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#34 - If Trump wins, she will be in jail  [+] (1 reply) 10/21/2016 on Don't Accept a Rigged Election +4
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#40 - mastercolossus (10/21/2016) [-]
#92 - Trump: brings light to the issues of illegal immigration and r…  [+] (3 replies) 06/29/2016 on Applying logic to politics +5
#168 - anon (06/29/2016) [-]
" illegal immigration and radical Islamic "

Is there another thing why someone would vote for trump? Everytime i hear about trump and why peps vote for him it is about thoes two tthings... i dont want to judge anyone but i want to know if there are another reasons to vote for trump beside Foreigners.
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#192 - applejackhf (06/29/2016) [-]
Because people are tired of the same two-faced politicians running this country into the ground. People are tired of the left wings political correctness rapidly destroying western society. People want real change, not false hope promised by politicians. What makes Trump so different from them is the fact that he is not bought out by special interest groups and lobbyists. His willingness to be politically incorrect is an indicator of something deeper about his personality. Politicians are always playing it safe because they are afraid of losing support from their special interests and lobbyists. Trump is not afraid to speak his mind on issues that he cares about. It shows that he is expressing something authentic and genuine.
#171 - anon (06/29/2016) [-]
oh and i am not living in america, i am just interested
#9 - Picture 06/23/2016 on Spongebill 0
#28 - I really hope this is fake  [+] (1 reply) 05/01/2016 on Anon makes an Autistic... +7
#30 - christhulu (05/01/2016) [-]
It reflects poorly on OP, so I actually doubt it.
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