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#84 - joshlol  [+] (1 reply) 09/21/2016 on Battlefield 1 beta official... +19
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#96 - joshlol (09/21/2016) [-]
#23 - Yeah, but the chances of you getting it are astronomical.  [+] (2 replies) 09/13/2016 on The Promised Land +1
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#32 - kadish (09/13/2016) [-]
...doesn't "astronomical" mean big?
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#33 - xtrmbragnrytz (09/13/2016) [-]
Hey man, im pretty suave. Maybe he has a point
#93 - With what? They're harder than diamond.  [+] (2 replies) 09/07/2015 on Incredible +8
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#139 - synthane (09/07/2015) [-]
Maybe he softens them up a bit with heatray vision, then sharpens them. Then he could use his cold powers He has those, right? to re-solidify the nails.
#98 - anon (09/07/2015) [-]
His other nails, his teeth, diamondso who knows
#13 - Age of consent is 16 in Georgia. She's legal.  [+] (19 replies) 05/26/2015 on better than sherlock. +49
#38 - anon (05/26/2015) [-]
we shold lower aeg of consent to 5 xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddd

fucking pedo degenerates
age of consent should be 18
#32 - anon (05/26/2015) [-]
Only if the age difference is less than five years. If it's greater, age of consent is 18.
#48 - atomicjojo (05/26/2015) [-]
idk y people thumbed you down, that's true, as well as here in NC as well.
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#18 - mrchris (05/26/2015) [-]
Nyet, youre both wrong. Legal at 16 but only the other consenting party to be 18 so she can be 16 but you have to be under 18 but ovdr 16. After that if she is 16-17 but not 18 and you are 19 then you are the adult and are expected to act as such.
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#16 - kiaserzerg (05/26/2015) [-]
first, move to georgia, and tell someone you want to fuck a 16 year old. watch how well hat goes over, you still look like a total pedophile. second federal age is 18. federal trumps state law.
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#51 - kiaserzerg (05/27/2015) [-]
wow, ther are a lot of people who want to fuck a minor.

when did i come across the middle east?
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#33 - propanex (05/26/2015) [-]
That federal law is mainly for internet and porn.

Sexual acts of consent is still regulated by state.
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#23 - warbob (05/26/2015) [-]
a pedophile is a person who feels sexual attraction to prebubescent children.

In other words the term is wrongfully applied if one of the parties isn't below the age of 13
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#27 - kiaserzerg (05/26/2015) [-]
think any body cares about the exact definition?

"ya know, i want to fuck that 16 year old girl"

"dude, you fucking pedophile. Im calling the cops"
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#31 - warbob (05/26/2015) [-]
well yea , that's why I'm making attempts to relieve people of their ignorance by correcting their wrong assumptions and half-baked knowledge on certain things I happen to be more knowledgeable of.
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#29 - badgoodass (05/26/2015) [-]
What are they gonna do th, arrest you? legal is legal m8 dont be mad :^)
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#30 - kiaserzerg (05/26/2015) [-]
again, it actually isnt legal on federal level, which trumps state law always. and, you yourself have to be 18 or less.
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#40 - iqequalzero (05/26/2015) [-]
Remind me again why the fuck there is a state law then.
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#50 - kiaserzerg (05/27/2015) [-]
because if a legal matter is important enough, and the state system cant seem to handle it, the federal steps in, same as the supreme court steps above federal.
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#52 - iqequalzero (05/27/2015) [-]
Well thats all fine and dandy, but the states can handle their own legal age legislation just fine, so it isnt relevant to the discussion.
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#53 - kiaserzerg (05/27/2015) [-]
its entirely relevant, because if someone gets pissed enoujgh, no matter what the state law is "daddy! i love him, he is only 19!"

dad dont give a fuck, raises a shit storm and johnny boy ends up in federal for 15-20.
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#54 - iqequalzero (05/27/2015) [-]
So the legal system is entirely based on public opinion and placating the masses, instead of, you know, the rules? Thats pretty fucked up.

So a dude can have sex with a consenting, legal aged person, and just because her dad doesnt like it, it gets moved to federal, suddenly what he did becomes a crime.

Yeah, I grow increasingly disgusted with the american sense of "justice" with every passing day.
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#55 - kiaserzerg (05/27/2015) [-]
welcome to democracy, i love this country but i fucking hate the people running it.
#39 - anon (05/26/2015) [-]
I believe states regulate it, otherwise what's the freaking point to have a state law if the federal law overrules it regardless?
#46 - Dang man, your comment didn't load before I posted, sorry. …  [+] (1 reply) 01/28/2015 on Money talks again 0
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#47 - superffuzzylogik (01/28/2015) [-]
Don't be shame
As long as it's there for someone to enjoy.
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