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    Best party ever Best party ever
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    What? What?
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#200 - Because if everyone is taxed more everything will be much bett…  [+] (2 replies) 09/01/2012 on Fucking polatiks +1
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#205 - hyeroshi (09/01/2012) [-]
Oddly enough, I live in Florida. Word of advice, go to the Caribbean. Florida really sucks lol. Everything is so overpriced down here that it costs money to breath air.

I like the idea of people earning an honest living with their own resources, but I also support the idea of their being a safety net at the bottom so we don't have a mass of the homeless walking the streets. I've honestly been thinking about it for a long time, but I've never thought of a way to stop people from abusing the system and living off of welfare like you see in a lot of the ghetto communities. The way the country is going now, a lot of the big businesses and moguls are getting more and more money, leaving less for the lower class people and causing inflation due to more bills being printed for the people to use. We've got so many dilemmas these days.

I'm fine with your opinion on the matter. I'm trying to stay neutral about the subject, so I won't get butthurt over much.
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#207 - artillerysmith (09/01/2012) [-]
I appreciate your lack of buthurt. After reading over my comment I realize that it looks like it was written by a huge dick.

Of all the ways that the system can be exploited I think that the most obvious, (And let's be honest there are some pretty obvious ones) is the 100 weeks of unemployment that people are allowed to draw. 100 weeks? That's nearly 2 years! And all you have to do to draw unemployment is be employed for 6 months. How is this in any way helpful? All it does is allow people to go find a job flipping burgers for a couple months then go back to their easy life of sitting on the couch.

Every week I go to work I make enough to pay rent, buy food and gas, and spend about $20 on stuff I just feel like doing, and after all that I've got about $20 left over. I could get food stamps, I could 'loose' my job and draw unemployment, and have more disposable income than I have now. I decide not to because I have some kind of mental illness I guess. From the outside looking in I must appear insane.

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