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    Saw this at my College Saw this at my College
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    Great Advice Great Advice

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#2 - FOR THE EMPEROR! 12/09/2012 on Great Advice -1
#983 - Read be educated and stop believing conspiracies because you t… 03/02/2012 on Let the revolution begin.. 0
#762 - False, there is little to no supporting evidence that FEMA is …  [+] (2 new replies) 03/02/2012 on Let the revolution begin.. 0
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#794 - roflcopterkklol (03/02/2012) [-]
Google is a useful tool, learn how to use it for research and learn to go beyond the first page of search results.
Tower 7 alone is enough to prove that 9/11 was an inside job, and the FEMA camps are admittedly run and operated through fusion centers throughout the united states, keep being blind to what happens in your country man it does not effect me as i do not live there.
#983 - aviationfreak (03/02/2012) [-]
Read be educated and stop believing conspiracies because you think they sound cool.
Next the Fusion Centers that for some reason people believe are related to FEMA. You obviously only read conspiracy sites, becuase if you did any research of your own you would know that a Fusion center is a organization of many different police agencies. It is mainly used by departments as a means to help solve crime sprees. The agency or station sends in the gathered evidence they already have and the Fusion ( cleverly named for the joining of things) center joins that information with information from other agencies and sends the gathered report back to the original reporting agency/ station. And no, no one has admitted to anything being run through Fusion centers. Oh and the FEMA camp thing. They are there for emergency situations so that aid can get out ASAP. So once again dont come here with your conspiracy B.S. unless you research both sides. And yes, I have researched both sides. I even watch that stupid lose change video.
#612 - Ok so I am going to assume that you are probably a liberal liv… 03/02/2012 on Let the revolution begin.. +4
#251 - Alos war was not declared by any country, it was an arms race.  [+] (3 new replies) 12/20/2011 on Oh America, you so sirry +14
#252 - jordygordy (12/20/2011) [-]
HOORAY! someone with a brain on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you kind sir! you have been rewarded with bacon!
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#282 - Lentus (12/20/2011) [-]
Was there armed conflict between the CIA and KGB or not? Nobody I know has a clue about them. During an arms race there's lots of valuable information going around, so there's bound to be spies somewhere, right?
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#733 - jordygordy (01/07/2012) [-]
small skirmishes here and there, not worth destroying the planet a hundred over though...