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I freakin' love cheesecake. That's all you need to know about me.

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#125 - You turned the chick from Ratatouille into David from Lilo and Stitch 1 hour ago on Good bye baby face pt. 2 +4
#135 - You're doing the Lord's work, son. 1 hour ago on Is it even safe for work? +1
#133 - Tits ain't even the only thing. That woman is absolutely stunn… 1 hour ago on Is it even safe for work? +1
#80 - Superhero Movie was great. 1 hour ago on Accurate -1
#1236780 - You're ass is ass and I'm the grass man 2 hours ago on Video Games Board - console... 0
#1236779 - Terraria 2 hours ago on Video Games Board - console... 0
#392419 - "Video game and anime girls need to dress less slutty!&qu…  [+] (13 new replies) 5 hours ago on Hating - file complaints,... -1
User avatar #392420 - thebestpieever (5 hours ago) [-]
Let's get a thing right here; videogame and anime girls don't dress in any way, they get dressed by other people.
User avatar #392447 - sugoi (4 hours ago) [-]
So basically they're mannequins.
User avatar #392452 - thebestpieever (4 hours ago) [-]
Well, no, they're characters. It's just that characters have no real agency.
User avatar #392453 - sugoi (4 hours ago) [-]
But they're not characters in the same way Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow.
We're talking about Video Game Characters here, personally I was thinking of an mmo character, you know, like tera with those extremely skimpy outfits, they're just mannequins to showcase what the user whats.
User avatar #392458 - thebestpieever (4 hours ago) [-]
Well, yeah kind ofIn that case the decision is being handed to you -and even then, it's from a pool of designs pre-made by other people. But my point the decision is never actually in a character's hands, when it's not on yours it's on the designers or the writers.
User avatar #392464 - sugoi (4 hours ago) [-]
There are a few games with total customization (minecraft I guess? your own skins) or through modding but I admit the choice is basically out of your hands most of the time in terms of what is available.

What I'm getting at here is that you say whether or not females in provocative clothing is okay or not depends on whether or not the character/individual themself chose to wear those clothes. However what I'm getting at is that when the character in question is not physical, and has no mind at all, it is essentially just a mannequin and to get offended over it is quite silly.
User avatar #392467 - thebestpieever (4 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, but the argument is never against the character's. Not when made by any one who's not lobotomised, anyway. It's just a little... off-putting when the actual people behind the game got 4 women and decide to dress them all like a lingerie catalogue.
User avatar #392468 - sugoi (3 hours ago) [-]
While off-putting it is not completely unreasonable, after all, they are just copying a lingerie catalog.

To censor someone or something simply due to discomfort is unreasonable.
User avatar #392469 - thebestpieever (3 hours ago) [-]
No, It should never censor anything. It's not a thing you can judge on "this is good, this is bad". That's insane. But when it is always the norm and it's the rule for most designs that fall under that, that's when it gets weird. It's not a "stop this filth" thing. It's a "Maybe we can do more than Victoria Secret and summer clothes that got conveniently torn up" thing.
User avatar #392471 - sugoi (3 hours ago) [-]
It is the norm because people like and enjoy it, plus it is seen as the ideal and in a fantasy why would anyone strive for anything less than the ideal?

For it to change you don't need to change video game character designs but rather what society perceives as the ideal.
User avatar #392475 - thebestpieever (3 hours ago) [-]
That's uh, BlazBlue's Makoto not SF's Makoto. That said fuck SF's Makoto's outfit just because it's fucking ugly.
User avatar #392472 - thebestpieever (3 hours ago) [-]
I don't know what "the ideal" has to do with clothing. And sure, people enjoy it, I enjoy it too -despite the titillation attempts, however, but I suspect I vast amount of people enjoy it because of them.. You know what else I enjoy? Variety. If it were the other way around: Nothing but women wearing long dresses that cover their body I'd be arguing for the same thing.

Making a creative medium in which a single style of anything be it design, story telling, structure, genre or whatever dominates massively is a bad thing creatively. Without even getting into the weird sexual roles aspect of it.

Mai Shiranui is stupid, and her outfit doesn't make sense, so fuck that. But you know what? Litchi's does and it even tells you about her character, so thumbs up. Makoto's uniform is fucking dumb and unpractical, so it goes. But Lara Croft's -old Lara Croft, mind you- made a lot of sense for the kind of woman she was. Bit impractical, but anyway. You know what? All of the DoA girls have a reason to dress the way they do, and they even put Kokoro in a very mild dress. In a smut game. And then they let you have fun with off-story costumes and whatever. DoA is a smut game, but it does it's thing way more appropriately than many games that aren't.

