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Enjoyed FunnyJunk's content for over 5 years now but never been a member.

Noticed lots of anti-sexism/feminist stuff on here recently so just wanted to get involved and try and put my side across as a feminist.

My stuff will most likely be more junk than funny!

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#10 - Haha thank you! Yeah, well from a feminist point of v…  [+] (1 reply) 09/06/2013 on A FJ Feminist here. +1
#11 - teranin (09/06/2013) [-]
Well you haven't changed my perceptions of third wave feminism, but you have made it clear that you, at least, are an egalitarian.
#8 - Like religion, feminism is tainted by its extremists and there…  [+] (3 replies) 09/06/2013 on A FJ Feminist here. 0
#9 - teranin (09/06/2013) [-]
As to the first thing you said, yes, but unfortunately the "rad fems" are actually the face of the third wave movement, and the ones in power in the high end lobbies and congressional spots taken by feminists, see Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama.

Yes, like I said you seem rational, however affirmative action will continue to be pushed by the feminist lobby due to the benefits it gains for females.

It's true, the death differential is a tough one to really quantify, and I'm sure there are actually a lot of reasons for it, but as this picture shows (imperfectly) it is a common thread among medical legislation/lobbying/financing to always favor women, every time, since 1995 (the advent of third wave feminism, which is the belief system I am against)

Yes, Many rapes go unreported, this is true (although the numbers are unlikely to be as obscenely high as they are made out to be) However, there is no reason why this is any less true for men. Think of how humiliating it must be, to actually go to the police because you were raped, stripped of all of your personal power and control and taken against your will. Now imagine you're male, and the worst punishment your attacker can receive is misdemeanor sexual assault. The reality is very unfortunately brutal.

Thanks for the polite response (I could get used to this, conversing with feminists who are actually egalitarians that have decided to focus on specific issues rather than RAR MEN R BAD WE R RELIGION)

#10 - averagefeminist (09/06/2013) [-]
Haha thank you!

Yeah, well from a feminist point of view I can tell you that radical feminists are just as bad for our gender as negative stereotypes simply for the reasons you have stated.

The rape case is a really good one, exactly what you have mentioned there is why gender equality is essential, women suffer from the "cry wolf" stereotype and a man couldn't possible report being raped by a woman because of the shame/embarrassment of being raped by a woman. I would point out that in both cases the stereotypes are negative for women, if our brand of feminists had their way and we had true gender equality then anyone, male or female would have no shame reporting rape.

And that's the only point i wanted to get across really, that negative gender stereotypes for women also impact badly for men, so our brand of feminists lobbying for gender equality will actually benefit men, I don't think many people look at it in that much detail and tend to draw to some quick conclusions.

I'm getting a few red thumbs now haha I guess my content wasn't that funny after all, but if I've managed to show you change your own or anyone readings perceptions a little I guess that's a result!

#11 - teranin (09/06/2013) [-]
Well you haven't changed my perceptions of third wave feminism, but you have made it clear that you, at least, are an egalitarian.
#407 - Here here! 09/06/2013 on Woman Logic 0