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#16 - Keep your praises short and sweet. Keep your punishments g…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/08/2014 on Fuck Jennifer -1
User avatar #19 - kalagas (12/08/2014) [-]
If your kid is just chemically depressed because it runs in the family, ie. you've had members of your family commit suicide, they should be on some sort of SSRI. Coming from someone who has this background, and was told "oh no, don't use anti-depressants, they numb you, you're fucked" that fucked me up much more than just going on them. They don't change you at all, in fact. The brain doesn't fully develop in males until passed the age of 25, but if more than 4 months of severe depression is experienced and suicidal ideation starts to kick in, you get them on the fucking pill. 16, 17, 18, doesn't fucking matter. For some it's not a matter of just having negative thoughts or being socially isolated, it's not the cause of the depression, you can just be genetically disposed to it, as I was.
#141 - ... rock picking? Cork in your hat? Blow-fly? Lami…  [+] (3 new replies) 12/06/2014 on Australian Problems Pt 8 +1
User avatar #153 - skeletorexplains (12/07/2014) [-]
>Rock picking
They just mean don't pick up a rock in australia like say...if you wanted to bash in some retards skull with a rock, Don't because you may come in contact with the trapdoor spider. (Look it up.)
>Cork hat
I explained this in comment #151
They're flies with a metallic look to them. They sometimes bite. Not always.
Lamington- A cake with coconut sprinkled over it and cream in the middle if i remember right.
User avatar #179 - TheBigGummyBear (12/07/2014) [-]
#186 - skeletorexplains (12/07/2014) [-]
It was eaten.
#80 - Jeesus christ that's ******* horrifying. 12/06/2014 on Australian Problems Pt 2 0
#21 - **ainise rolled image ** wtf japan 12/06/2014 on Marshtomp Comp 0
#17 - **ainise rolled image ** wat. 12/06/2014 on Alot in 1 picture 0
#89 - Just use the Fate/Stay version or something. I'm more surprise… 12/06/2014 on 10 Iconic Fictional Swords 0
#87 - Cloud was in soldier, he was under Zack and had a psychotic br…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/06/2014 on 10 Iconic Fictional Swords 0
User avatar #204 - simplelife (12/06/2014) [-]

Gonna copy and paste what I wrote to the guy below.

Cloud never made it through the Soldier program. He was a regular Shinra grunt that Hojo took fascination in because he bested Sephiroth, and was experimented on alongside Zack. He went through major psychological issues and took on Zack's life and some memories/personality traits. He wasn't in Soldier.
#133 - *roll (2-10) D(2-20)* IE: *roll D20* = 1 die, *Roll 3d20* … 12/06/2014 on my D&D roll ideas 0
#33 - The **** ..Not going for a jog because their's a couple …  [+] (9 new replies) 12/06/2014 on Australian Problems Pt 2 +1
User avatar #100 - fukkentyranitar (12/06/2014) [-]
Imagine a real bird that can use quick attack and double edge.
User avatar #77 - anaphase (12/06/2014) [-]
They swoop you and sometimes bite your ear. But if you turn around and look them in the eye as they swoop you they chicken out
#108 - bibbity (12/06/2014) [-]
That's a real fucking stupid idea, you look them in the eye and they will take your eye.
User avatar #114 - anaphase (12/06/2014) [-]
Not in my experience. Look them in the eye and they wheel right round and sit in the nearest tree until your back is turned again
#116 - bibbity (12/06/2014) [-]
A 1997 report on magpie attacks found that the eye was the single most frequently injured body part, and there are a huge number of news articles about people losing eyes to magpies. Furthermore, here theconversation.com/from-cable-ties-to-losing-eyes-how-to-survive-magpie-season-17579 is an article that discusses ways of avoiding magpie attacks, one of which is to put fake eyes on the back of your head so they think they're watched and don't attack. It was found to not work.
User avatar #149 - anaphase (12/06/2014) [-]
Wow, okay. There's one up the road from me and I used to do that when it swooped me on my way home from the bus stop. Worked like a charm every time.

But thanks for actually substantiating your claim with evidence anyway. Won't do it so much anymore.
User avatar #47 - dehnoobshow (12/06/2014) [-]
>>#36, >>#39,
"Basically, medium-sized bird-shaped packets of pure hatred. Now with talons."- friedgreenpomatoes
Guessing they attack passersby for no reason.
User avatar #44 - friedgreenpomatoes (12/06/2014) [-]
Imagine a crow with the personality of a goose.

