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#992 - What's your favorite food?!  [+] (31 replies) 11/07/2011 on Happy funny thread +8
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#996 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
#1002 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
I like pasta to(o) [Deslyxia is making my spelling senses go PBBTVH] :D And Chicken Alfredo is da shit.
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#1008 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
I love chicken Alfredo, except that I usually get it without the chicken at restaurants
because the chefs tend to make my chicken too dry or too burnt :l

I actually made myself a plate of fettuccine pasta with four cheese Alfredo sauce with some peas mixed in last night :D
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#1012 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
Okay... That sounds like a mouthgasm... I so want to try that now xD
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#1018 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
I also had a side of cream peas with it too...it was probably the best meal I've made for myself.
I also made some chocolate pudding pie for dessert, with whipped cream :DD
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#1020 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
Okay. You're coming here and cooking me a meal. Hurry, I get cranky when I'm hungry :P
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#1029 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
I'm on my way...even though I have no clue who you are or where you live xDD
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#1032 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
Alabama :D And I'm not a redneck... Or Ra--- Only slightly racist... >_> (The jokes are funny to me)
#1041 - wyattheriot has deleted their comment.
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#1039 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
Haha, I'm in Iowa...xD So unless you've got money to pay for my gas, I can't come over xP

And I'm not a hick like everybody thinks Iowans are, though we do have a bunch of them xD
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#1044 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
Same here. We have A LOT of rednecks... It's pretty embarrassing... But oh well. We can't make people not be stupid
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#1058 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
Lol at my job, I call kids in high school from a college that they're interested in
and I call a lot of people in the south and, no offense, but I haaaaaate southern accents xDD
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#1084 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
I apparently have one... But I don't notice it... I know I say Fanger instead of Finger... Sometimes and I saw Pellow instead of Pillow... But that's all that I know of xD
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#1096 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
Most people I call (especially parents) have really fricking heavy accents; it's hard for me to understand them lol.
But I don't mind light southern accents--same goes for British accents xD
And it's said that where I'm from (MidWest) we have the clearest dialect compared to the rest of the U.S. xD
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#1105 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
Well aren't you special xD I love how this conversation went from Pasta, to you making me food, to Accents :D
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#1123 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
The world works in mysterious ways, my friend :3
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#1127 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
As do magnets.
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#1152 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
A lot of the kids I call at work go to high schools that have the name "Magnet" somewhere.
I'm under the impression that those are troll training schools.
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#1159 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
I bet iMagnet went there. But... Why would they have a Magnet in their school name? I mean... My school is the Panthers... But... THE MAGNETS! That doesn't really intimidate... Unless you listen to Insane Clown Possy
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#1237 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
Damn you, FunnyJunk...
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#1245 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
We should edit it... We have the technology... We could make it better! -banned-
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#1226 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
It won't let me reply to the comment I wanted to reply to; comment overload xDD
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#1228 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
Well then... Funnyjunk dun goof'd.
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#1205 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
Lol that's pretty much what my school started doing this year, but I don't have a problem with it
because I have a new Macbook I got for graduation, so I'm good :D
I'm technologically retarded and slow anyways, so I wouldn't be a huge fan of schools handing out laptops anyways lol.
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#1222 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
I find it hilarious that you replied to the wrong comment as you said that xD
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#1170 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
My school was the Hawks :P
But my high school turned into a sad, pathetic place after my class graduated in May. Sad.
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#1177 - austinlevi (11/07/2011) [-]
Well... IT turns out that next year, *The year AFTER I graduate* All students are getting laptops, and all this other cool stuff... And I feel like a 2000's kid missing all the good games and shows.
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#1043 - wyattheriot (11/07/2011) [-]
yeah go iowa!
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#1063 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
You from Iowa too? :D
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#1066 - wyattheriot (11/07/2011) [-]
yep :) I have no idea where people get that were hics. but i get the corn part haha
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#1070 - dengekisushi (11/07/2011) [-]
Our corn is fucking delicious :DD
#1 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 10/30/2011 on Find the ninja +11
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#2 - wyldstallyns (11/01/2011) [-]
This has more thumbs than the actual content. That is a Win in my book.
#106 - But... Then you'd have no one to trade with to get Gengar! D:  [+] (2 replies) 10/30/2011 on Epic win i must say +12
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#107 - xyxoz (10/30/2011) [-]
I have an N64 wtih pokemon stadium two for my old games and two DS lites for 3rd gen+.
I'm covered.
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#108 - austinlevi (10/30/2011) [-]
Well... Smart bastard.
#37 - Why thank you :) 10/27/2011 on Bond 0
#35 - What anime is this? xD  [+] (2 replies) 10/27/2011 on Bond 0
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#36 - artemisgrey (10/27/2011) [-]
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#37 - austinlevi (10/27/2011) [-]
Why thank you :)