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#206 - 1. he's full of himself 2. he sides with SJWs 3. he's …  [+] (5 replies) 08/25/2015 on Egoraptor 0
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#226 - fuccthedevil (08/25/2015) [-]
He doesn't side with them. He side -steps- them. Meaning he doesn't poke the beast so that his channel doesn't get targeted. It's smart.

The game grumps channel is a business. All youtube channels that make money are.
#209 - bluemagebrilly (08/25/2015) [-]
1. I agree he's a bit arrogant, but not unjustifiably. Seems pretty standard to me at least.
2. From what I heard his only thing is "Don't yell at her for something she /could/ have done" but I haven't followed that crap at all so he could have said other stuff.
3. Welcome to being married.
4. It is a business, not a hobby. It's just a business that can be enjoyed.
5. He treats people rather casually from what I've seen. But he's also a bit jaded from fans because they all bad mouth him 24/7 if they get into the habit.

That's just my opinion, though. I like all the grumps equally except for when Ross is in one of his moods, and Kevin.

Ross is bothersome to watch when he doesn't care about the game, because he just kinda wanders around and messes with people. It's okay when he does it when he's involved in the game, but he just kinda makes the video boring to watch when he doesn't sound like he's having fun.

And Kevin barely edits stuff. Misses so many queues Barry would have got otherwise. Only time he does stuff is if he's asked to.

I'm not really a fan of Suzy either, but that's only because she seems to try too hard. She's more interesting when she relaxes.
#220 - anon (08/25/2015) [-]
The reason they even have Kevin on GG is because Barry is seriously thinking about leaving.
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#235 - warioteam (08/25/2015) [-]
or maybe editing at least 3 videos of multiple shows a day while simultaneously frequently appearing on said shows becomes a heavy workload quickly
#223 - bluemagebrilly (08/25/2015) [-]
The reason they have it is because Barry was doing other things and still is.

Table flip, editing other videos, getting into art and animation, all that stuff. He isn't going to 'leave' Game Grumps unless he gets a way better job doing something... and I think the rest of the Grumps will keep supporting him regardless since he's done so much for them.

I don't think he plans on leaving.
#38 - incest though  [+] (1 reply) 08/18/2015 on And your point is?? 0
#57 - luciuseternal (08/19/2015) [-]
#10 - >when you try to roast someone but you stuttered  [+] (1 reply) 08/18/2015 on 21 +6
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#53 - zacoren (08/19/2015) [-]
Rip in peace john
#47 - Watch the second season, it gets even better.  [+] (1 reply) 08/17/2015 on Brothers +1
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#77 - avarius (08/17/2015) [-]
Oh I will, don't you worry.