In that it will fuck up the shit of anything that gets near its eggs.
#80 - ainise (12/06/2014) [-]
Jeesus christ that's fucking horrifying.
#40 - Damn, beat to it. 12/06/2014 on Greatest. Story. Ever. 0
#38 - **ainise rolled image ** I don't know what anything in … 12/06/2014 on Australian Problems Pt 1 0
#56 - Normal dicks don't vibrate.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/06/2014 on I know what I'm getting for... +3
User avatar #64 - toradorataiga (12/06/2014) [-]
Mine does.
#337 - Shh, Don't tell them. It keeps them from leaving. 12/04/2014 on well..um.. +1
#22 - I wouldn't say holding him back, He even said he got what he n…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/04/2014 on True... +1
User avatar #92 - iridium (12/05/2014) [-]
When I say "holding him back", I mean that the commitment to his education got in the way of him starting a company which would later become Microsoft, which is why he dropped out.
#1888 - I hate my first name. 12/04/2014 on Meme Game 0
#46 - Hehe.. You better read those ******* contracts. …  [+] (2 new replies) 12/04/2014 on Clients from Hell... +17
#51 - databutt (12/04/2014) [-]
Yeah, the job really has to be worth it. I've been stuck on a few jobs, and it's always by the people who have the money to pay the damned bill. If it's under $500, it's not even worth the trouble. I just send them a harassing letter every week in my spare time hoping they will pay.
#49 - thearcher (12/04/2014) [-]
Damn, I really hope you get every penny - you deserve it
#89 - I definitely wouldn't call Autism a "crippling mental ill…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/03/2014 on OCD -1
User avatar #91 - warioteam (12/03/2014) [-]
i was talking about ocd you cunt nuglet
#88 - Most highly intelligent people have something different about …  [+] (3 new replies) 12/03/2014 on OCD 0
#117 - anonymous (12/03/2014) [-]
"Dumb guy jelly on smart people. Randomly assigns autism and other illness.
Still doesn't get smarter."
User avatar #115 - TonHyukOTP (12/03/2014) [-]
While I agree that autism isn't a shameful thing my ex is a high functioning autist , people are overdiagnosing autism on everyone. My son is like the boy on the right here, but my niece is more like the left. She organizes stuff a lot, and got colors/matching well before her age level. My mother, a registered nurse, an actual medical professional, scared my sister by constantly saying or implying that my niece "seemed" autistic, despite her pediatrician's consistent assurance to my sister that her daughter is absolutely neurotypical. Autism has been given a lot of attention lately, so now everyone thinks they know "how to spot autism" or whatever, when they don't.
#118 - anonymous (12/03/2014) [-]
perhaps you are so autistic, you cannot distinguish autism?

Yes, that is the most logical explanation. You are autistic on another level.
#90 - Damn, I wish it was that severe here. The legal limit… 12/03/2014 on Promise cards +1
#41 - ビリビリ キラキラ & ピカピカ 12/03/2014 on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 0
#40 - キラキラ is what a gem or a star would do. Translated, ピ…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/03/2014 on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer +1
#41 - ainise (12/03/2014) [-]
ビリビリ キラキラ & ピカピカ
#22 - ピカピカ(note that it uses katakana rather than hiragana) …  [+] (4 new replies) 12/02/2014 on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer +4
User avatar #35 - xxhunterxx (12/03/2014) [-]
What about キラキラ?
Or is that closer to "sparkle"
#40 - ainise (12/03/2014) [-]
キラキラ is what a gem or a star would do. Translated, ピカピカ and キラキラ could all be translated fairly similarly, but there's subtle differences between them.
#41 - ainise (12/03/2014) [-]
ビリビリ キラキラ & ピカピカ
User avatar #23 - blerdegerb (12/02/2014) [-]
okay, thank you
#76 - **ainise rolled user theluppijackal ** Nudes plox. 12/02/2014 on And then she did 0
#32 - Ya'know, I hear the word "Harassment" thrown around … 12/02/2014 on Public Parks +4
#11 - kurai yomichi ha pikapika no omae no hana ga yaku ni tatsu…  [+] (11 new replies) 12/02/2014 on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer +49
User avatar #46 - elcreepo (12/03/2014) [-]
That one I can see as delighting small children

Of course being useful would be an important trait to Japanese, though...
#31 - anonymous (12/02/2014) [-]
Get your fucking romanji bullshit out of here you god-damn pleb piece of shit. I bet you don't even have a waifu you 3DDP
#21 - blerdegerb (12/02/2014) [-]
are you telling me "pikapika" is "sparkle" or "glitter"
User avatar #63 - anotheroneonearth (12/03/2014) [-]
that's right, also nuke was called "pika-don" (flash bomb)
#22 - ainise (12/02/2014) [-]
ピカピカ(note that it uses katakana rather than hiragana) is what they call a Gitaigo, which is essentially an onomatopoeia. Pikapika is the gitaigo of something sparkling.

Pikachu's lightning is like this, and that's why they used "pika-pika" as his main mode of talking.
User avatar #35 - xxhunterxx (12/03/2014) [-]
What about キラキラ?
Or is that closer to "sparkle"
#40 - ainise (12/03/2014) [-]
キラキラ is what a gem or a star would do. Translated, ピカピカ and キラキラ could all be translated fairly similarly, but there's subtle differences between them.
#41 - ainise (12/03/2014) [-]
ビリビリ キラキラ & ピカピカ
User avatar #23 - blerdegerb (12/02/2014) [-]
okay, thank you
User avatar #14 - therealmario (12/02/2014) [-]
That one is a lot nicer
User avatar #13 - emiyashirou (12/02/2014) [-]
"no sa" doesn't have any direct meaning in that sentence, it's just emphasis.


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