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#1165 - you're a goddamn hero 10/16/2016 on crixuz's profile 0
#1163 - nice btw i just checked r34 and all his ***** gone. …  [+] (2 replies) 10/16/2016 on crixuz's profile 0
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#1165 - arearea (10/16/2016) [-]
you're a goddamn hero
#1161 - so where's your profile pic from ...just asking...for a fr…  [+] (4 replies) 10/16/2016 on crixuz's profile 0
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#1163 - arearea (10/16/2016) [-]
btw i just checked r34 and all his shits gone.
did he take it down or did it get flagged or something?
do you maybe have a dropbox or a link?
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#1165 - arearea (10/16/2016) [-]
you're a goddamn hero
#52971 - I want to build a Gaming Pc For $1000, including the monitor. …  [+] (3 replies) 10/15/2016 on Technology Board +1
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#52977 - meandyamcha (10/16/2016) [-]
I do my builds a bit differently, this is what i would go with if it were me tbh.

This is all opinionated me, i would do a mini itx build for that price, however i wouldnt advise this for every situation but you never know.


then add an extra 30 for windows 10 pro from kinguin
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#52974 - reginleaf (10/15/2016) [-]
1. Youtube vids for how to put it together. www.logicalincrements.com/ is not a bad place to start for getting an idea of what you'll be looking at. This board is not half bad for help with putting together a good build for the price. www.pcpartpicker.com/ is a good resource for showing the full part list.

2. Putting together a computer is as difficult as you want it to be. As long as you treat the parts as fragile it's about as hard as putting together lego, but choosing the right parts in the first place is somewhat trickier.

3. This one. Show us your selections through pcpartpicker if you can and we'll make suggestions (or demands...) for what you should change.

4. Never buy a prebuilt. EVER.

5. Yes. Don't use them.

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#52975 - dafuqisdisshit (10/15/2016) [-]
I would suggest the rx 480 4gb rather than the 1060 3gb as the 3GB variant is shaved down from the 6gb variant
#39 - Picture 10/05/2016 on what a girl wants +19
#40 - admin 09/26/2016 on arearea's profile 0