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    Epic reply is epic Epic reply is epic
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    Just /b/ being /b/ Just /b/ being /b/
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    There is no need to be upset There is no need to be upset
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    U Mad US? U Mad US?
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    Stare Dad Again Stare Dad Again
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#72 - Because a 5-7 minute strip of philosophical dialogue is much h… 15 hours ago on Anime wasnt a mistake. +7
#45 - It might have something to do as to how people with a criminal…  [+] (7 new replies) 07/25/2016 on The Heat is On Hillary for... +4
#48 - pickypeach (07/25/2016) [-]
would you like to back that comment up with some evidence? im almost entirely sure that thats not true.
#68 - doctersmiles (07/25/2016) [-]
are you entirely sure that's not true? can you get a citation on that bud?
you shoot down everyone's claims even though >>#65, went above and beyond and hooked you up with links.
defend your points peach.
#70 - pickypeach (07/25/2016) [-]
no, im almost entirely sure thats not true.
#73 - doctersmiles (07/25/2016) [-]
i'll need a citation for that, odviously i can't take you for your word (that would be ludicrous)
#75 - pickypeach (07/25/2016) [-]
it would seem that no such article exists. the only article related to crime and office is Article II, section 4, says that "...all civil officers shall removed from office upon impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanor"

this does not say that criminals cannot run for office. also, youre trying to make me prove a negative which is very not possible. this is the best that i can do.
#76 - pickypeach (07/25/2016) [-]
...all civil officers of the united states, shall removed from office upon impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanor"

sorry, my bad.
#77 - pickypeach (07/25/2016) [-]

...all civil officers of the united states, shall be removed from office upon impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanor"

there, perfect
#42 - All you will need, all you shouldn't get, and with p… 07/25/2016 on give me mod for skyrim. 0
#982 - b0ss please gibe the away 06/11/2016 on Last giveaway for a while 0
#18 - Hit me up in the mentions too, please. 06/08/2016 on OC-Orc Quest concept art 0
#90 - >Not having fun playing Reinhardt ******* tbqh 05/09/2016 on Basically Genji. +1
#57 - >DmC d0nte is edgy and autismal, completely bidimensional … 05/07/2016 on broken logic 0
#7 - It's almost as if characters were meant to be blank bidimensio…  [+] (4 new replies) 05/07/2016 on broken logic +20
#60 - ponchies (05/07/2016) [-]
While having certain elements that may slightly contrast a character DOES make for dynamics, I don't think a simple "showing butt" makes for any character development.

While I would say it simply shows she can still be flattering, even with her "tomboy" personality, I wouldn't necessarily call it "dynamic."
There's a difference between "admirable character traits or quirks" and "dynamic character development"
To me, that just sounds like those little excuses that you guys or other people make often to justify simple sexiness or admirable teasing.
"She breathes through her skin!" "She's in disguise and going undercover!" "Her big breasts hold life, thus putting a balance to how she controls death or some shit" "she's a big monster, that means her breasts have to be super duper!" "She controls the powers of the sun with her magnificent ass!" (Okay that ones made up)
Is it so hard to admit you love some booty or boobs?
It's not like anyone's going to judge, i love myself some nice fanservice time to time too. as long as it isn't shoe horned, try-hard, or drawn poorly. /spoiler]

My point is:
You can justify sexiness out of admirable interest. "Tracer looks sexy but cute in this pose. It surely fits her character nicely."
Don't just go "it ruins her dynamics and character development if she doesn't show booty!"
[spoiler] I also found this picture. I honestly realized just how much of a perfect combo of hot but adorable Tracer is
#14 - commencingfailure (05/07/2016) [-]
"I want this wall colored green"
"Wtf are you lol fucking idiot purely green isn't dynamic at all what's wrong with you! We at least need some fucking shit stains on there and a bit of purple"
User avatar
#59 - brobyddark (05/07/2016) [-]
Why green instead of emerald, mate?
User avatar
#57 - Zedotelhado (05/07/2016) [-]
>DmC d0nte is edgy and autismal, completely bidimensional
>shit character "has no development or any other traits outside of it"

>OW Tracer is genki kawaii, completely bidimensional
>Great character, any attempts to showcase traits outside of it are met with criticism because they deviate from the bidimensional slate

I hope this helped.
#46 - Or just go here and find all of these, more, guides … 05/03/2016 on Skyrim mods: Quality of life 0
#1111 - **Zedotelhado used "*roll picture*"** **Zedotelhado rolled … 04/27/2016 on your date unzips her pants 0
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