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Had a small DDOS. We're back now after I nulled some IPs.

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User avatar #88 - braddlesxp (02/13/2011) [-]
your inbox is disabled :P
User avatar #89 to #94 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
Sorry bro! I forgot! With all the mass messages I forget :P So what do ya think?
User avatar #90 to #95 - braddlesxp (02/13/2011) [-]
its a pretty interesting idea
but how would we both work on one with such different drawing styles?
User avatar #91 to #96 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
Do you use paint or photoshop?
User avatar #92 to #98 - braddlesxp (02/13/2011) [-]
User avatar #93 to #99 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
Is it on windows 7?
#95 to #100 - braddlesxp (02/13/2011) [-]
My characters look like this by the way
#101 to #102 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
This is just a quick one I made on Photoshop, I could probably get it to look a little more like yours with some more time.
User avatar #103 to #109 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
I admit it isn't the best but I'll just make a few adjustments. :P
User avatar #104 to #110 - braddlesxp (02/13/2011) [-]
i was probably thinking that if we were to do a comic between both of us
you should make it how you feel comfortable in making it
it will seem kinda weird if you tried to make my characters.
User avatar #105 to #111 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
I don't really have a particular style but if I did I'd like a simplistic one like yours.
User avatar #96 to #102 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
Yeah, I love your comics!
I'd love to do some with you!
I'm on Vista so the quality wont be as good.
I have photoshop though.
User avatar #97 to #103 - braddlesxp (02/13/2011) [-]
at the moment im designing facial expressions
User avatar #98 to #104 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
So what do you think? If we alternate between comics then the styles wont really matter
User avatar #99 to #105 - braddlesxp (02/13/2011) [-]
i will need some time to think.
maybe plan out frames
User avatar #100 to #106 - afrojack (02/13/2011) [-]
yeah, we'll need an idea too if we do it
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