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#104 - Okay this **** is not even that funny some of it is but…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/16/2012 on Classic rage guy... -11
#119 - SilentRaver (04/16/2012) [-]
Hey shit dick, these were the originals, THIS is what came before all of the stupid ass faggotry that came out of dumbass 12 year olds on funnyjunk molesting it and calling the result "rage comics" even though they're filled with "le" and don't even include the actual rage face.
User avatar #174 - angelassassin (04/16/2012) [-]
I'm sorry for having an opinion i just don't like this the original aren't always better these are
just not that funny to me some are some aren't
#11 - Yea man **** that **** it was creepy  [+] (1 new reply) 04/15/2012 on angelassassin's profile 0
User avatar #12 - mikesike (04/15/2012) [-]
ahh memories
#68 - No she can't bend air have you even watched the first 2 episod… 04/15/2012 on Avatar Rant 0
#18 - Oh alright thanks i forgot. Why was i thumbed down for asking… 04/15/2012 on FriendZone Lover 0
#45 - **angelassassin rolls 40** 34 04/15/2012 on Sick -1
#44 - **angelassassin rolls 1** 4 04/15/2012 on Sick 0
#40 - Comment deleted 04/15/2012 on Sick 0
#39 - **angelassassin rolls 2** 5 04/15/2012 on Sick 0
#14 - I read the books but how did he indirectly cause her death. C…  [+] (6 new replies) 04/15/2012 on FriendZone Lover +1
User avatar #23 - jbug (04/15/2012) [-]
he designed the parachute bomb that killed her
User avatar #29 - misfitsftw (04/15/2012) [-]
it was also his tactical idea to bomb a place, leave some time for medics to come help them then bomb again.
#17 - anomaisies (04/15/2012) [-]
He helped make the bombs and helped make the decision to drop them in case something went wrong.
User avatar #21 - RAMSAYER (04/15/2012) [-]
Friendzone? Bitch please. Brotherzoned. "I love you like a brother!"
#28 - slipperycheese (04/15/2012) [-]
i had we are like brothers mfw
User avatar #18 - angelassassin (04/15/2012) [-]
Oh alright thanks i forgot. Why was i thumbed down for asking a question
#111 - O-Okay 04/14/2012 on Survivor 0
#106 - Can someone tell me what this is i honestly don't know  [+] (5 new replies) 04/14/2012 on Survivor 0
User avatar #109 - BigBallSack (04/14/2012) [-]
Ghostly Car Ad.
Go look it up on youtube.
User avatar #112 - stripedcomet (04/14/2012) [-]
dude!! You are going to potentially kill him!
#114 - BigBallSack (04/14/2012) [-]
My hands have already been stained with blood.
User avatar #115 - stripedcomet (04/14/2012) [-]
O-o You do that... ok man... have fun with that... *runs away screaming in head*
User avatar #111 - angelassassin (04/14/2012) [-]
#380 - My friend got a detention for having an uncontrollable cough i… 04/14/2012 on Comp of Detention Slips 0
#378 - If you look under them it shows what they said 04/14/2012 on Comp of Detention Slips 0
#415 - What does the kinect update do?  [+] (1 new reply) 04/14/2012 on The feels...oh god, the feels. 0
User avatar #419 - whitcher (04/14/2012) [-]
Voice activated dragon shouts and vorious other voice activated things. Similar to the kinect compatibility of Halo CEA.
#165 - Male seahorses give birth not the females 04/14/2012 on Wat 0
#5 - **angelassassin rolls 31** You seem irritated if you don't l… 04/14/2012 on Rolling 0
#1 - Comment deleted 04/14/2012 on Dear Derp, -1
#3 - What if I told you You are wrong. 04/14/2012 on Mind blowing. 0
#40 - Comment deleted 04/14/2012 on Fucking love our community 0
#60 - I don't know yea read the last paragraph of George Lucas' rati… 04/14/2012 on Some motivation 0
#57 - Oh I'm sorry just look up who shot first and go to the wikiped… 04/14/2012 on Some motivation +1
#50 - So I looked on wikipedia and apparently Greedo shot first i kn…  [+] (5 new replies) 04/14/2012 on Some motivation +5
User avatar #58 - Sylace (04/14/2012) [-]
Found the article though, not sure why the link is broken..
