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#93 - Overlord premiered last summer, and One Punch Man is currently…  [+] (1 reply) 10/23/2015 on >no headpats from soulless... +2
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#94 - centraldogma (10/23/2015) [-]
Yeah, Ains and Saitama are both pretty OP, but (spoilers in case you haven't seen Hellsing) Alucard had entire armies worth of souls inside his body, meaning that he was effectively invincible and could call upon the power of countless thousands of warriors at any time (a well as the power of a few magic users he ate as well), and by the end of the anime he had gained the power of omnipresence, making it so that he essentially cannot die unless he chooses to die.

You are right, though. Hellsing isn't the only good anime to have an OP MC.
#24 - They've pretty much scrapped the EU with the new sequels. …  [+] (11 replies) 10/21/2015 on Han Shot First +19
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#161 - dndxplain (10/21/2015) [-]
that's not true. They removed every part of the EU that wasn't connected to canon already. that's about 10% down the drain.
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#163 - seyren (10/21/2015) [-]
Is there any way to tell which of them are canon or not? since the wookipieda pretty much says everything i "leyeds", is there any more accurate place?
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#164 - dndxplain (10/21/2015) [-]
I take it you meant to say "legends"?

believe it or not, Wookiepedia has a lot of what people call the EU in the "canon" section.
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#165 - seyren (10/21/2015) [-]
Whoops, i fucked up, yeah.

I'm worried basically about the Old Republic, i love that era and it would be a shame it's not canon anymore.

There are bits here and there, but it does not seem to be canon anymore.
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#166 - dndxplain (10/21/2015) [-]
the old republic is canon.

there are too many canon things built upon it to have it become not canon.

that's the entire reason they're removing only thing that have no canon to them, so they don't have to build off of things that don't matter.
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#167 - seyren (10/21/2015) [-]
I see, thanks for the confirmation!
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#169 - dndxplain (10/21/2015) [-]
if has been covered in movie, show, or game then it is canon. books, are the only grey area.
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#170 - seyren (10/21/2015) [-]
Well it also depends on the game too i guess, one of my most favorite games, The Clone Wars for Ps2 is probably not canon since the plot was made before the 3D show came out and even thought i did not completely see the show, chances are it's completely smacked.

I also doubt Force unleashed is canon anymore, i don't know honestly.

But yeah, got your point, the books are less viewed so it's not really a big deal i guess.
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#172 - dndxplain (10/21/2015) [-]
some events of force unleashed are canon.

vader clones ain't
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#173 - seyren (10/21/2015) [-]
Yeah that would be fucking ridiculous
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#26 - ScottP (10/21/2015) [-]
That'll just be in what we'll refer to as Earth 2