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    sudden poop explosion disease sudden poop explosion disease

latest user's comments

#3 - Picture 06/18/2016 on Old but gold +2
#2 - Not just that, that girl used ALL the cards. She's 13 (young c…  [+] (6 replies) 06/16/2016 on Trump Bullshit +202
User avatar
#47 - keygen (06/17/2016) [-]
you should play persona
#3 - anon (06/16/2016) [-]
and the female card. I think.
#45 - vexigen (06/17/2016) [-]
I hope she also has her green card.
User avatar
#29 - tenaciouslee (06/17/2016) [-]
The name of it is actually "Pussy pass", it's not the female card.
User avatar
#31 - clintonator (06/17/2016) [-]
Never have i ever heard the term "Pussy pass". Everyone else says "The woman card".
In fact "Pussy pass" sounds more like what you give your girlfriend when she acts like a bitch and you wanna slap her but you also wanna get laid tonight.
#33 - tenaciouslee (06/17/2016) [-]
Well, Bill Clinton would know, I guess.

Thanks, Bill.
#18 - >Say hi >Get treated like garbage >"Well…  [+] (2 replies) 06/13/2016 on when i text girls +24
User avatar
#21 - warioteam (06/13/2016) [-]
>>#17, >>#18, i now realize he meant the right guy to say fuck off, not the left
ie R: "its jim" L: "how do i block you"R: "fuck off" instead of R:"its jim" L:"fuck off"
User avatar
#22 - warioteam (06/13/2016) [-]
but fuckin rad downthumbs my friends
#7 - I'd love that! But how can you be so sure?  [+] (1 reply) 06/12/2016 on E3 Bingo Results: EA 0
User avatar
#8 - rui (06/12/2016) [-]
Developers kept teasing that they're making a game on their twitter, they got new employees, Shu Yoshida got to play and test the game. All that was a year ago. Now the game should be finished and ready for a reveal. It's also fitting since inFamous: Second Son was revealed immediately after the reveal of the PS4, and now the next inFamous is going to be revealed immediately after the reveal of the PS4 Slim.
#3 - Why is this being thumbed down? I laughed  [+] (2 replies) 06/10/2016 on America gives Australian... +9
#15 - anon (06/11/2016) [-]
ausies are fucking pricks
User avatar
#18 - Mesmus (06/11/2016) [-]
thats subjective you fat cunt
#455 - nice response, dumbass  [+] (8 replies) 06/09/2016 on smack her up when she ackin up +1
User avatar
#457 - therealfell (06/09/2016) [-]
I say she shouldn't have hit him

I say he should have let her leave

you can clearly see his drunken ass reacted to her trying to leave, not to her hitting him
User avatar
#462 - rui (06/09/2016) [-]
No, he didn't punch her when she left he punched her when he tried calming her down and she continued beating him up. When she tried to leave (in what could be his car), he closed the door and held her in a bear hug so she couldn't use her hands to beat him up even more. Why did he wait until she continued beating him to strike back if he started acting up when she decided to leave?
User avatar
#464 - therealfell (06/09/2016) [-]
no, I mean when he tried kissing her and she was pushing him away, not abusively, but in a back off, I don't want to kiss you, manner

and see how he grabs her like a rag doll and drops her again onto the ground?
he was not reacting to her hitting him. he's clearly abusive.

how can you defend him after he attacked the innocent woman with the phone?
and he is obviously drunk
he forced her into the car grabbing her hair and shit
and again, drunkenly, drove away with her, against her will.
User avatar
#479 - rui (06/09/2016) [-]
>drops her again on the floor
It was obvious that he tried helping her get on her feet but she acted like she was unconscious and entered ragdoll mode only to get back up literally 1 second later.

>attacked the innocent woman with the phone
you mean the woman that did nothing when she was assaulting him and then was gonna call the police because he fought back. Reverse the genders and you get the answer. A guy beating up a girl and when she fights back another guy comes in and calls the cops on her. If you felt like the 2 stories are different then you're a retard.

>drove away with her, against her will
there was enough time for her to get out of the car and escape while he was with the blonde girl. I agree that the guy looked drunk but again he didn't want it to come down to fighting, kept getting beat up and beat up and only fought back after so much punishment. Was it wrong that he drove off drunk? Absolutely. Everything before that? He was being assaulted and was gonna be arrested for fighting back.
User avatar
#556 - iloveyouaddy (06/09/2016) [-]
You're no different to the tumblr-tards trying so hard to defend this man without knowing him, off a 1 minute video, and when given the source which clearly shows that he is obviously aggressive, that this is obviously NOT the first time this has happened, still trying to defend him because of your backwards view on women. Yes this woman was in the wrong 100%, and he would be right to slap her back, push her away, punch her once. But full on beating her up because she is trying to leave, and attacking the women trying to help her, for any reason, is insane. And you trying to justify this is equally as crazy. They are both in the wrong.
User avatar
#497 - amuzen (06/09/2016) [-]
> He tried yanking her up onto her feet in response to the bystander and she falls back down on the ground. She just had her face smashed in by five completely unblocked, unbraced, haymakers then slammed into the cement. She's not going to be in a state where she can stand on her own two feet unassisted for at least a few minutes after that.

> If a 160+ lb guy was hitting a 200+ lb girl with punches that were SO ineffectual the girl didn't even flinch then yeah, I wouldn't call the cops. I'd be suspicious and on guard to see if it escalated. Not EVERYTHING is some sort of feminist propaganda bullshit. this has NOTHING to do with gender politics or sterotyping or any of that bullshit. You're saying this guy is justified in attacking the bystander because she didn't try to call the cops when someone who couldn't even phase him with their full strength tried to attack him AFTER he grabbed them and shoved his face in theirs. And even then you're really never justified in attacking someone because they're trying to call the cops. If the cops show up and you did something wrong you have the right to defend yourself in court, not by attacking the person with the phone.

> Again she just had the SHIT beat out of her head she's not going to be thinking straight for 10-20 minutes at least assuming she doesn't have a concussion or brain damage in which case she might not ever be thinking straight again. She does what little she can to try and resist getting shoved into the car which is why he twists her arm around behind her back and shoves her in.
User avatar
#485 - therealfell (06/09/2016) [-]
btw maybe she couldn't get away because 1 minute prior she had the living hell beat out of her.
maybe, possibly?
User avatar
#484 - therealfell (06/09/2016) [-]
no, he tried forcing her to her feet.

and she was calling for help. that girl had the shit beat out of her and she should have gone to the hospital. she hit her head on the ground. that's very fucking dangerous, I had a friend who died from that the day after it happened.

and yeah, because clearly he was allowing her to get away the multiple other times she tried.

he didn't defend himself, he went apeshit.
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