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#45 - what Florida home with 3 exits, one oddly attached to the mast…  [+] (18 replies) 01/25/2012 on Telephone adventure -1
#65 - fetacheese (01/25/2012) [-]
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#68 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
oh be quite Patrick, you don't have to read it if you don't want to.
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#70 - fetacheese (01/25/2012) [-]
well I really really enjoy reading the comments. I think they are usually funnier than the content. I'd rather not scroll through what is now a whole entire page of argument from you two just to get to the funny.
#49 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]
>goes on funnyjunk

>sees comic

>knows it's a florida house

> thinks 3 exists are only accessible from the rooms

>bitches about it

>never took Auto Cad or Architecture

no sir, YOUR logic is flawed.

#54 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
>goes on funnyjunk

>sees comment

>rages about it before thinking his argument through

>gets it point out that it is obviously possible that it could be a one story home.

>also gets it pointed out to him that while it is possible it is very improbably while knowing that by it having a sun room it isn't a trailer home, houses built to raise a family, hence the 3 bedrooms, would at least have a basement unless the architect was a complete fucking moron but there is not even a staircase going downstairs.

>also notice that this was placed on funnyjunk where people on average don't go into detailed schematics for a comic

>gets it noted to him that architects almost always install basements because it is a relatively cheap addition that can greatly increase the worth of the home.

>gets made to look like an asshole for jumping to conclusions about other peoples comments and sexual preferences.
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#56 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]
>sees comment correcting you

> writes long comment, expecting me to read your explaination of how you're correct and i'm wrong.

> expects me to read


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#58 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
Cool story bro, I bet you tell it at all the parties. The "Profit" at the end of lists idiotic and makes you look like a wannabe troll. I commend you at your failed attempt to be clever. If you want me to I can give you all of the reasons why you your comments are ignorantly structured, but I'm sure you 12 year old brain would implode. Watch you not even read all of this and post an imbecilic comment only further adding to the cancer of the internet.
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#60 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]
actually, i'm 17, been threw welding, drafting and auto-cad.
So i know what i'm talking about.

Your comment was talking about the three exists, right?
no. it was a first story home, for one. there is no stair case in the blue print.

second, the florida/sun room doesn't mean it's in florida. it's the name of the room type.
like a breeze way doesn't necessarily mean it's breezy (my aunt had one, and it was pretty warm)

any questions?

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#61 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
My God you dumb fuck.
">knows it's a florida house

> thinks 3 exists are only accessible from the rooms"

In these two lines you have A) agreed with me that it was a Florida home and B) given me a valid cause to retouch the exits because you clearly where half blazed when you read my comment or are an illiterate son of a bitch that cannot understand wording in sentences to understand what they mean to say.

Also after I made my comment retaliating to your failed attempt you obviously went back and read my comment to try to save yourself in your loosing battle.

"> expects me to read


>profit. "

Just because you took a highschool auto-cad; which lets be honest, at a highschool level is really a joke of a class, doesn't make you an expert on all matter architectural related. You should spend more time learning grammatical structure and how to construct a more solid argument before you try to run with the big dogs.

In your last comment you gave tons of pointless and uninteresting examples, continued to show just how much you don't know about what is being discussed, and flip-flopped your argumentative views to try to make them fulfill your needs.

Go lay down child.
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#63 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]
It wasn't pointless, i was telling you based off the motherfucking blue prints, you are wrong.

Holy fuck, i thought my generation was dumb, but you've got to be the biggest fucking retard i've ever met.
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#66 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
you have the official blueprints of this home and not the half-assed blueprints that are very common of websites such as the one you are posting on
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#69 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]
dude, it was used for a joke. Not everything has to be 100% accurate.
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#62 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]

i was being sarcastic, saying you KNOW it is, meaning like you've been there and seen the house when you haven't.

God damn it, please don't tell me your ignorance is contagious.
#64 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
Have you really never debated in your life? When in an argument you must make a rebuttal to every topic your opponent brings up. Dear god your generation does not know anything about proper procedures. For the defense of intellectual conversation please post a new rebuttal to my comment that is "up to snuff". Don't worry, we will wait for you.
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#67 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]
uhm, yea. My honors english teacher gave me an A on a debate speach i prepared on spot.
Doesn't saying much since amerifat schools are shitty as fuck, but obviously i know more about the subject, since i'm going to go to drafting contest for a scholarship in may.

What have you done with your life, seeing that you're trying to argue with someone younger than you, and you couldn't even use proper grammar or spelling when trying to rebuke me.

So many fallacies....
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#71 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
Once again you have failed in your comment and let me tell you every reason why.
Exhibit A - You are commenting on the internet and you ACTUALLY write out the word "uhm". Even in in-person conversations you do not say "uhm" unless you want to look like a pretentious prick.
Exhibit B - ON the internet you can say you are whoever you like. You can "say" you are in Honors English and a great debater but ass always, pics or it didn't happen.
Exhibit C - You never agree with the opponent in a way that strengthens their argument.
Exhibit D - "shitty as fuck" need I say more.
Exhibit E - In an argument you cannot say "obviously i know more about the subject" until you give the reason as to why it is obvious, or you will obviously look like a moronic user who, yet again, does not understand the concept of sentence structure.
Exhibit F - "What have you done with your life" making personal attacks on the opponent's unrelated interests is always an act of desperation by those unable to amass their thoughts into a clever retaliation to make them and their arguments seem invalid.
Exhibit G - You still have yet to retaliate to all topics I brought up. Do you really need me to point out which ones you missed?
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#72 - guessmyusername (01/25/2012) [-]

you're boring the shit out of me.

Stop trying to look smart, no one fucking cares.

It's no longer entertaining upholding this "debate".

BTW: a debate involves two sides, discussing logically why one side should be supported and the other should not.

You're a fool who feels self righteous based on age alone, you've already shown you know nothing of schemadics or blue prints.

good day
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#59 - acetherouge (01/25/2012) [-]
check and check
#73 - I like how everyone who has watched porn can automatically spo…  [+] (1 reply) 01/23/2012 on Still a better lovestory... 0
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#93 - airmax (01/23/2012) [-]
that guy, and Johnny Sins. Everyone knows Johnny Sins.
#315 - and an O.... 01/20/2012 on SOPA? +3
#999 - it allows the govenment to censor anything that is view in ame…  [+] (1 reply) 01/20/2012 on S.O.P.A 0
#1048 - anon (01/20/2012) [-]
Oh okay thank youuu. :D