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    I Need Help I Need Help
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    Wtf Humans? Wtf Humans?
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    Kony is awesome! Kony is awesome!
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    Do you even lift? Do you even lift?
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    Panda-Annie Panda-Annie

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#16 - Thank all of you guys, feel free to keep commenting on this. H…  [+] (1 reply) 06/13/2013 on I need advice +1
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#17 - chrolt (06/13/2013) [-]
WIth my admittedly sketchy knowlegde of psychology I offer this advice.

It seems to me that she has befriended you, a male in the belief that you were not a sexual "threat" for lack of a better word. Basically I don't tink, that she thought you were interested in her romantically and that's why she warmed up to you, because you were nice and safe and didn't expect or want anything of her. And if you push it with her she might stop liking you at all.

I wanna put another disclaimer here saying I'm not that smart on psychology or w/e but this is my two cents on that.

I can however offer you my sympathies and say that loving someone who is in a relationship with someone else is a horrible experience. I tried it and I eventually told her, she rejected me but still wants to be friends. We were friends for a while before I had feelings for her so I still sometimes hang out with her in the company of my other friends, and I always wonder if I should stop. But the day she rejected me openly was possibly the worst pain I have ever experienced. Sometimes I wish I had the uncertainty back because knowing that she doesn't want me hurts.

I don't think you have much of a chance romantically with this girl and if you still want to hang out with her, just remember that getting over her, and falling in love with a new girl is a lot harder when you still hang out with her.
#13 - Its not that I disagree with your opinion here. I'm just stubb…  [+] (1 reply) 06/13/2013 on I need advice +1
#18 - craftybastard (06/13/2013) [-]
I know that feeling. I'm quite stubborn sometimes too and a couple girls have done that to me as well. You never want to have to wonder "what if?" so sometimes you just gotta stay stubborn about something even if you think it might be a bad idea. My philosophy has always been "To become old and wise, we must first be young and stupid". I will admit from all the experiences I have had over the years, I have somewhat become hardened in a way, which I still am not sure if its good or bad. I don't know you but i wish you the best, so good luck man
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