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#6 - My mommy says i'm the most handsome boy in the world  [+] (5 replies) 05/19/2016 on sex +32
#14 - notmadguy (05/20/2016) [-]
**notmadguy used "*roll picture*"**
**notmadguy rolled image** NO WAY ME TOO
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#10 - misticalz (05/20/2016) [-]
I mean he's probably telling the truth
no need to be an insecure cunt about it dude
#11 - sixtyniningirls (05/20/2016) [-]
It's the internet. Nobody here in their right mind tells the truth. Waldowitharedhat is mocking an anon for what is more likely a lie. I wouldn't call it insecurity, but rather calling someone out on being a gloating twat who'll never even see this post again. Though, to anon's credit, MY gf says I don't last long enough, so maybe it balances out.
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#18 - lazaman (05/20/2016) [-]
Well, I'm NOT the anon, but I actually had a disorder for a while called "Retarded Ejaculation" which means I couldn't cum.
I had sex with a guy and lasted 3 hours of non stop me fucking him, only to finally give up from exauhstion.
Then with my current GF, I couldn't cum in her at all, I would fuck her for 2 hours and then get fucking tired and just roll off her.
And trust me, its not a good thing, and it made her feel bad because she wanted me to have an orgasm and feel good.
I finally had a break through and started being able to cum from sex.
I now last about 20-40 minutes.
TLR Retarded ejaculation is actually a real thing, and its fucking annoying to get over.
#15 - Nickutodeath (05/20/2016) [-]
Found The Flash in bed
#31 - Is Uncharted 1-3 worth playing? My PS4 came with all 3 of them…  [+] (7 replies) 05/19/2016 on Uncharted 4's physics +1
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#93 - fukkentyranitar (05/19/2016) [-]
They're very good. At the least, you should play Uncharted 2. Its the best one imo.
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#84 - boobpube (05/19/2016) [-]
Awesome series, play 1 just for the story and the spooky submarine bit, but 2 and 3 is where it really comes alive
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#53 - totallynatedrake (05/19/2016) [-]
if you want to start with the story
play all three
but if you want the best story and gameplay
play uncharted 2
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#61 - hornyfurry (05/19/2016) [-]
I really disliked the final boss and they still didn't get all the parkour as down packed as they did with the later games, i had my frustrating moments with it but i fuckin loved all of the games and i would play them all again
#47 - anon (05/19/2016) [-]
If you like QTE's and a lot of cutscenes sure
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#87 - jrockjesse (05/19/2016) [-]
um....uncharted series does not have that much QTE
#37 - PSpepper (05/19/2016) [-]
They feel a little dated (1 and 2 more than 3), but the stories, characters, and dialog are so good they're worth the playthrough. They also have some of the most memorable set pieces you'll ever play. I still think they're some of the best games of the previous console generation.
#4 - He's actually been pro-legalization since the beginning of his…  [+] (1 reply) 05/06/2016 on git his attention +4
#12 - anon (05/06/2016) [-]
I see. I guess thats why I never Heard of it Before. (Dont live in america and dont care a whole lot so I dont go out of my way to find out about it.)
#61 - I agree 100%, I had the exact same feelings when I quit after …  [+] (1 reply) 05/05/2016 on Marijuana +3
#89 - anon (05/06/2016) [-]
I don't know if this is bullshit but, I was told as you go to sleep focus on trying to remembering the dream. I only tried it once and it did work but I prefer not remembering / waking up without dreaming. Dreams can be too fucking weird.
#36 - I've had these my whole life. I never knew what they were call…  [+] (1 reply) 04/26/2016 on Anons train ride home +1
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#39 - TheHutchie (04/26/2016) [-]
I've lived similarly. I only recently learned what they were, but likewise always assumed it was normal to cough one up every so often. Mine were really only ever about a third of the size of that one, and it's only since learning about them that I ever feel them at the back of my throat.