That's my point, titilation isn't bad, but it has it's place. Everything has it's time and place. Just make it not stupid for one -just make everything not stupid, not only smut I mean. And not only that. You say "why should we strive for anything less that the ideal?" but stories require more than that. Art requires more than that. Vito Corleone wouldn't be the same man were he a young 30 something who can bench press a continent, but neither would Achilles if he weren't the concept of sexiness and perfection given form. Balance, and common sense, that's all I ask for.
User avatar #392479 - sugoi (3 hours ago) [-]
Variety would be nice I admit but I kinda blame that on the industry, lack of innovation or willingness to take chances has been in the gaming industry for a while now (just look at all those COD sequels and Assassin's Creed games), people just don't want to take risks, they saw one thing that sold well, in this case scantily clad women, and now they don't want to go with anything else since the game may flunk.

On the plus side indieDevs are also a big thing these days so hopefully we'll get more tastefully designed clothes from them since they're the ones actually willing to take risks.

This does explain why the scantily clad VG characters are more prevalent though, since they're usually in the AAA big games that gets a lot of advertising.
#1236671 - Final Fantasy X-2 6 hours ago on Video Games Board - console... 0
#1236670 - I don't know why I waste my gold on Hearthstone's Arena. Liter…  [+] (4 new replies) 6 hours ago on Video Games Board - console... 0
User avatar #1236733 - sharkwithrobotarms (3 hours ago) [-]
I heard taking a small break before getting back in queue helps with that but i haven't tested it because i don't play arena terribly often.
#1236711 - beroty has deleted their comment.
#1236712 - desacabose (4 hours ago) [-]
#1236713 - beroty (4 hours ago) [-]
#73 - Pepe is a forced and dead meme, and I wish it would go away.  [+] (1 new reply) 9 hours ago on not rare enough +6
#79 - corybufkin (8 hours ago) [-]

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Just leaving this here for reasons...
#60 - RipperMan ONLINE (12/04/2014) [-]
do you and fukkentyranitar see eachother often?
User avatar #63 to #60 - fukkentyranitar (12/05/2014) [-]
Occasionally. People mistake us for one another. But its been peaceful for a while though.
User avatar #61 to #60 - Tyranitar (12/04/2014) [-]
Sometimes. Aside from the occasional evil twin joke, it's usually when someone mistakes one of us for the other.
User avatar #62 to #61 - RipperMan ONLINE (12/04/2014) [-]
so i guess his name isn't literal, shame
User avatar #59 - shedinja (11/16/2014) [-]
No pls, anything but the sand
User avatar #58 - gugek ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
Hey! I hope you have a great morning, and a fantastic day!
User avatar #54 - jorgethemaster (01/09/2014) [-]
You have one of the best usernames on this site.
User avatar #55 to #54 - fitemeirlbro (10/20/2014) [-]
shut up jorge
User avatar #56 to #55 - jorgethemaster (10/20/2014) [-]
Oh no it's you.
User avatar #53 - khl (05/09/2013) [-]
Hey man do you trade FJ points or items ?
#52 - rayquasa (04/29/2013) [-]
muh nugga
#51 - anonymous (04/29/2013) [-]
mah *****
#50 - Tyranitar (04/29/2013) [-]
**Tyranitar rolled a random image posted in comment #5 at Fucking Ralts **
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User avatar #37 - kingreaver (08/09/2012) [-]
I trade you little babby gun for sandvich, Da.
User avatar #38 to #37 - Tyranitar (08/09/2012) [-]
User avatar #39 to #38 - kingreaver (08/09/2012) [-]
User avatar #36 - amozi (08/08/2012) [-]
**amozi rolls 75**
#31 - shadowofthewisps **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #32 to #33 - Tyranitar (05/04/2012) [-]
Say hwat? I'm not sure if I said something that gave the wrong idea, but I freakin love Marvel. Assuming you mean the comics.
#33 to #34 - shadowofthewisps **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #34 to #35 - Tyranitar (05/04/2012) [-]
Ah. Sorry I misunderstood your comment. Thought you were saying I didn't like Marvel.
#35 to #36 - shadowofthewisps **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #30 - Tyranitar (03/14/2012) [-]
#29 - Tyranitar (01/01/2012) [-]
Happy new year to whatever people lurk in this poor old dinosaur's profile for whatever reason!
User avatar #27 - TwistedPizzaDude (06/12/2011) [-]

i ******* love your comments

User avatar #26 - CrownedClown (06/01/2011) [-]
Tyranitar is a ******* beast. Just saiyan.
#25 - Tyranitar (05/02/2011) [-]
U mad, Al Qaeda?
User avatar #24 - unholycapsicum (04/15/2011) [-]
I ain't skinny. I have to suck in my gut to do that.
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