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Just a typical lurker, leave me alone.

Other nicks I use: Flapeter, Squatov, Apharon and Sidewinder.

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#9 - NISLT is the name of the channel. Guy behind it is called siN.  [+] (1 reply) 06/26/2016 on kek +1
#10 - anon (06/26/2016) [-]
You have a point

'Good old siN, the Ray WIlliam Johnson of TF2 and NISLT, the equals three of TF2'
#50 - Picture 05/30/2016 on homage +1
#75 - My info doesn't come from comics but from many movie sites I v…  [+] (1 reply) 08/28/2015 on Civil war Sides (SPOILERS) 0
#76 - sirlorge (08/28/2015) [-]
I understand, though I don't think contradicted your correction, just added the spoilers of the plot from the comics
#15 - Spoilers? Those pictures are incorrect. Caps team also i…  [+] (8 replies) 08/27/2015 on Civil war Sides (SPOILERS) +7
#62 - anon (08/28/2015) [-]
movies dont follow the comics exactly
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#42 - kerfufflemachtwo (08/28/2015) [-]
Ant-Man is there. He's on Hawkeye's shoulder.

Also, these are promo pictures released by Marvel. So, these are correct. They just didn't put in Wanda or Spidey for some reason. Spidey, at least, probably because they haven't released the design of his new look yet.

As for Panther, I'm gonna guess he starts out neutral, but ends up supporting Tony. Maybe.
#23 - sirlorge (08/27/2015) [-]
Well if I may add to your spoiler, spiderman eventually changes to cap's side
More spoilers from the comics (like specific plot point spoilerish): there's also a plethora of other characters involved including the X-men who have to remain neutral due to their legal circumstances and because mutants are going extinct, along with a fantastic subplot involving wolverine and the guy who ignited the whole ordeal, the fantastic 4 with a great emotional "twist" when Sue leaves Reed and Ben remaining neutral, going so far as to abandoning fellow heroes in one of the skirmishes, only getting involved to protect the people who are caught in the middle of it (Johnny was injured after the Stamford by an angry anti-supers mob), Thor "appears" in the sense that Iron Man and Mr Fantastic build an android with his powers (I think he was dead at the time).
More spoilers by the way, also probably comics only:
The film simply can't do the comics justice because there isn't a big enough roster of superheroes and even villains that are recruited by the government to hunt unregistered heroes to really drive the concept of this being a war. Or the whole brotherhood being broken thing for that matter, like Luke Cage who refused to leave his neighborhood with his wife and child, or Reed reading Sue's letter when she left for the other side. Or Goliath, one of the first casualties of the fight, at the hands of the fake Thor. Also, Peter Parker had been working for Tony Stark for a while in the comics, and that's a big part of the reason he joined Stark in the first place and betrays him later on with Stark's Iron Spider suit.
Also (a spoiler for the Daredevil MCU Netflix Series), Ben Urich is dead in MCU and he plays a huge part of bringing info to the reader about how the civil war is affecting the civilians And a pivotal spiderman moment that can't really happen without a huge roster and (specifically) the F4 is gonna be left out. If you've read this far, I don't think a waring is necessary, but yes, it is a spoiler After Reed Richards is upset by the whole, broken family, wife left with the kids thing, Iron man brings Pete into the Negative Zone prison that they built and Pete's faith in Tony finally breaks. Unfortunately, Tony had become so dictatorish that he spied on their conversation using bugs in the Iron Spider suit (hue hue2nd pun so far) and when Pete tries to sneak MJ and Aunt May away from Stark Tower (which also no longer exists), Tony flies through the wall and they fight through NYC.

In all reality, as much as I would love to see Old Man Logan adapted to movie format, I feel that the lack of a truly unified MCU would first off make it impossible really just make it lackluster compared to the source material
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#75 - aphaar (08/28/2015) [-]
My info doesn't come from comics but from many movie sites I visit. All of them listed those teams (but only as a rumor), and Renner (guy who plays Hawkeye) confirmed them couple of days ago.
#76 - sirlorge (08/28/2015) [-]
I understand, though I don't think contradicted your correction, just added the spoilers of the plot from the comics
#74 - aphaar has deleted their comment.
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#17 - yearofluigi (08/27/2015) [-]
Ant-Man is there, he's on Hawkeye's shoulder in the first photo and on Cap's shoulder in the second photo.
#83 - feglol (08/28/2015) [-]
good eye m8
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