User avatar #62 - lolwatthe (04/14/2012) [-]
there is an extra . on the end, that may be why...
User avatar #60 - angelassassin (04/14/2012) [-]
I don't know yea read the last paragraph of George Lucas' rationale
#56 - Sylace has deleted their comment.
User avatar #57 - angelassassin (04/14/2012) [-]
Oh I'm sorry just look up who shot first and go to the wikipedia page and read it I'm sorry it didn't work.
#1964 - I like it just gets a little boring some time 04/13/2012 on Video Games Board - console... +1
#184 - My buddy and i play but are on a different server when did you…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/13/2012 on Video Games Board - console... +1
#752 - nipplemilk has deleted their comment.
User avatar #1964 - angelassassin (04/13/2012) [-]
I like it just gets a little boring some time
#54 - They didn't say it was OC they just didn't give credit 04/13/2012 on Im A Unicorn 0


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User avatar #66 - angelassassin (10/22/2014) [-]
**angelassassin rolls 921,384,338**
User avatar #64 - angelassassin (10/22/2014) [-]
**angelassassin rolls 769,925,656**
User avatar #65 to #64 - angelassassin (10/22/2014) [-]
**angelassassin rolls 172,227,294**
User avatar #63 - angelassassin (10/22/2014) [-]
**angelassassin rolls 281,618,384**
User avatar #62 - angelassassin (09/30/2014) [-]
**angelassassin rolls 9**
User avatar #61 - angelassassin (09/30/2014) [-]
**angelassassin rolls 1**
User avatar #60 - angelassassin (09/30/2014) [-]
**angelassassin rolls 7**
User avatar #59 - angelassassin (04/16/2014) [-]
(Hey! Please tell me if you're reading. I'm Rose, 18 F USA. I'm 5'7", with long, curly dark red hair, blue eyes, dimples, and freckles. I'm pale, skinny but curvy in all the right places. My cup size is 38C. This is supposed to be a cute and romantic roleplay but it can turn sexual.) You and I were friends since we were born. Nothing could have separated us. We always flirted with each other, playfully and everybody thought we should be a couple. So we decided that we should go out. We had a great relationship until you got drunk one night at a party and started kissing some girl. I walked in right when you were kissing her. I was heartbroken and I ran out of the party with tears running down my face. When I got home I called you and broke up with you. That was about a month ago and I'm still heartbroken. I haven't talked to you since that night. You've called me, texted me and even emailed me but I never answered. Now it's my family's annual barbecue and your family is invited. You decide to come since you think it's a good chance for you to talk to me. When you walk into the backyard you see me talking to my older brother, Blake, and another family friend, Josh. I don't notice you walk into the backyard. I'm wearing a floral dress that clings to my curves and a pair of black converse. My hair is straightened and flowing down my back. (If interested start your name, asl, a description of yourself and what you're wearing. Then continue)
User avatar #58 - angelassassin (04/16/2014) [-]
Hey there! I’m Kailey, 18 F USA. I have long, wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 5'4 with a small tan and athletic body. Please include name, ASL, and a description of yourself and use good grammar. It might not show when I type. We have been dating for the past 6 months and I couldn't have been happier. Unknown to me this whole relationship is based off of a lie. 6 months you made a bet to your friends and they made you ask me out and told you whenever they felt like it they would have you break up with me. If you don't follow through with this you owed them a lot of money and vice versa if you break it off with me,They told you earlier today that during the party that we just arrived at it would be the night for it to happen. I walk up to the house, my arm linked with yours, excited to be here cause it's been said this would be the party of the year.
User avatar #57 - angelassassin (02/10/2014) [-]
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like roleplay.
Stranger: (Please tell me if you are reading) I’m Brooke, 18 F from Canada, I’m 5’3, 110 lbs, with long brown hair and brown eyes, I have dimples, a tight toned body, and belly piercing. You and I have been dating for about a year, you are the captain of the football team and I am head cheerleader. It is the final game of the season against our rival school, near the end of the game the score is tied up, we run the last play and just as the final buzzer goes off we get the winning touchdown. The crowd goes wild and we all go running onto the field to celebrate, I run out to look for you.. (please reply with your name, age, and a description of yourself and then continue the role play)
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