
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#4 - reapermaster (08/01/2014) [-]
it's a joke...
#2 - Cause subbers 07/24/2014 on keikaku 0
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