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Protomanrules, here's the jist of the group so far. Bjorn "Toe Smasher" Warquarry is the son of a powerful dwarf clan, one of five clans that worked together to mine the world's mountains for all they're worth. They're called the Five Metals. Bjorn has worked for years as a scout, traversing wilderness in search of caves and other places for good mining. After a 2 year long trip, he returned to his home only to find his entire people dead in an epic slaughter. His family members, however, still linger in this world, forever tormented by their tragic deaths. Outraged, Bjorn vowed revenge upon those responsible and sought aid from a nearby Elven Kingdom...
In that Elven Kingdom, Bjorn thought he'd find aid for his treacherous journey ahead; however, the Elf King's idea of help and Bjorn's idea of help were very different. When they didn't lend him their entire army, he left angrily. As he was leaving, though, two Elves decided to join him. One was the wild, soon to be married, daughter of the king, She is a Wizard of remarkable skill and has a notorious reputation for burning everything. She even gained the nickname "The Pyro Princess." With her she brought along the royal jeweler who had also been trained as a Wizard. Bjorn, having come for an army, but only receiving two wizards who weren't even supposed to be leaving, decided he'd need more people to full embark on his quest. So he has sought help elsewhere...
In the kingdom of De'Drey, a human named Durzol Narfu was raised in the wilds by Orcs. Their tribe was peaceful (relatively) and often aided the kingdom in keeping other evil tribes at bay. One day, however, Durzol was in the wrong place at the wrong time and accused of stealing a powerful mystical totem that was going to be used as a peace offering with a more violent tribe. His punishment was exile; however, if he can produce the peace offering, then his punishment will end. Having nowhere else to go, Durzol set out for work in De'Drey. He found a job as a guard in a noble house. One night, a strange black fox appeared before him. It seemed strange and otherworldly, especially when it talked to him! It told him very melodramaticly about how tragic it was that such a person be wrongfully accused of his crime. It went on to say "If only this poor human could go into the White Woods. If only, if OOOONNLYY~!" Before Durzol could ask the Black Fox anything else it vanished. Durzol now had a lead! A few days later, while he was off duty, he ran into Bjorn and his elven companions rushing away from other guards. Apparently, Bjorn has been accused of kidnapping the Elven Princess. This was just the opportunity Durzol needed! He cut the group off and made them a proposal: come with him on his quest into the White Woods and he won't sound the alarm. Not wanting to bring any attention to themselves, they agreed. Now the group is headed toward a strange forest, on a quest for a powerful item, one that could bring peace to warring Orc tribes. Bjorn is gauging his new companions to see if they are worthy of aiding him in his own quest. The elf princess is simply enjoying her new freedom. The elf jeweler... well... he just wants to get out of this alive. So that's where everybody is in the group! Where/how would you like to bring your Cleric in?